Do Dil Ek Jaan 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 15th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara getting married to Satya taking the rounds with him. Raghu asks her to stop but she does not listen to him. Raghu tries to come to her but falls in the way. Antara feels his pain and tries to go to him, but stops thinking about Aman’s words. Satya asks her to come back and marry him not leaving the mandap. He says now you are my wife, be in your limits. He pulls her back. Raghu looks at them. Maai says Sahib and is shocked to see Antara and Satya together. Maai says whats this, what are you doing, are you in your senses. Satya fills Antara’s maang with sindoor. Maai says stop it Sahib.

He does not listen to Maai. Maai gets furious seeing Antara. Maai goes to them and shouts on Satya. Satya says I married her, and you should be happy. He says come, give your blessings. Maai says I don’t accept this marriage. Satya and Antara looks on. Satya says mum, this is not the time to say this, its Antara’s time. He says Antara is tired, she needs rest. He says you also take rest as you will get some peace. He says good night and leaves with Antara.

Antara looks at Raghu fallen there. Satya thinks he won over Raghu by marrying Antara. He says what you said Raghu, whats yours is with me, no, its all mine. He says you keep your defeat with you, I will keep my victory with me, have a good night. Antara cries seeing Raghu. Satya asks Antara to come with him calling her sweetheart. Maai is angry. Antara goes with him. Antara thinks about her moments with Raghu. Antara thinks about Raghu’s admittance that he killed her dad.

She thinks how Satya saved her from fire and her marriage with Satya. She thinks about Satya’s words. Satya comes to Antara and says this is our room, what are you thinking. She says nothing. He says good, and says don’t think about your past. He says I called you by so many names but you are not responding, its not touching my heart. He says I m confused, tell me what to call you, that is from my heart and reaches your heart. He says Miss Kaul. She looks at him shocked.

He says no no, this name will reach your heart but will hurt my wife a lot, so no for this, he says the mane should be such which is only mine, which is made only for me. He goes closer to her and calls her jaan. He says how will be this, did you like this, its from my heart and will reach your heart, did you like it. Antara sits numb and pushes him. He says what, someone told it right, everything is decided and written in the fate such as wedding, think the mandap was for someone and we got married.

Satya says someone brought the sindoor and someone else filled it, everything is decided, its the fate, don’t worry, you are my wife now. He goes closer to her and says don’t forget what you told me. She says if you touch him, then I will…. She says I know my promise, I won’t let you do anything. He says I will wait for you jaan in my limits. He says I will sleep on the sofa and this bed is yours, but remember this relation is limited to this bedroom, outside we are husband and wife infront of everyone, you are my happily married wife.

He says if this does not happen, then I won’t leave you. He scares her. Antara goes to sleep. Satya smiles saying jaan. Maai ruins the mandap with anger. Maai thinks about Satya and Antara. Maai thinks about Raghu’s words. She thinks about Satya and Raghu’s rivalry and thinks why did Satya do this. Raghu is sleeping. Antara cries unable to sleep. Satya asks her not to cry as he hates tears. He says tears make a person weak and you have to take revenge, think about your mum and dad, you will get strength.

Antara tells Raghu that she is Satya’s. Raghu is about to slap her but Antara holds his hand. Satya sees this and says you broke my promise by holding his hand.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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