Pavitra Rishta 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 12th August 2013 Written Update

Episode begins at Deshmukh chawl.

Everyone is enjoying food cooked by Archana.
Archu comes and serves more food to Soham who protests that his stomach is already too full, why is she giving him more food?
Manav smiles indulgently. Archu tells Soham, you have not eaten anything! Nowadays u dont eat anything. I will feed you today with my own hands.
Savita and Sulochana look at them and smile.
Archana brings a chair forward, sits down and starts to feed Soham.
Teju protests, will you only feed Soham Dada, what about us? Wont you feed us too?
Archu tells her she will feed everyone.
Purvi is in the background holding Pari and strolling.
Archu gets up and feeds Teju and then Sachin too.
Teju hurries everyone to eat quickly as they

will all go out for ice-cream!
Archu sits down again to feed Soham, he says Arey Daal is finished, let me get some.
He goes to get daal from the table. Savita passes him the serving bowl, he looks surprised, Archu observes Savita’s gesture, Soham takes the daal to Archu and serves the daal. Archu looks at Purvi who is walking around with Pari.
Archu tells Purvi to come and eat hot food from her hands.
Purvi tells her, let Pari go to sleep, then I will eat!
Arjun looks at her and offers to look after Pari while Purvi eats.
But she protests that why is he leaving his meal midway?
Arjun says hes done with eating and whatever is left, Sachin will have it! Sachin shrugs.
Arjun goes to wash his hands, Archu and Manav look at him.

Arjun is in the bedroom, taking care of Pari and baby talking with her.
He kisses Pari and tells her, why my little baby, let us try now..
He starts rocking baby Pari and singing “Swapnalok se aa pankh lagakey” (in a besura tune), missing half the lyrics
Manav enters the room and smiles at them. Arjun looks up and stops singing.
Manav tells him, why did u stop, please continue.
Arjun laughs, No Baba, actually I dont know the song but Purvi sings it always, so I was trying to make her sleep, but she doesnt want to sleep, just see…
Arjun kisses Pari and puts her on the bed, saying, Oh my baby girl!
He tells Manav he will leave now but Manav stops him, Arjun, I need to talk to you abt something important.
Arjun wants to know what it is, Manav asks him to sit down
They sit on the bed by Pari, Arjun starts patting her, smiling. Manav observes him solemnly and tells him, Arjun you are fulfilling a father’s duty very nicely. Theres no greater pleasure than watching your child grow up before your eyes. I also used to look at Soham and wonder when he grows up, how he will look then. Now look how grown up he is. Im sure you have the same feelings abt Pari..
Arjun agrees, Yes, u are right, these feelings are very special! And truthfully, I dont want to miss a single moment. I want to see when she starts walking and walks towards me on her own for the first time, when she says my name for the first time. I want to enjoy every moment of her childhood. I dont want her to be deprived of either her mother’s love or father’s love!
Manav says, I know what u are saying…just Im afraid that when Pari grows up she feels that her family is incomplete. Thats why I and Archana have made a decision.
Arjun asks, what decision?
Manav tells him, We want to get Purvi married a second time. With a man who will look after Purvi and Pari very well. .(Arjun looks shocked and perplexed)
Manav continues, I know that after Onir’s deception, Purvi has lost faith in marriage and man-woman relationships, thats why shes kept herself busy in her work! But how will she spend rest of her life alone? She will have to think abt hers and Pari’s future. Her past has hurt her a lot, we want her future to be filled with happiness. Do u think we are right in our decision?
Arjun looks upset, Manav asks him, Whats the matter? Didnt u like my suggestion?
Arjun shakes his head, No Baba, its nothing like that, You are right, Purvi has a right to be happy and Pari shd also get love of both parents. You are right!
Arjun looks like hes holding back his tears as he says that. They Pari who is wiggling and kicking merrily on the bed.
Manav pats Arjun’s back and gets up and leaves.

2nd scene:

Purvi is on the chawl balcony, she turns around and asks Archu where Pari’s clothes which were drying there? Archu tells her she already gathered them and put them away.
Archu tells Purvi she needs to talk with her. Actually she doesnt know how to approach her, whether its good or bad for her but its important to talk about this.

Archu says, Purvi, you are a very good mother, u take great care of Pari, I know you want to give her a good upbringing, good sanskars. Purvi, we are always with Pari, we will support her lifelong, But a day will come when she will need a father’s presence in her life. She will miss her father in her life and I dont want Pari to suffer because of this absence of a father. Today, Im going to tell you certain things which is very important for you to know. Purvi, when you were a kid, I also faced these same problems. When I took you for school admission, then people asked me your father’s name. I didnt know what to do… because I didnt want you to face hundreds of questions from people when u grew up. So I gave you the name of Manav Deshmukh. I dont want Pari to suffer in future. Thats why I wanted to ask you if you have thought abt your 2nd marriage.
Purvi looks shocked and distressed!
Archu tells her: Not for yourself, but for Pari’s sake? For her future! See, Pari is little now but she will start understanding everything gradually as she grows up. Before she starts realizing if she gets a father, then she will be adjusted to everything as she grows up and she will be happy forever.
Purvi is crying and upset, she moves away, thinking, Aayi will never want me to marry Arjun. That means shes talking abt someone else. But whatever happens, I have to think abt Pari’s future now…
Archu tells her, whatever your decision, Im always with you!
Purvi tells her that shes ready..
Archu is overwhelmed: Purvi, u dont know how happy u have made me! Just see everything will be alright now! Everyone will be happy! You are happy naa?
Purvi nods emotionally, Archu kisses her head and thanks her affectionately, then goes from there, leaving Purvi upset.

3rd scene: Roadside ice cream
Arjun, Purvi, Teju, Soham, Gauri are having a good time outside. When they leave, Gauri tries to tell Soham that she thinks Purvi needs someone, but Soham doesn’t get it what she is trying to say and says her family is with her.

They get stuck in traffic. Soham goes with Gauri to drop her.
Teju sees vadapaw stall and she gets off the car.

Arjun and Purvi both think how Manav and Archu told them about Purvi’s 2nd marriage. Arjun struggles to talk about this with Purvi. Purvi says what do you think about it? Arjun says they must have decided it for your good. Purvi too agrees with him.

Soham and Gauri are going. They see an ambulance stuck in the traffic. Gauri cannot help the lady as she is not trained to deliver babies. Soham searches for a gynecologist. He finds Onir. Onir helps them and does the delivery.

In precap Purvi tells Arjun I can’t marry anyone else beside you. Aai baba won’t agree but i don’t want Pari to get another father when her own father is there who loves her a lot.


Update Credit to: pallavi25

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