Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 14th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with everybody doing diwali preparations. Gunjan comes and wishes everyone. Seema asks Gunjan if Mayank has gifted her anything, because father-son both are alike. Sangeeta is wearing a new earring and shows everyone and tells them that her husband has gifted it. Seema looks angrily towards Prabhu. Dayal looks sad. Shail asks everybody to have breakfast.

Gunjan come her room while Mayank is trying to fit into a sherwani. Gunjan tells let me help you but Mayank angrily says no you go and help other family members. Gunjan says the sherwani is too tight for you, she takes out a box from cupboard and gives Mayank a new sherwani telling him that this is his diwali gift. Gunjan leaves. Mayank gets happy to see the sherwani but remembers that he forgot to buy any gift for Gunjan.

Shail is arranging her room while she sees a small giftbox. She open it and becomes happy to see two silver coins inside it. Dayal comes in and she asks if he brought it? Dayal says ” yes, one for you and one is for Rachna. If I had got money I would have bought gold coins”. Shail stops him and says the happiness and love I have got from this family is more precious than these gold and silver. Dayal holds her hand and she get shy and leaves.

Shail, Gunjan and Rachna are decorating diyas, electricity goes down. Shail asks Rachna to come and look at the main switch. Mayank pulls Gunjan to a corner, kisses her and wishes her Happy Diwali. The are about to do a lip-lock, Gunjan closes her eyes and suddenly hears a sound and open her eyes again. She sees Dholu firing a toy-gun, Mayank is nowhere around and electricity has come back (perhaps she was dreaming). She looks worried while Seema comes in and asks what happened. She says Puja is about to start but Mayank hasn’t come yet. Meanwhile Mayank comes and she asks where were you. Mayank says wait I’ll tell you. Rachna comes and calls everybody to the living room. Mayank goes to his own room. takes out a box from his pocket, there is a necklace and earring inside it and he thinks whether Gunjan will like it or not.

In the living room, Akashji thanks every one for taking a good care of him and his daughter and says he wants to gift everyone on diwali. He takes out some expensive jewelery sets and gives it to everyone. Dayal interrupts but he says it is his right. Mayank sees everything from the corner, feels a little offended by looking at the jewelry he bought for Gunjan (because that is quite small compared to what Akash gave her) so he puts it back in his pocket. Shail calls Mayank, Akash gifts him an expensive watch. Mayank says what is the need of all this, but Gunjan says take it. Maynks takes it and come back to his room gloomily. Seema thanks Akash for the gifts. Akash says it is good that everyone like their gifts, they should wear them today during diwali puja. Seema comes back to her room and sees a new saree (kept by Prabhu) and gets happy.

Gunjan comes to her room and sees Mayank sitting there upset. She asks what happened he says nothing, she further asks if he like her Papa’s gift he says yes it is very good. They go to get ready. Gunjan thing to herself what has happened to his mood.

The family do Puja toegether. Gunjan brings aarti near Mayank, slightly removes dupatta from her neck. Mayank sees her wearing the necklace he bought for her. Mayank asks her where did you fin d it. Gunjan says ” you bought gift for me and didn’t even give it to me. Did you think I won’t wear it because it is small. This is not a jewelry for me this is the token of our love, our first diwali together. This is more precious than any jewelry.” They look romantically at each other.

precap: Rachna falls down on the road and is about to get hit by the same black car but the car stops. Rachna and the guy from the car have an argument and the guy leaves.

Update Credit to: kuin

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