Sadda Haq 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir hears SAnyu saying I don’t need breakfast. I will eat with everyone. Jiggy comes and asks what are you listening to. He says why you took my headphone. Mind your own business. Jiggy says I came to ask you to come to the hydrolysis class. Randhir says in heart sanyu would miss it.

Sanyu says I can’t go to class but I can call someone and listen to the lecture. She sees ankit watching tv. She asks how are you now. She goes near the table saying let me see. SAnyu takes the phone. She leaves.

PKC says you won’t get any placements if you miss any of these hydrolysis lecture. Sanyu is going to miss this and maya is already very angry. PKC says I have got wrong book let me go and change it. Sanyu calls path and says I need your help. I can’t attend the lecture but I will stay on call and listen to lecture. He says you won’t see any diagrams how will you get it? SAnyu says i don’t have any phone or laptop. They are all fused. I can’t make a video call. Randhir says ask her to set her tv on 33 mega hurts. Parth says set tv on 33 MHz. Randhir says don’t tell her my name. Parth says she doesn’t talk to you, you will help her but not disclose.

Sanyu goes to ankit and says leave the tv and to rest. He says I am not a kids. Sanyu says you have to rest. anju says she is right go and rest. sanyu comes and starts setting tv on 333 Mhz. anju comes and asks what are you doing? She says I was just setting the wires. She leaves. Parth turns on his laptop. Radhir uses it with him. PKC asks what is going on why are you on call parth? They connect it. sanyu can see the lecture. She notices what PKC is teaching. Anju comes there and says parth I missed 30 seconds. She says parth. PKC listens to her voice and says where did sanyu come from? Randhir says we are having video chat with her so she can attend the lecture. Randhir says she is giving you importance. She is home still giving you importance. PKC is flattered he says yeah that’s good okay. sanyu listens to the whole lecture.

Yoyo stops jiggy outside the class. Yoyo says why you keep calling kaustuki. He says I will whats your problem. Jiggy says why you call her? Yoyo says she picks my call not yours. Jiggy says she is my girl friend stay away from him. PKC comes and says what are you both doing? jiggy says he is interfering in my personal life. PKC says why are you doing so? as punishment you wont attend any lectures. I will suspend you both if you fight again.

SAnyu’s aunt come. Anju says sanyu is not well that is why she is not coming.Mausi says they broke the engagement. why? is there anything wrong with her? Sanyu comes downstairs and says I broke engagement with him not they. I kicked him. There was something wrong with them not me. Sanyu says I heard you sell your car and took loan to get your daughter wed. Next time you come better help rather than scoffing. MAusi says now I know why engagement is cancelled. Anju says apologize sanyu. this is the way you talk to mausi? Sanyu says no one came on engagement but now everyone is here to make fun. tHey leave in anger. Anju tries to stop them but they leave. Agarwal come and says I have to talk to you anju.

Agarwal says she is getting worse. i would have thrown her out is she wasn’t a girl. anju says this time she insulted someone from family. Agarwal says I know what to do to her and I will do it tomorrow. He leaves. Anju bows down and screams due to pain in her back. sanyu comes to her and says et me help you maa. She says no leave me alone.

Sanyu comes downstairs in dark. She calls randhir. Randhir says is she in some new problem? Radnhir picks the phone. sanyu says I need your help. Sanyu says I have to make a video call. She sees him on tv. sanyu says I have to make a head pad for maa but I don’t get the wiring points. Randhir says show me what you have made? SANyu shows him the blue print. She says is it okay? Anju comes there. sanyu changes the channel. she says you are watching tv this late. sanyu says fr you I was looking for a tv shopping channel so you can by blender. Anju says your dad has gone to find a new proposal for you.

Precap-Agarwal says gupta ji wants to sanyu his daughter in law. sanyu says I have to complete my engineering/ He locks sanyu in a room. sanyu says I can’t leave my dream for wedding.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. dear @sh rox ,samaira plz come back frnds…….

    1. plz dont go like that people say like that we should not mind it they are coward so they are changing their name many have prob with us so just ignore them .

  2. Dear nupoor n gc kya ho gya h yr plz aap dono kahin na jaye,ye forum aapke bina soona h,yahan sb apko miss karege so plzzz kahin na jao plz come back yr 🙁

  3. one thing how was rd listening what sanyu was saying i mean the way he did when sayu came for engagement and that time engagement was postponed

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