Pavitra Bhagya 20th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Reyansh plans to gatecrash Pranati’s house on Holi

Pavitra Bhagya 20th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Archit offers to help Pranati. I am a reporter after all. I have a lot of contacts. She thanks him. Pranati receives Chetna’s call. Pranati is taken aback.

Nupur tells Chetna these guys seem big shots. Chetna says they aren’t greater than my self-respect. Nupur says it isn’t harmful but Chetna isn’t willing to let go so easily. Armaan and Maan try to justify their actions to Police Inspector. They take him to a corner to bribe him with imported liquor. Pranati has recorded everything. All three of them are taken aback to see her. She tells them to continue their plan. I will viral this video on social media. Armaan says you don’t know who you are messing with. You will come to us only when you would need gym. Chetna says I told you they are shameless. Maan and Armaan realise she is Pranati. Armaan requests Pranati to delete the video but she threatens to make it viral so they are sent to jail. Armaan is unhappy but Maan tells him to tackle police first. Armaan tries to snatch the phone from Pranati’s hand but Reyansh slaps him just then. How can you misbehave with a decent girl? He is surprised to see Pranati. I dint know that the one who I was looking for would be here. You don’t look like a stalker but you come out in front of me from nowhere these days. Pranati says people like you are of no good. You are teaching them how to behave? They are your blood after all! Armaan tries to intervene but Reyansh stops him. he holds Pranati’s hand. Inspector tries to stop him but Pranati tells him she will manage it. I will see how low this man can stoop. Reyansh takes Pranati outside. Nupur tells Chetna this is what she was warning her against.

Reyansh pins Pranati to a wall. They both have an eye lock. Pranati asks him if he thinks she will get afraid. I am not that old Pranati who cannot say no to you or who will flee from here by getting afraid. He calls her Prani but she warns him against it. You have lost the right after ruining my life. He asks her why she is dragging past in present. Let that chapter end. She says it might be old for you but it was my entire life. It was trust and love and not a chapter who I could read / ignore. How can you take our past so casually? He insists it was their past. It wasn’t a one way street where you get stuck. Whatever happened between us was consensual. I never forced you for anything. She says you gave me wounds without asking. They are still fresh. I dint ask for them. It is my mistake. I was a fool to fall in love with a guy like you! You used me, cheated me. Your brothers aren’t doing anything different. It is in your blood. Armaan asks them what they are exactly doing. maan says we deleted the video. Do whatever you want now. Reyansh reprimands them from accessing someone’s personal phone and accessing their personal data. I was speaking to her. Armaan says we could see it. Reyansh tries to say something but Pranati tells him not to act nice. I know how you really are. You can never change. Don’t pretend to be good! She walks away angrily. Reyansh and Pranati think of their happy past moments.

Pranati asks Inspector if he will write a report or if she should complain against him. Chetna tells her to listen to her but Pranati is in hyper mode. Chetana finally manages to tell her. Pranati gulps down water kept in front in one go. Inspector smiles.

Pranati walks out with Chetna and Nupur. They stop to stare at the boys. Reyansh asks Pranati if Jugnu is fine. Pranati says how a guy like you can be worried for a kid. It does not suit your image. He says all I want to know is whether she is fine or not. She replies that she is fine and leaves. Maan and Armaan aren’t happy with Reyansh’s decision. We must find that ninja kid asap. Reyansh says now we atleast know that Jugnu is with her. We will find a way out anyhow. See what plan I will come up with now! Jugnu will save us now!

Jugnu puts loud music and dances in Pranati’s SIL (Pallavi) room. She cuts a dupatta to make her usual headband for herself and creates a mess in the room. Pallavi fumes seeing her thus. What is going on? She slaps Jugnu for cutting her dupatta. Are you mad? This is mine! Jugnu gets scared while she keeps questioning her. This isn’t your orphanage but a home! How will you understand what a house is as you are illegitimate! Pranati asks her who she is calling illegitimate. You have no right to speak to Jugnu like this. Pallavi says you have no right to bring any daughter here. Pranati tells her to take Jugnu’s name properly. Prabhas enters. What is going on? His wife tells him they cannot live here anymore. We were thinking Pranati will leave the house but she instead brought another member. Prabhas tries to make her understand but in vain.

Pranati asks Jugnu if she is fine. Jugnu nods. I was used to Matron but now I have another enemy. I will get used to it very soon. Pranati says my daughter will never have an enemy. She hugs her but Jugnu pushes her away. You started your drama again. Chetna apologizes to them. I thought this dupatta was old and will be of no use so I gave it to her. Pranati offers to bring dupattas and everything for Jugnu that she needs. Jugnu asks for colours so she can celebrate holi tomorrow. We used to play holi in mud in Bal Mandir. Pranati smiles. This time I will bring balloons, pichkari’s and lots of colours. This will be your best holi till date! Jugnu smiles.

Maan and Armaan mix red chilli with red colour and pour them in a jug. They pour them in balloons. Now they will know who they are messing with. Reyansh asks them if everything is ready. They nod but don’t tell him about the chilli powder plan. Reyansh says we will gatecrash Pranati’s house through these colours only. Happy Holi, ex-Jaanemann.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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      Hi Shanaya. Yes, fresh episodes’ telecast of many shows has been paused for a few days.

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