Rang Rasiya 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 11th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
rudra says to paro to drink, paro says i dont drink milk, my health becomes weird, rudra says drink it, i will not drink wine if you drink it, paro says okay i will, she puts hand on her nose, she drinks glass in one go, rudra says good, now on more, paro says my health will become bad please stop it. rudra says one dialogue for you. rudra says till when you are drinking milk i will not drink wine, if you stop i will start drinking again, paro starts drinking milk. she drinks another glass, rudra points to jug of milk, paro starts drinking from jug, she drinks whole jug, rudra looks at her, paro feels like vomiting and runs to washroom, rudra says come out paro, he pulls her out and goes in washroom, he vomits too. paro ask are you alright, he comes out of washroom. he looks at

paro and is about to fall, paro tries to balance him and they both fall on ground in process with rudra on top of paro, rudra sleeps being drunk, paro drags him to bed with much difficulty, she makes him sit then tries to put him on bed, she is unable to lift him, after much problem she pulls him to bed, she takes out his shoes, rudra sleeps on whole bed, paro puts her sheet on floor and sleeps there. in night, paro feels noise in room and says rat, she runs and stand on bed, she sits beside rudra on bed, rudra holds her hand in sleep, paro looks at him and lays down beside him holding his hand, she keeps looking at him and sleeps. its morning, rudra wakes up and is stunned to see paro sleeping beside him, he ask paro to wake up, he throws water on her, paro gets up, he ask what are you doing in bed, paro says there was rat on ground, rudra ask what are you doing in my room, paro says last night.. rudra says saree, sindoor whats all this, you started your drama again. paro says what, you did this, paro says you dont remember what happened last night, rudra ask what, he says my head is aching, go from here, paro gets up to go and recalls their marriage last night, how rudra had put sindoor and mangalsutra to her.

Scene 2
paro comes to maithili and says that he doesnt remember anything not even our marriage, rudra comes and says to paro i asked you to go then why you are here, maithili says where she will go, rudra says i am asking her to go in kitchen to make tea, cant i ask this from my wife, maithili says she was saying you dont remember marriage, rudra says who forgets his own marriage, he says paro i am asking something, go. dont worry i will not forget anything neither will i allow you to forget it my mrs.

Scene 3
sumer gets money for proving pictures to media, he is happy that he will buy drinks, he throws envelope of money in dustbin. all sits for breakfast, rudra says what happened last was thing between me and my wife nobody will say a word about it, mohini says that is okay but where is your wife, rudra says i asked her for tea, where is she, he calls her name. paro is sitting in room sadly, mohini says to rudra that control her she is not listening to you from now, have control on her, rudra says wish somebody had told this to chacha, he goes to check paro. mohini says i am going to market. she ask danveer that your nephew said nobody will talk about his amrriage, what will you do now.

Scene 4
paro is sitting on ground with mirror broken infront of her, rudra comes there and says didnt you listen to my voice, paro says i am not understanding what are you doing and why, rudra sits beside her and says to understand that because of you my job, my respect is at stake, you wanted marriage i did, i will fulfill my every promise that i took in pheras, have friendship with tears because they will be with you for whole life, paro unknowingly put hand on mirror piece, she winces, rudra ask to show him her hand its bleeding, paro says you feel happy seeing my tears then why you are worrying seeing my blood, tears give more pain, rudra holds her hand and says dont show me attitude, i am your husband i have this right, its bleeding. he wipes her blood with handkerchief and cares for her wound, paro looks at him (piya na maan basiya plays). he ties handkerchief on her hand.

PRECAP- rudra is throwing mirror pieces in dustbin and gets the envelope from there, he says this means pictures are leaked from house only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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