Pavitra Rishta 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Naren telling Ankita that he wants to give back the happiness he snatched from her and requests her to marry him again. Ankita walks out without telling anything. Manav and Sunanda says Ankita loves you a lot and will come back to you for sure.

Pari reminisces Manav warning her that she would lose Naren forever if she does not mend her ways and then Naren asking her to sign divorce papers. Kinnari comes and tells her about Naren getting back the memory of all the time spent with Ankita and says she has lost him now. Pari shouts at her and asks her to leave her alone. Kinnari says your situation is because of your arrogant nature and says Ankita is much better than you who will forgive me if I apologize and says Naren and Ankita’s marriage will depend on her decision now.

Ankita sees a god idol in hospital and says she has lost everytime and waited for Naren to get back memory, but when he is remembering everything, she cannot ruin Pari’s life. She says she is confused whom to think about, Pari, Naren, Ranvijay, Vaishnavi… Archana comes and asks if she is confused and asks if mother or wife is confused. She says if a mother is confused, then she should go back to her daughter’s father and if a wife is confused, then she should think if her husband can live without her. Sunanda says Archana is telling right, Naren did all this unknowningly. Archana says you did your best for Pari and you are not responsible for her self-destroyal. Sunanda asks her not to force her decision on Naren and let him take a decision. Archana asks her to ask Ashi’s opinion and then decide.

Pari’s goon changes as wardboy. Pari gives him a poisonous injection and asks him to give it to Ranvijay. Goon says he can strangle him and kill. She says he will either get out of coma or die and if he comes out of coma, she will be benefited.

Ankita meets Ashi and cries emotionally. Rushali comes and apologizes her for her mistake and asks her not to punish Naren for her mistake, to accept Naren and Ashi. Ankita asks Ashi to go with Rushali and says she will come later.

Ranvijay condition worsens. Pari thinks she thought he would come out of coma, but he will die.

Ankita reminisces her marriage with Naren and promising him that she will take care of him. She gets into his room and cries looking at him. Naren wakes up and requests her to give him one more chance. Ankita agrees to marry him and hugs him. She gets a call from someone and says she will come there. Naren asks what happened. She says ranvijay got out of coma and has to go now. Sunanda asks Naren if Ankita agreed for marriage. He says yes. She asks then where did she run. Naren says Ranvijay got out of coma. She asks who is this now. He says Ankita was about to marry him.

Ankita takes Vaishnavi to meet Ranvijay. Ranvijay gets happy seeing them. He asks about his parents. She says they will come soon. He then sends Vaishnavi to play outside and thanks Ankita for taking care of his family. She says she should thank him instead. He says he saw who made accident and even Naren. He says he wants to marry her now.

Precap: Ranvijay’s mother requests Ankita to marry Ranvijay within this week. Naren and Sunanda get sad hearing this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Pari is just ………uhhhh……forget it……can’t spoil my tongue for dis good for only evil pari

  2. Pari should have gotten the injection and fall into coma and Ankita and Naren should get marry.

  3. Eish more & more stupid for pari some one shud inject her put in coma….

  4. Relax girls its gonna end any way just enjoy the last episodes

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