Shubharambh 20th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja gets to know about the real will

Shubharambh 20th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani tries to open the windows of the house but they are locked. She finds some kids and gets an idea. She asks them to help her. The kids bring a ladder there. Rani climbs the ladder and jumps in the balcony.
In the house, Phupha tells the family that he has Dhanraj’s will. Asha cries and says why didn’t you tell me before? Phupha says for the family’s benefit. Rani hides in the house. Phupha recalls how he told Gunvant that he should have told about Dhanraj’s will as he is not feeling well. He says I want to tell about the will now to everyone. He opens the will and says Dhanraj that if anything happens to him then the shop will be named to Raja. All are shocked. Phupha says I told about this to Gunvant 18 years back. The flashback shows how Gunvant said that he didn’t write about the house. Phupha says because it’s of everyone. Gunvant says Asha can’t run the shop and Raja is very young. I don’t care about this will, we will tell them but Kirtida will be hurt if we don’t give a share to Mehul and Hitank, this family will be destroyed so we should wait till Raja becomes an adult, then we will tell everyone. The flashback ends. Asha cries and says I was cursing Dhanraj all these years, this is good news. She hugs Raja. She says sorry to Dhanraj and says you did think about us. Raja consoles her. Asha asks for the will. She checks it and sees Raja’s name on it. Phupha says Gunvant has taken care of this family well. Gunvant recalls how he tried to not let the family know about the will, especially Rani. Phupha says Gunvant wanted me to read this will to Raja in front of everyone as someone tries to steal the shop from Raja. Rani is shocked and says he wanted me to make shop papers some days back. They are both players. He wanted to throw me out of the house.
PRECAP- Raja tells Gunvant that papa might have given the shop to me but you have taken care of us all these years so I am ready to give this shop to you. Rani comes there and says he is fooling you, don’t do this. Raja says we insulted you so much but you are still here? I Raja am giving my shop to Gunvant today. Rani is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. raja is an idiot hate how d writers make him.this way even after knowing d truth wat good care did his uncle give to him or mother getting fed up of this stupid story line

  2. Verma4

    I f**king hope Gunvant puts him on the streets. How f**king dumb is Raja.

  3. I do hope the writers change the story plot . Raja is really potrayed as an idiot . Hope Rani can claim 1/2 the shop becos she married to Raja and this way they cannot get her out . Eeish getting fed up with that stupid Raja .

  4. WTF raja, no way

    i think raja is definitely pretending, he knows the truth but he doesn’t want to reveal it because then the family will be shattered then. There’s no way Raja would take these decisions.

    1. Verma4

      you can only hope.

  5. Shainur Shabbir

    I really hate Raj as if he is wearing bangels

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