Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 14th April 2014 Written Update

Bauji tells Suket not to worry as Mr. Chohan is a sensible man and will understand the situation. Abhaas comes there, asking why they were fixing Avni’s wedding. Sucket says thanks god you are awake and have come to know what is going on at house. Abhaas says that he is sure Suket would not have bothered to ask Avni what she herself wanted to do in life. Suket scolds him but Abhaas says that he always controls others lives. Sanvri calls them, every one gathers asking what happened to her. She says they are leaving the house, she had forgotten this house is no more hers. Once a girl is wedded, her right to the house also ends. I am the fool who comes here every other day, she cannot stay any more. She will come to Avni’s wedding now. Bhawna stops her and says that no one

will like her going from this house. She says she also doesn’t like it when she held responsible for all the mis understandings between relations. she had just wanted Avni’s betterment. Bhawna asks her to stop not as being a sisiter-in-law but a friend. She says she will always come in the way of happiness in the house, so she is asking as a friend to leave. Bauji says why she is childishly leaving this house but she tells her not to stop because she will not be able to deny him. Avni stops her saying she is the youngest in the family, she should not speak in elder’s matters but she jsut want to stay that she feels bad that taking her wedding everyone is so tensed. Here you and Mom and Arpita are arguing while there Abhaas is fighting with dad about it. She herself is very tensed about taking this wedding talk and cannot handle all this tension. She reminds Sanvri how she supported her in doll’s weddings in childhood. Now in real life, she needed her at the time of wedding.
Raj is turning the bulb of table-lamp on and off and he thinks about himself and Avni.He comes to the window when Sheru ji arrives in the room.
Bauji appreciates Avni because being the youngest she did a good job today. Avni was worried, he asks what was the matter. She thinks she never understands that she is so young, and without a photograph or biodata someone could take her proposal as well. Bauji tells her that Mr. Chohan is a sensible man. He liked you because he met you and saw you serving and attending the guests at home. She asks the bua ji didn’t like her getting wet and coming in front of him, did she do anything wrong? He tells her that as long as her heart was pure it doesn’t matter what world thinks about you. And if he likes you, he will see all you positivities. And if he does not selects you, the lost will only be his.
Sheru ji tells Raj that they cannot sit idly, they will have to worry about something, he tells him Raj is his friend, and a brother. No one in the world is luckier in the world than the one who falls in love, any no one more un lucky than the person who lose his love. If you won’t get your love, you will lose the meaning of your life. As Sheru ji leaves, Raj thinks that he is right but he has left everyhting upon God now. The love and the relationship!
It is morning. Siket was at the temple when Sheru ji was also there telling someone on call that luckily Suket was here and they should now do something about Raj. Suket tells a beggar at the temple to pray for her daughter. He meets Sheru ji who says he wants to talk to him about something very important. He tells Suket and leaves. Suket calls Raj and tells him to come to meet him at his home today.
Akshit tells his assistant that he was leaving for a meeting right now, get all the files ready he will check them himself today. Arpita comes and adjusts his tie. He gets another call and checks all the files again, leaving the photo Arpita kept in his brief-case behind while leaving. Arpita thinks that work must be more important for Akshit than the work.
A lady was making a video of the house calling it the Raj Mahal when Bhawna comes out and sees it. The lady tells her to leave way as she wanted to make the video of this palace. Bhawna tells her that it is not a palace but her home. She sees in aww and tells her that she has come from Mumbai, there are only buildings and small houses. Bhawhna asks her was she in Jaipur for the first time. She says yes, as her daughter Pradhya is getting married she thought of spending sometime together in Rajasthan. She says that they all were tired but her energy is like the inflation which keeps on increasing. Bhawna asks if she wants water, as she is their guest in Jaipur. She comes in and appreciates her house. She says that they had heard about the hospitality of Jaipur, today they have seen it. Bhawna tells her that her daughter is also getting married. The lady congratulates her. She says that her daughter is just being talked of getting married, hers daughter’s farewell was just ready. How did it feel when your daughter is getting married. The lady says that every mother feels the same. Bhawna says that she also feels sad about thinking about her daughters marriage. The lady says that at first she was also worried but as the dates of wedding are arriving, her tension is getting exhausted. Bhawna asks when is the wedding? she tells on 15th that is tomorrow. Bhawna gives the lady a Krishna God idol to her and she takes farewell.
Raj comes to Avni’s home. He greets bauji who asks him the reason he came. He says that Suket called him. Suket arrives from upstairs.

PRECAP: Suket tells Raj that he met his jija at the temple. Raj thinks that he must have talked about his and Avni.

Update Credit to: Sona

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