Pavitra Bhagya 14th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Dadi reveals the truth behind custody battle to her son

Pavitra Bhagya 14th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The hearing resumes. Judge asks Jugnu who she wants to be with. Jugnu looks at Reyansh and Pranati one by one. She says I haven’t decided anything. Judge gives a new date for the next hearing.

Reyansh’s father beats him for contesting for Jugnu’s custody. We are trying to get rid of that baby and you are asking for her custody! His brother tells him to be easy on Reyansh. Reyansh’s father tells his mother to talk sense in her beloved grandson now. Dadi asks Reyansh if he got Jugnu’s custody. He nods. She ends up slapping her son as he tries to scold / beat Reyansh again. I told Reyansh to do it. That girl will come in this house at any cost! You don’t have to do anything for her. You guys can continue living your life the way you want to! She takes Reyansh with her. Maan and Armaan decide to find out why Dadi had a change of heart. Why does she want to bring Jugnu home?

Pranati cannot understand what prompted Reyansh to fight for Jugnu’s custody. Her mother says Jugnu is Reyansh’s daughter too. Pranati says that family and that guy isn’t good. Judge will re-evaluate the case now. Reyansh never wanted a baby. How did he decide to keep Jugnu?

Archit’s parents speak of the circumstances and how Pranati and Archit have been making their own decisions at any point of time. Sumitra says I wonder why we said yes to Pranati. She has an illegitimate daughter with Reyansh who now wants to take custody of that girl! Entire city know him and the kinds of girls he keeps. Archit tries to argue but she insists that they are very rich people. They don’t fight a case which they are about to lose! Chhabra charges 15k for every consultancy. Think again. Archit says this is our family now. We have to fight the battle and bring Jugnu home. His father says Khurana’s wont sit peacefully. Pranati insists she cannot let go of her daughter so easily.

Shamsher (Reyansh’s father) asks his mother why she is trying to bring Jugnu home. You don’t even trust your own kids with your business. I know you very well. Don’t fool me. You cannot fall in love with the concept of grandkids. Tell me what you are thinking. I am your son! No one in this house is human enough just because we have your blood inside us! Don’t try to fool me that you have fallen for that girl. His mother enjoys his outburst. I wont give you any answer. He tells her to slap him as much as she wants to but I wont leave till the time you tell me the truth. I will otherwise tell everyone that you are hiding something. She slaps him again.

Pranati paces in the room worriedly. Archit comes there. she asks him to leave but he says it isn’t important to talk about the time. Married couples share silence all the time. we can do it too. She is touched. You still want to marry me? He gives her a napkin. I dint tell you that he actually hates you. She smiles. He is relieved to see her thus. I want to marry you as I love you. She calls love stupid and meaningless. It is better not to fall for it. I too fell in love once. See what I am going through now! Don’t love so much or you wont be able to bear it when it will break apart. He calls it a good advice. She says I am not capable of loving anyone anymore.

Dadi tells Shamsher that a politician has threatened her. My daughter has gone crazy for your grandson. I cannot let it get out in open. I have fixed her marriage already but she isn’t willing to hear me out! Do anything but tell him to stay away from my daughter! This is more of a business alliance. I cannot lose it in any case! I will cancel your license and close your shops otherwise. She assures him she will take care of Reyansh in 2 days. She shows him Reyansh and Pranati’s video. One little girl will do whatever 100 girls cannot do! Your daughter isn’t aware of the fact that Reyansh has an illegitimate girl. She wont marry a guy like Reyansh then. Don’t think about cancelling my licenses. I promise you he wont even look at your daughter. He asks about the girl. She says the custody battle is on. You can bring your daughter to the hearing. She can see it for herself how callous Reyansh has been. He agrees but keeps a condition. That girl should stay with you till the time my daughter gets married. I don’t want to take any chances. She agrees. Flashback ends.

Dadi tells Shamsher to make sure nothing goes wrong. He nods. You are indeed my real mother. Pranati will create a big fuss for custody. Dadi does not mind. Bribe everyone well. I will see who will support her then!

Judge is headed towards the door when a guy brings a suitcase full of money as a gift for her. She smiles.

The hearing starts. Chhabra calls it a filmy story where the mother dint know her newborn was alive. Her mother told her about her daughter a day ago just so they can try to extract money from Khurana’s! She refuses but he speaks of her affair with Reyansh. How can a 17 year old decide to marry when she knew her family wasn’t financially stable at all? You both decided to marry and got intimate! You tried to trap my client. He was reluctant but you blackmailed him emotionally. Pranati shouts at him to stop. Judge stops him from maligning a girl’s character further.

Flashback shows Dadi sitting tensed in the courtroom recalling how the judge refused the bribe money she had sent earlier.

It is Reyansh’s turn next. Pranati’s lawyer asks Reyansh what he told Pranati when she asked him about marriage. He says he said no as they were young. She asks him if they weren’t young enough to get intimate. You called it a “kaand”. She asks Reyansh if this isn’t what he had told Pranati. Judge tells them to be wary of the fact that

Pranati reprimands Archit for sharing this info with their lawyer. He knows she wouldn’t have shared it otherwise. This can strengthen our case. She tells him to stop. I dint expect it from you. He says Reyansh made it personal. Reyansh asks about his mother who is still not in favour of this wedding. Do you want to be her support so bad? Pranati takes Archit with him. I don’t want to be around Reyansh at all. Reyansh says this started just because you were near me. Reyansh notices a lady there and gets tensed. Pranati will win the case if this woman testifies in the court. Dadi wont spare me if we lose the case.

Precap: Dadi beats Chhabra. Pranati tells her mother that Jugnu would have been with us today if you hadn’t given her away then. We might lose this case now! Reyansh asks Pranati why she has such high hopes / dreams in her mind. Can’t you see that these people can stoop to any level to get Jugnu? I don’t want her but Dadi wants her! I cannot tell you the reason though.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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