Pavitra Rishta 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 14th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Naren asking hotel waiter to give flowers to to Ankita, but he gives it to Pari instead. Pari goes into flashback where Naren/Aman gives her flowers. She asks waiter who gave flowers. He says shows Naren, but Naren hides himself. Pia says Pari flowers look like the one Aman used to give you and she has intusion that Aman is here. Naren then signal waiter to give it to Ankita who gives it. Ankita looks at Naren and smiles accepting the flowers.

Savita’s sees her friend and greets her. Her friends is surprised to see Savita and asks her when did she come back from
Canada. She asks her to tell about herself first. Friend promotes Kum Kum Bhagya and says her bahu runs Kum Kum Bhagya marriage hall and asks her to ask her friends to publicize about the

marriage hall. Savita says her granddaughter Pia is a chef and if she can introduce her to her clients for marriage catering. Friend asks if she will give discount. Savita says she wont give any discount and says she has not changed a bit. Friend says even Savita has not changed. Friend says they both did not change, but time has changed, people’s thinking has changed. She says her granddaughter Pragyaa is very beautiful and cultured but is not getting a groom. Savita says she has good contacts and will got a good groom. Friend says it is very difficult to find a good groom, but she and her bahu Sarla has found a groom for Pragya and her marriage is on 15th March. She invites Savita for marriage. Savita prays for Pragya and says she sure will come.

Shashank, Mansi and her siblings reach Anand Nivas chawl. Shashank gives her house keys and asks her to open the door. They all enter the house and pray god.

Pari says Pia she does not care if Aman was there or not. Pia says she knows she cares. Pari says she does not want to search Aman. Manav comes and says whom she wants to search. Pari says she is searching lawyer for her Mumbai’s project’s legal advice. Pia also backs Pari. Manav says he will find her a good lawyer and goes from there. Pari thanks Pia for saving her and asks her not to take Aman’s name in this house again. Pia agrees. Manav comes with lawyer’s address and takes Shekhar’s name. He gets Archana’s call and asks if she found Soham. Archana says she did not find Soham and does not where is he, she starts crying. Manav asks her not to be sad, police will find her. Archana says she will come home and cuts the call. Ovi says she thought she would find Soham in hospital as she saw him here.

Soham goes to bar and asks for liquor. Bar owner sees a lot of money in Soham’s hands and snatches it. Police come there, so Soham goes and hides. Inspector asks about Soham. Owner says he does not know his customers by name. Inspector shows Soham’s photo. OWner says he just went from here. Soham sees that and realizes Archana is searching her. He runs out of the bar and hides.

Archana and Ovi are walking on the road. Ovi calls driver to bring the call. Archana shows Soham’s pic to the people around and asks if they saw him. Ovi asks Archana to stop showing pic to everyone and gets her into car.

Ankita wakes up in the morning, takes and sees Naren still sleeping. She tries to wake him up with her wet hair. He asks her what is she doing. She says it is her style of saying good morning. Naren says he will show his stype of saying good morning, holds her and applies vermilion on her forehead. He says he wants her to be happy and smiling every morning and kisses her saying happy good morning. Ankita asks her to go and get ready if he loves her. He kisses her again and asks her to take his clothes out till he takes a bath. Ankita takes a box out from the cupboard. she opens the box and checks greeting card in it. She finds a kerchief in it and thinks these are Ahana’s items and she can get to know Ahana with them. Naren’s phone rings. Ankita checks and says it is Shekhar’s call. Naren asks Ankita to pick the call and keep the phone near his ear. He speaks to Shekhar who asks what is he doing. Naren says he is romanching Ankita. Shekhar asks him to come to office as he has important papers to sign. Naren says he will come by 12 noon. Pari calls Shekhar and says she is coming to his office.

Shekhar’s secretary carries Naren’s papers. PAri strikes her and papers fall down. Pari help secretary pick the papers back and says her sorry. Shekhar sees Pari and identifies her. He asks her to take a seat. He says he spoke to Manav and he told him about her project. Pari says it is good he knows about her project and says she is new to Mumbai and praises Shekhar that he is a good lawyer. Shekhar asks Pari to give papers related to her project. She gives them. He says he will go thorough the papers/documents and will call her later. Ankita comes then. He asks where is Shekhar. She says he got a call from doctor and went, he will come back, but she thought she will collect papers. Pari sees Ankita and is shocked to see her resemblance with Ankita. Ankita says if she is talking about Archana. Pari asks if she knows her. Ankita says Archana and Manav did her kanyadan with Naren and Archana is a very good person. Pari says her aaji is very good. Ankita asks if she is Archana’s grandaugther and asks who about her parents. Pari says her mother is Purvi. Archana says she worked with Purvi and she was very good and professional. She asks about Arjun and says she is here because of Arjun, she praises Arjun. She says this world is very small, Naren and Arjun are partners. Pari says she is getting late and goes from there. Shekhar says it was a coincidence. Ankita says it is a big coincidence and says hope Naren was here. Shekhar sees Pari’s bag. Archana goes to give Pari’s bag. Pari remembers she left her bag and turns back, she finds Archana holding her bag. Pari thanks her and goes from there. She turns and waves bye to Ankita. Just then, Naren comes from behind and waves Ankita.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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