Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 16th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 16th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
manvi says to monty please come in uncle i want to ask you so many things especially about papa. Manvi asks how was my dad? You surely know him so well. He says he was such an oaf that he left his family. She says why are you saying that uncle death isn’t in hands of anyone it’s God who didn’t give him enough time. i feel really good talking to you i feel like if papa were her he’d be like you. He has tears in his eyes and says always stay happy my girl. She asks why are you crying uncle? He says your and i were like brothers and the memories have flashed back in my eyes. Manvi says i forgot, you met your family today, didn’t you? Did they forgive you. He says no they didn’t forgive me but still i’m happy i met my daughter

and she’s exactly like you.

Scene 2
arshad harass vidhi saying why there is no sindur? You are a married woman living life of widows? I’m still alive. You’re so lucky. Come here look sindur he holds up the sindur holder . Arshad says now with my own hands i’ll put this sindur in your forehead. When he tries, vidhi throws his hand away. Jeevika comes in vidhi says sorry jeevika i dropped it on the floor. Jeevika says look i brought you some biscuits and tea. Vidhi says no i am not hungry. Jeevika says she is so shy he says yeah she is. You love them vidhi you shouldn’t reject anything they give. Jeevika says wow both of you have developed a good understanding in first. jeevika says don’t stop this ride now arshad he says no i won’t.

Scene 3
Manvi shows mahesh some of her dad’d things. She shows him a painting in which she went out with her dad she just imagined and painted.Then shows him a cot he brought for her. He thinks i wish i could tell you that you aren’t like-a-daughter but you are my daughter. But i made a big mistake and have no right to say anything.

Scene 4
Vidhi goes to jeevika,,who is in kitchen. Jeevika asks what she wanted to say? She says what i think you like arshad, no? She says no. Suddenly he comes and says someone is missing me i guess. What were you saying to bhabi ? be open. I did nothing to you right ? Come on go ahead vidhi, says jeevika. Vidhi this what he said about being the surrogate. She says i just wanted to tell you that it was nice meeting arshad.

Scene 5
Mahesh says okay i’ll leave now. Manvi says no i won’t let you leave. Bari beeji says yes this is our ritual that we don’t let a guest leave without meal. She sends someone to the sweets shop and says don’t forget jaleebi he likes it a lot. How do you know so much about him beeji? Asks manvi. She says he was your dad’s closest friend thats why i know. Manvi says okay i’ll bring the jaleebis. Whaen she leaves he move towardsbari beeji saying you remember everything bari beeji thank you. Take care of yourself. Then to beeji,who is swiping her tears away. He says despite of what i did you never hatred about me in my daughters’ hearts. I’m so grateful to you. Thats the reason they still love and respect me as much as a dad should get.She says if you still want them to love you then leave and never try to meet manvi again.
They are all having lunch. Manvi says wow monty uncle look what beeji made owing to your presence. Pinki said i helped too. Bari beeji says but your beeji’s love is added in it for monty. Manvi says let me bring jaleebi. Beeji says to him promise me you will never tell him that you are her dad. He vows. Manvi comes back. She says you know these are my dad’s favorite too.

Scene 6
Someone meets viren how could you be so irresponsible viren? There are no signatures of yours in these documents. He apologizes. He says you never made such mistake before he says yes there are some depressions. He says did you check the surrogacy papers well ? thank God vidhi isn’t married otherwise you should have got her husbands signs too. He remembers vidhi telling about her husband.

Precap:Viren says to vidhi that i need signatures of your husband on some papers. She says i talked to him but he disagreed. He checks her phone saying ther is only one call today. is his his number?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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