Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 12th August 2013 Written Update
The Episode starts with everyone waiting in the hall for Tau ji’s decision. Tau ji comes and everyone look at him. Tau ji looks upset. Didi smiles. Simran is tensed while everyone looks on. Tau ji asks where is Himmat. Didi says why, you have to punish Rajveer. Tau ji says Himmat wanted to see Rajveer getting punished. I’m ready now. Didi speaks in favor of Himmat. Tau ji says I have full trust that everyone here support Rajveer and think he is innocent. Tau ji says but I have to say my decision, based on the proofs. He says the proofs are against Rajveer, so I have to punish him for selling the land. He says if he did such a big mistake, then the punishment will be bigger as well. Chanchal cries. Tau ji says after thinking a lot, I came to a decision that…… Govind comes there calling Tau ji’s name. Govind says Rajveer is innocent. Tau ji and everyone are shocked. Didi looks on shocked. Govind says Rajveer did not do anything, forgive me. I lied to you earlier.

Govind takes Rajveer’s side and cries. Everyone looks on. He says someone kidnapped my son and asked me to name Rajveer. Tau ji goes to Govind and asks who kidnapped your son, name him, I won’t leave him. Tau ji gets angry and asks him who was he. Govind says it was Himmat. Everyone are shocked. He says Himmat has sold the land to me, and he kidnapped my son. Tai ji faints. Didi gets tensed. Tau ji asks Baldev to bring Himmat. Baldev says I will bring him, he has spoiled our name. Baldev looks out for Himmat everywhere. He calls Bajrangi and asks for Himmat. Bajrangi says I don’t know. Baldev warns him and says tell me the truth. Baldev sees Himmat sleeping somewhere and brings him home. Tau ji slaps Himmat. Himmat asks his mum to slap him too. Tai ji slaps herself for supporting him., trusting him. Dadi stops her. Chanchal consoles her.

Tau ji looks at Himmat and says what you did, for that I would have shot you. Even that would be less. Your punishment is that….. just go from this house. Tau ji breaks his relation with him. Tau ji says I remove you from my will as well. He says you died for me. Tau ji says if anyone takes Himmat’s name, then they will be my enemy. Rajveer feels bad for Himmat. Didid stops Himmat and goes to her saying you don’t need to go anywhere. Didi tells Tau ji that Himmat is part of our family, he did a mistake, but punish him for it. He will do something else too if we keep him out of this house. We should not spare him, we should control him. You should punish him. Tau ji says you are right. Tau ji says I will keep him in this house, but he will have to agree to my three conditions.

Tau ji says Himmat will sleep in servant’s room. He won’t get food here in this house. He cannot eat with us, and he will have to agree to whatever he gets in this house. He won’t get such thing and love from us. If he agrees to my conditions, then let he be in this house. Himmat looks at Simran. Himmat says I agree to this as I want to stay in this house. Tau ji leaves in anger. Didi looks at him. Simran talks to Rajveer and says I know Tau ji is very upset knowing about Himmat. He has proved Himmat, so I compelled you to say him the truth. Tau ji comes to Himmat and gives him his will, in which he has named everything at Rajveer’s name. Rajveer is shocked. Simran looks on.

Tau ji asks Rajveer to sign on the papers. He hands over the papers to him. Tau ji says don’t say no. He says I got old bearing the responsibility, I m tired now. I have full trust that you will do the duty well enough. Tau ji smiles and leaves. Rajveer sees Tau ji sad.

Didi tells Himmat that she doubts Simran. Rajveer have an argument with Simran. Simran tells I want some happiness from you for few days, then I will be going from this house forever.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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