Pavitra Rishta 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 16th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Pari and Ankita meeting in a restaurant. Pari like Ankita’s business plan and praises her. Ankita asks Pari if she is hungry. Pari says how does she know. Ankita says she has small siblings and she knows when they are hungry by seeing their face. She says Pari’s face is just like them now. Ankita praises Naren that he does not take care of himself and always busy in work, she says all business class people are like that. Ankita further says she is from a poor family, but after marrying Naren, he transferred his company in her name. She says he thaught her everything. Pari praises that she explained her business plan so well in 2 hours, maybe that is the reason Naren chose her. They both order cheese garlic bread. Ankita asks even if she likes cheese garlic bread. PAri says likes it a lot, but her favourite was pizza earlier and she used to order 10 inch pizza. They both finish their food.

Ankita senses Pari’s sadness and says I sense you being sad and says even she was sad before meeting Naren who changed her thinking. She now loves Naren a lot and he changed her life. Pari says hope their love last for long. Ankita asks if they can discuss the business plan tomorrow as she has to meet her sister today. She got married recently. Pari asks where does her sister stay. Ankita tells Anand Nivas adress. PAri says even she stays with her azoba there. Ankita is surprised to hear that Manav sir is still staying in chawl. Pari asks her to come with her and they both travel in a car.

Pari sees Ankita’s hair clip and remembers Aman/Naren gifting her same clip. Ankita asks her what happend. Pari says she was right, their preference match and says she likes her hair clip. Ankita asks why did she come to India from Canada when her business was going well. Pari says she came to India for her business project, plus her grandparents love India a lot. Ankita she knows their love for India. Pari says she is right that they have a connection as they both wanted to go to Anand Nivas.

Ankita and Pari come to Mansi’s house. Ankita meets Mansi and other siblings. She introduces Pari to her siblings. Mansi asks if she is Archana’s grandaughter. PAri says yes. Ankita says she is Arjun sir’s daughter. Mansi greets her in. They both sit on chairs. Pari says she likes being alone and will go back to Canada once her project completes. Ankita asks if she did not like India. She says she did not get her parent’s love, but Pari has her parents. Pari says she stays with her mom from childhood and hates her father, but when she came to India she came to know her dad was not wrong. Ankita says she spent time with Arjun sir and he is a very good person, he helped her a lot. She says Pari that her father is her god father. Archana calls Pari. PAri informs she came to chawl and is bringing her a surprise.

Ankita comes to Archana’s house. Her whole family is surprised to see Ankita looking exactly same like Archana. Archana asks how is Naren and says she had to go to Canada immediately after her marriage and asks sorry for not meeting her again. Ankita says her not to tell like that as she got her parent’s love from Archana and Manav. Savita says Archana that she is particular about relationship, but she did wrong with Ankita. Archana gets tensed and asks how?? Savita says she did not call damadji/Naren to their house and asks Archana to call Naren for dinner. Ankita says it is ok. Archana says she will feel good if Naren and his family can come for dinner. She asks Ankita to call Naren. Ankita calls and informs that she is with Archana and she has invited our family for dinner. She gives phone to Archana. Naren speaks to Archana and asks her to prepare bottle guard/lauki sabji. He asks her to learn from Ankita. Archana says she will learn from Ankita and asks him to come with his whole family.

Teju asks Sachin to give back her file if he has checked it. Sachin says she checked it and everything is fine. She sees Neena tensed and signals Sachin. Sachin says she has headache. Teju says Neena that she will miss special thing today as she is having headache. Neena asks what special thing. Teju says Naren Karmarkar, telecom tycoon is coming home today, but she will miss missing him today and goes from there. Neena says she will have green tea and will be alright. She says at least one relative is rich. She says dinner must be in 7 star hotel. Savita comes and says we will prepare food in house and will serve it in pandal/tent outside their house. Neena says they can get caterers. Savita says they can’t serve caterer food for such big guests and says they should prepare food themselves and serve them. She asks Neena to prepare food and Pia and Savita will help her.

Precap: Archana says Manav that we will not do injustice to Soham. We will give him his property share and asks Manav to wait until they get him. Neena hears them.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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