Pavitra Rishta 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 11th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Archana thanking god that her Soham is alive and asks him to help her meet her son. Pari comes and says her problem is she is very emotional and gets involved with people so much that she gets hurt when people do something. She says Soham mama does not want to meet her, so he went away from there. She says we should forget the people who does not want to meet us. Archana asks where is she going. She says she is going to hotel to meet clients and asks to stop thinking about Soham mama. Archana thinks how can she forget her son and prays god to give back her son.

Soham remembers the incident where met his mother and starts crying. His good soul asks him why is he crying and says it is good his mom saw him, they will accept him if he asks them to forgive, he will not get chance like this again. His bad soul asks him not to go as they were responsible for his bad days. Good soul asks him to go as his family is very good. Bad soul says Archana made Gowri married to Sachin. Good soul says to back to his family. Bad soul says not to go.

Pari goes to the hotel and asks for the conference hall to the receptionsit. Receptionist shows her the way and says it is free. Sachin thinks if Soham is alive, he will come back. He has not forgiven him, but has not expressed his anger. If he comes back, dunno what will he do. Neena says if Soham comes, they will have to share the property with him. Until he comes back, Archana will not reveal the will. Sachin scolds Neena and says he is tensed that Soham is coming back and she is behind money. Neena says they will favour Soham as he is their real son and Sachin is adopted one. She asks Sachin to go and ask Archana/Manav to reveal the “will” today itself. Sachin get angry, says it is waste to talk to him and goes from there.

Narean and Ankita are in the conference hall giving presentation. Clients praises them and says they are happy to do business with them. Ankita gets happy that her first presentation went well.

Pari meets her clients and tell them about her business plan. Clients like the plan say they are happy doing business with her. She takes the printout, but does not find paper in the printer. She calls receptionist to send printing papers. Receptionist gives the extention number and asks to call the staff there to get her papers. She calls extension number, but Naren picks the call.

Pari identifies Naren’s voice as Aman’s. She says clients that she will send them the papers later. She comes out of the hall and meets Pia. She informs Pia that she heard Aman’s voice from conference hall #4. Pia drags her to the hall to check if it was Aman, but find staff there instead who informs a guy was here but went out. Pia and Pari go out to find Naren/Aman..

Manav and Archana call police inspector and him to find Soham who tells them he will find Soham but will take time. Archana asks why he needs time. He says it is 20 years and he will take them. Archana insists Manav he should find Soham soon. She then remembers Ankita looking exactly like her and says Ankita must be Soham’s daughter. Manav says it cannot be as Purvi and Arjun went to Ankita’s house and met her father whose name was Raghav Mhatre and was inebriated. He asks her to wait until police finds Soham.

Naren says Ankita that he heard her voice on the phone. Ankita says how can it be. He says he knows, but he thought it is her. He asks her to sit as he will go to washroom and come. He goes up and asks hotel staff to give flowers to Ankita as a surprise for her, but staff gives it to Pari.

Precap: Police inspector reaches a bar, shows bar owner Soham’s pic and asks if he saw him. Owner says he knows him and just just went from there. Ankita and Naren inform about the time slot change from 15th April to 6.30 p.m.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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