Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 16th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sojal talking to her mum and telling her everything about Swati and Aditi. She says Astha was bringing Swati home, she did not think once if Swati survived then what will happen. Varad comes and hears this. He gets annoyed by Sojal and says look at yourself, you will know your mentality is so small, Astha did not lose anything, but she got a lot, you won’t understand as you can’t think like her. He leaves. Shlok gets ready for office and looks for his file. Kavya comes and she asks him to play with her. He says I have to go office. She says please once. Astha brings tea. Shlok throws the ball and the tea falls.

Shlok gets worried for Astha as the tea falls on her. Khuda………….plays…………..Astha

says you should be thankful to you as I was bringing tea for you. He asks her to find his file. She says she will, but if he says it by love. Shlok tells her in anger holding her. He leaves. Astha smiles and says if you are so rude, I will make this rudeness go. She looks for the file. Niranjan tells Anjali that Astha has accepted them, since she came in the house, something is going on. She asks her to do a ritual with Astha where Sojal will be welcoming in the house. He asks Anjali to keep the function soon. Anjali says fine, I will keep it soon.

Astha runs after Kavya to catch her. She catches her and Astha realizes they came in Shlok’s study. Astha thanks her for bringing her here. Kavya says Shlok will scold her, I m scared. Astha says no, he won’t you go. Astha says Shlok I want to bring a new change in your life, and it starts with this room. Khuda…………..plays……………. Astha comes to talk to Varad and tells him about Shlok. They have a talk. (Muted) Astha says now you know my problem. Varad says what you want to do can get opposite results. She says no way. He says fine, I will help you. Sojal sees Astha changing the study and tells her that there will be big problem in evening.

Astha does not care. Shlok is in office, working. Shlok forgets and thinks what is happening to him. He leaves. Astha keeps an office table in the study. Shlok comes there and asks what are you doing. He looks around. Astha gets tensed. He sees his and Astha’s marriage photo and walks to it. Astha says it looks like he will not like this. She asks Bappa to save her. She asks him not to break the photo, its her fav photo, she will remove it, please don’t. She holds her hand. He says you did this for me. She nods yes. He says thanks. She can’t believe her ears.

Shlok says I was taught in school, when anyone does anything for you, you should thank them. Astha is happy and says first smile and then say thanks, like this. She thinks she will become his friend. She stops him and forwards her hand saying friends. He asks are you fine. You are my wife, what is this nonsense. She says can’t wife be a friend. He leaves. She says today you said thanks, tomorrow you will be my friend, when I become your best friend, then we will be in love. Astha dances happily. Varad asks her did the plan work. Astha says Shlok said thanks. Varad says its great, he won’t smile.

He says if you make him smile in 24 hours, then I will believe you. They have a bet. Varad feels he wants to lose, if Shlok agrees with her, he will be much happy. He says all the best Astha. Varad comes to his room and sees Sojal reading a dictionary. She says Astha told about she is fighting in love war where she will win after he loses. Varad explains him well. Sojal says fine then I will also fight that with you. He says no, you can’t do this, you are ahead of this, now you can have only world war 3. He leaves.

Jyoti talks to Sid about his Kaki. He says I want to keep you with Kaki. If I could keep you here, I would have kept you here, but you need someone like your mum. He asks her to keep smiling as she looks good. Jyoti smiles. Varad signs Astha reminding him about the best. Astha makes a smiley on the food. Shlok looks at it. Shlok does not respond. Astha thinks what to do bring a smile on his face. Varad signs you failed. Astha signs not yet. Sojal is jealous seeing Astha and Shlok’s romance. Astha gives a courier to Shlok and asks him to see it. Shlok checks it. Astha says I m sure he will laugh, I will take it photo. Astha gifts it that, a funny toy. She laughs. Shlok does not smile. He holds her and says you are having a laugh.

She says I can do anything for your smile, please smile, I did this to make you smile, why do you not smile. He says because I m Shlok, not mental like you. He leaves. Astha says I want you to be yourself, but I want us to come closer, I want you to smile. Anjali stops Shlok and says I need to talk to you. Niranjan wants you to take four days leave, there is a function at home. Shlok is angry as she came to talk to him after all that happened. Anjali says don’t forget with whom are you talking. He says I know, don’t shout, I m talking to a woman who plays tricks, the day when you have sent money to Swati’s mum, that day you have killed your son, don’t come infront of me. Anjali says we stay under one roof. He says fine, I will try to avoid you, I hate seeing you, its because of Niranjan, you are in this house, else you would have gone from here.

Astha dances in the bedroom to make Shlok smile on the song Sajna ve vaari vaari………

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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