Pavitra Rishta 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 14th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rushaali and Shirish welcoming the guests. They asks about Naren. Rushaali says he is getting ready. She tells Shirish that she will take him. Manager tells the waiters to behave properly as it is high sophisticated waiter in this high profile party. He asks them not to go anywhere other than party area. Soham is also one of the waiter, he looks around at the house with amazement. Pakiya asks him not to look here and there.

Soham thinks this house must be full of jewellery. He thinks he will have fun in stealing the jewellery. He drinks the alcohol to charged up. Rushaali comes to Naren and wishes him Happy Birthday and kiss him on his cheek. She gives the an expensive bracelet. Naren says it is nice, gold, diamond and platinum. Rushaali asks him to get ready. Naren says he don’t want to come in the party. he says he gets bored. He is having fun watching the fire crackers. Rushaali says ok,then I will call Ahana and asks her not to come. Naren asks, is Ahana coming? He says he will get ready fast. He gets ready while the song sunraha haina tu…. plays in the BG. Naren thinks he have to look the best. Ankita comes to the party. Arjun wishes her Happy Diwali. She comes to Rushaali and wishes her Happy Diwali. She asks her, what is the work to be done. Rushaali says you are a guest today and asks her to check on Naren. She says bring him if he is ready. Ankita says ok.

Ankita comes to Naren’s room. Naren says he won’t talk to her as she didn’t wish him. Ankita wishes him happy diwali. Naren says it is happy birthday. Rushaali comes and asks him to come soon. Ankita wishes him Happy Birthday and says she thought he is joking. Naren asks,do you think I am mad? He asks for a gift? Ankita says she didn’t bring anything. Ankita takes a small cactus plant from his side table and gives to Naren. Rushaali sees this and smiles. Ankita says sorry for not bringing any gift. Naren says this gift is very good and thanks her. Ankita asks him to come downstairs. Naren says he will take the gift with him and show it to everyone. Ankita feels strange.

Soham looks at Naren and thinks what the rich people might eat as they look good. Soham didn’t see Ankita. Some guests asks Soham to get something. Purvi comes to the party, Arjun wishes her Happy Diwali. Purvi wishes Rushaali and Shirish and gives the bouquet. Raunaq asks about Purvi, Rushaali says we have signed a deal with her company and says she is Arjun’s ex wife. Raunaq thinks it is interesting. Soham looks at Purvi but couldn’t see her face, he turns and Purvi looks at him but misses him. Raunaq tells someone that this will happen. He asks him to do exactly what he asked him to do. He asks him to asks Naren about the business and then he will go mad. He says he came with cactus on his birthday party. He asks him to talk to him to get the proof. he says he don’t want him to sign a deal with a mad guy afterall it is a matter of crores. That guy comes to naren and says he wants to talk about business related thing. Naren says not now, he can’t now. Ankita asks him to talk to him. She says we will talk anytime. He asks Naren about the business marketing strategy. Naren says it will will connects hearts. He speaks well about his strategies. Rushaali smiles. He thanks Naren.

Ankita comes to Purvi and wishes her Happy Diwali. Some guests is talking about Rushaali giving bracelet to Naren worth 1.25 crores. Soham overhears it and thinks he will spend a lavish life with the money. He looks for Naren and thinks he can’t escape from him. Raunaq thinks he is not getting fun. His friend comes and asks about Purvi. Raunaq says she is Arjun’s ex- wife and thinks to have fun. He comes to Purvi and asks for a dance. Purvi hesitantly agrees. Arjun sees her with Raunaq. Ankita tells Naren that she will go now and once again wishes him Happy Birthday. Naren wishes her Happy Diwali. He holds her hand and gives a cactus thorn as a return gift. Rushaali smiles. Ankita smiles and takes it. she says she will go now and leaves. Naren tells Happy Diwali to the cactus plant.

Raunaq tries to misbehaves with Purvi while she struggles to free herself from his clutches. Arjun comes and beats him. Purvi stops him. .

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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