Pavitra Rishta 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 15th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Raunaq dancing with Purvi and badmouths about Arjun saying he loves women. Arjun comes and requests him to leave Purvi. Raunaq asks, why? Arjun says she is our client and she is not comfortable. Raunaq says she doesn’t look old. Purvi says to Arjun that she isn’t his wife and he should not be bothered if she dances with someone. She dances with Raunaq while Arjun feels jealous and hurt. He asks for a drink from Soham but doesn’t see his face. Soham sees him, gets scared and hides. Arjun drinks the wine and feels hurt. He keeps on drinking wine. Soham thinks Arjun has become like him, a drunkard. Purvi eyes on Arjun. Soham finds him gone and takes a sigh of relief. Purvi tells Raunaq that we should stop now. Naren is still holding the cactus plant. Rushaali asks him, how are you feeling? Naren says good. people wishes him Happy Birthday. Rushaali asks him to give the plant to her as it doesn’t good look if he didn’t shake his hand. Naren says, this is the best birthday gift ever, given to him by Ahana. Naren smiles.

Raunaq tells Arjun that your ex wife is so damm, hot etc and the way she was dancing with me.. Arjun asks him to be happy as this party is for Naren. He is a good guy and you are a bad guy. Arjun says if this party is not for Naren then I would have beaten you. He says he don’t want to hear about his wife from him and asks him to stay away from her. Raunaq says he can’t. Arjun says you will be beaten by me.

Purvi is in the parking lot and is thinking something. Raunaq comes and says he will drop her home. Purvi says no need. Raunaq holds her hands and says you were close to me in the party. Purvi asks him to leave her. While he is trying to misbehave her, Arjun comes and beats him. He says Don’t you dare touch her. Purvi asks him to leave Raunaq. Raunaq says,you have to pay for this. Arjun tells purvi that he will drop her. Purvi says she will go. Arjun says he is dropping her home and not asking for her permission. He asks her to sit in the car.

Ankita is about to go, Rushaali asks her to stay until the cake cutting. Naren is happy that Ankita is back. Ankita tells that she will hold the plant. Naren gives the cactus and cuts the cake, while everyone are singing the happy birthday song. He says Ahana will have a first bite and asks Rushaali that I hope you don’t mind. Rushaali says I don’t mind. Ankita takes the first bite. Soham sees her and thinks I have to go from here else she will create a trouble. Rushaali asks for the bracelet. Naren says it is in the room. Ankita is going to Naren’s room. Soham follows her and thinks she will take him to the bracelet. Rushaali is coming towards Naren’s room. Soham recalls having seen her before. Ankita comes out of Naren’s room. Soham enters then and searches for the bracelet. He gets it finally on the dressing table and he gets happy thinking he became a crorepati/millionaire. He thinks to leave the city.

Purvi asks, why you are affected if I dances with someone. Arjun says he threw him out the office because he is a bad guy. Purvi says he has the same thinking about you. Arjun stops the car and asks, what is your opinion about me. He asks her to dance with him if she don’t trust him. He stops outside her hotel, Purvi gets down and tells him to get down as he is inebriated. She says you won’t drive alone. Arjun asks, whether you are scared thinking I will have an accident. Purvi says he is her daughter’s father and she can’t leave him to die. Arjun says he will not come out but comes out finally. They enter the hotel.

Naren thanks Ankita for bringing his tap from his room. Ankita says her name is not Ahana but Naren doesn’t listen to her. Soham walks down the stairs and a glass falls from the tray which he is holding. Rushaali asks him to clean the mess fast. Soham is serving the drinks and accidently the bracelet falls in one of the glass. Soham looks for the bracelet and finds the bracelet in lady’s glass. He collides with the lady and the glass with the bracelet falls on the ground. Soham immediately keeps the bracelet in his pocket but the lady sees it and asks, whose bracelet it is? Soham replies it is his. She says it is expensive. She calls thief, thief… Soham runs. Rushaali couldn’t find the bracelet and suspects the waiter, Soham.

Arjun is lying on Purvi’s bed while the song tere liye hum hain jiye har aanson piye… plays in the BG. While he is sleeping, Purvi removes his shoes and cover him with blanket.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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