Pavitra Rishta 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 16th August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 16th August 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Onir telling Ovi, do you know Purvi is very nice. She could leave her love, but she would not leave me, and that is why I had to come up with this plan. So she hates me. Ovi says, that means since so many days, I and my family members misunderstood and think you’re wrong? Onir says, it’s not your fault, nor anyone else’s. Whatever’s done is done by me. And my goal was to bring Arjun and Purvi together. And today that goal is very close.. my plan seems to be succeeding. Today it’s Arjun-Purvi’s sangeet, and in few days they will be married.. so many happiness is coming. Ovi asks, and where are you in that happiness? Everyone hates you so much. This is wrong. Onir says, I don’t care about my image, I care about Purvi’s happiness. Ovi says, no.. I can’t support you. At least Arjun and Purvi should know the truth. Onir says, we tried very hard to come to this point. If you tell the truth to them, then all our effort will be wasted. If they find out the truth, then they won’t marry. They will think that they are doing wrong with me. And think about Pari. They are Pari’s parents, and what’s Pari’s fault in this? She deserves her parents love. He requests her not to tell the truth to anyone.
Ovi says, when I agreed for Arjun and Purvi’s marriage, I thought I did a huge sacrifice for my love, but after knowing your truth, my sacrifice looks nothing. How can anyone do this? Become bad in front of the person whom you love so much, so that person can get his/her love. I just cannot believe this. I said so much to you, I am sorry. Onir says, it’s okay.. just promise me that you won’t tell anyone about this. Ovi promises. Onir thanks her and leaves.

Back to the function, Arjun and Purvi are talking to each other. Vinod tells Sulo, they two look so good together, right? Even Manju praises their pair.

Arjun’s friend or office staff comes to him and tells Arjun that she saw Kinsukh working in a play in Kolkata. And after investigation, they found that Kinsukh is not a businesswoman. She is an actress. Arjun says, I don’t have anything to do what she does and all. Onir had to lie and he done that. I don’t want to talk about all that right now. He tells him to enjoy the function and leaves.

At home, Archu and Purvi are doing something. Ovi comes. Archu asks Ovi what she is thinking. Ovi says, one question is bothering me a lot. If someone lies for another person’s good and because of that that person is facing lots of insult, then what should you do? You should support that person or no? Archu says, what are you saying? and from where all these came in your mind? Ovi lies and says, my friend had breakup with her boyfriend and now she is marrying someone else. When I went to hospital, I found that her boyfriend is a cancer patient. He purposely created differences between him and my friend, so my friend hates him, and marries someone else. Now I don’t know whether I should tell this to my friend or no. Before Archu says anything, Purvi interrupts and says, relationships are based on faith and they last on faith, he didn’t do the right thing by lying. If he truly loves your friend, then he shouldn’t have hide anything from her. If he had told her everything, then situation might be different today. Both of them would be happy. I don’t think he ever truly loved your friend. Ovi says, how can you say that? Purvi says, I am not saying anything wrong. If he truly loves your friend, then he should let your friend make a decision. Archu tells Ovi that she should tell everything to her friend because if she finds the truth after her wedding, then she might hurt a lot and feel bad. Ovi then says, I think I should leave now. It’s very late. Archu tries to stop her, but Ovi says, please. Archu then lets her go. Purvi tells Archu, Ovi didn’t stop today either.. don’t know when she will forget everything. Archu says, when relationships break, you need to give time.. she has started forgetting, and soon she will stay here with all of us. Archu then tells her, no need to be upset.. you’re going to get married and brides should always stay happy, now smile. Purvi smiles.

Purvi receives a call from Arjun. He asks her if she is missing him. Purvi says, no. We just met. and if you stay with me 24 hours, then how will you give me a chance to miss you? Arjun says, excuse me, Miss Purvi Kirloskar, get used to missing me because I am your to-be-husband. And I don’t like such an unromantic wife. Purvi laughs. Arjun says, keep laughing like this, then I will keep hearing it. He then says he wants to hear Pari’s voice. Purvi says, that is possible tomorrow only because Pari has slept. Arjun says, I have decorated Pari’s room. I didn’t buy furniture because I thought we both will go together to buy furniture. He now says, Ovi called me to wish.. how is she? Purvi says, she is fine.. just left for hotel. Arjun gets surprised and says, she didn’t stay at home? Purvi says, no. Arjun then says that he will call her, but Purvi stops him and says, I don’t want anyone to force her.. you know her nature.. she will get upset and I don’t want her to be upset. I want her to attend our wedding. Arjun says, don’t worry.. I will handle her my way. He hangs.

Arjun now comes to Ovi. Her room is full of mess. Ovi tells Arjun, I know it’s very messy, so make some space for you. She then goes somewhere. Arjun then sees Onir-Shalini’s wedding photo, and he is surprised to see himself and Purvi in the photo. He remembers when he met Purvi, a couple was getting married, but how can they be Onir and Shalini. Ovi comes out and is shocked to see Arjun looking at the photo. He asks Ovi, but Ovi changes the topic and puts the photos away. Arjun keeps asking her from where she got and what she is hiding. Ovi in end says, can you hear the truth? Arjun says, of course.. it’s important for me to know the truth. Ovi says, you might have to pay big price for hearing the truth. Arjun says, I don’t care.. I want to know the truth. Ovi finally says, this is Onir’s truth. He never got married before. He just did all the drama so you and Purvi can come together. Arjun is shocked. Ovi continues, Onir did all this so you and Purvi can get married.
Ovi continues, I also felt very bad when I found out about it and I don’t know what to do. Arjun asks, since how long you know about this? Ovi says, I just found it in sangeet. Arjun says, he did all this in front of all of us, and we couldn’t figure it out and blamed him for all the wrongdoings. I raised my hand at him. He did all this for me and Purvi, and me? Purvi used to say another name for love is sacrifice and I used to tell her why do you think so much about others and don’t think about yourself? We took Onir to the court. This is wrong, Ovi. You should have told everyone about this in sangeet. Onir doesn’t deserve this. Neither Purvi nor I deserve this. We all deserve to know the truth. He gets up to leave and tell truth to everyone, but Ovi stops him. She says, Onir loves Purvi, but she doesn’t love him. She loves you. And Onir has understood this, and that is why, he went away from Purvi’s life. I also understood that and I want to go away from your life. If not for anyone else, then at least for Pari. She is your and her daughter. I took away Purvi’s love from her once already, and I don’t to repeat that mistake. Arjun says, what can I do? I stay quiet? Ovi and Onir who lost everything because of me and Purvi.. it’s important that their truth is revealed to everyone. Everyone needs to know why Onir is doing this.. this is not right. Ovi says, I know this is wrong, but if you tell the truth to everyone, then all Onir that did till now.. and his sacrifice will be wasted. Think about Purvi at least.. she deserves to be happy. If you want to tell, then tell everyone after your wedding. If you tell now, then I am sure Purvi will refuse for the marriage. Please. Arjun just walks off.
Arjun is driving and is recalling everything. He says, I made such a big mistake. I took that person wrong who wanted to give me the biggest happiness of my life. I am so sorry, Onir. I couldn’t understand you, and today when everything is clear, how and whether I should tell everyone about this. On one side, it is my love whom I don’t want to lose, and on the other side, I can’t ignore Onir’s sacrifice. I will have to tell everything to Purvi. I can’t justify my relationship with this guilt. But what if Purvi changes her decision? I am getting my love after so long. He then says, no Arjun.. you can’t be selfish. You are doing this for Purvi.. it’s important to tell her.

Gauri is helping Purvi to get ready for the marriage. Teju is packing Purvi’s bag. She then remembers of something and gives a gift to Purvi. Sachu and Soham enter as well. Teju shows the gift, a dress, to Purvi and Purvi says, it must be so expensive. Sachu says, just look at the gift, not price. He then also gives her a gift, and it is also expensive necklace. Seeing all this, Soham hides his gift. Gauri notices it. She then says, wow so many gifts. She goes to Soham and takes his gift and says, Soham also brought something for Purvi. Soham asks her to return it, but Purvi says, don’t and she takes it. She opens and it’s bangles. Soham says to Gauri, I told you.. then why did you give it to her? You made her upset for no reason. Soham tells Purvi, my gift is nothing in front of Sachu bhaiya and Teju’s gifts, it’s not that expensive either. Purvi goes to him and says, tell me what’s the price of it? Soham says, 300. Purvi says, and how much did you earn this month? Soham says, 300. Purvi says, that means.. you spent everything to buy a gift for me. You know, the most expensive gift is yours. Everyone smiles. Purvi says, for me price doesn’t matter, it’s feelings that matter. Any gift from a brother for a sister is special. All brothers and sisters hug. Archu watches them and gets emotional.

Precap: Maha Episode tomorrow: Ovi tells Onir, you did so much for Purvi, but what if Arjun tells everything to Purvi? Onir says, we only have one option now…

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