Patiala Babes 30th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita and Ashok Meet Marriage Counselor

Patiala Babes 30th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mini goes to Biji and keeping jewelry in front of her feet apologizes her, touches her feet and walks away. Dadaji scolds Biji that she snatched her granddaughter’s right and gave it to her daughter. Biji takes Jewlery bag to Ashok and confronts him that because of him and Lovely, she snatched Babita and Mini’s right, she scolded them so much so that they get disconnected with her, god will never forgive her. She continues venting out her anger on Ashok. Dadaji consoles her.

Mini returns home. Hanuman offers her jaggery and chana. She walks to Babita’s room. He walks behind her asking why she is angry. She tells Babita that she returned jewelry to Biji and apologized her, now if she is happy. Babita asks if she thinks she did wrong. Mini says she knows her mother is always right and she does not need heavy jewelry at all, she just wants her mother to be a bit practical, asks Hanuman if he is right. Hanuman says he does not want to be dragged between ladies and wants to be out of kitchen politics.

Next day, Mini and Babita reach court and wait for their lawyer Tirath. Their lawyer enters and says opponents have already come and Ashok has hired Patiala’s biggest lawyer Madan. Marriage counselor cracks jokes with Ashok’s lawyer and enjoys omlette. Babita and Mini enter with Tirath. Tirath gets nervous seeing Madan. Counselor asks if they want to reconcile, they have to stay together under same roof for 6 months. Madan says there is no question of reconciliation and asks Tirath if he is right. Tirath nervously says yes. Judge asks to sign papers then. Mini asks how can they without reading or counseling. Tirath says it is routine procedure and hurriedly takes Babita’s signatures. Counselor tells Madan and Ashok he will get them tea from canteen and takes them along.

Mini with Babita meets Hanuman and explaining whole situation asks if it was right, Tirath did not even utter a word. Hanuman asks her to relax and asks Laala to call Tirath. Tirath speaks and says he will come there. Madan asks him to think of his offer. Tirath reaches police station and informs Hanuman and others that Madan tried to bribe him, but he denied. Hanuman says Madan can go to any extent and they need to be careful.

Precap: Babita tells Laala that Madan will do something wrong, she does not know what. Laala says lawyers usually try to malign woman’s character.

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  1. Don’t know what going to happen feeling bad for babita and mini… Also for biji

  2. I dont understand what was the point of Biji’s drama. ‘Now nobody will call my bahu as greedy’ Right! let’s say I have a few lakhs in cash with me and i go to a friend and say ‘Hey, you are my friend and i trust you completely. Can you keep my money in your safe please?’ My friend says sure and keeps it. A few years later i am facing financial problems and i go to my friend and say ‘Hey, i am having some problems, can you give my money back please?’ What should my friend reply? ‘OMG i though we were friends but now i realize you were pretending the whole time. You are greedy. Now i see your true face!’ … seems completely logical, right? Ugh… the point is, the gold is again in Ashok’s hands while Babita and Minnie are still poor. How does it matter if no one calls Babita greedy anymore. Name calling doesn’t matter in real life. Security and money does… I was so unimpressed by Biji’s speech to Ashok

  3. I was feeling so dreadful during the judge-lawyer scene… something fishy is definitely going to happen. And i was irritated by the judge. I know he does this job everyday, but the people sitting infront of him are going through a lot of pain of loss and separation. The minimum he could do was show some respect and do his job professionally… Glad that at least the lawyer told the truth to Hanuman about the bribery attempt. My only point of relief is that Hanuman is a police officer. If Ashok’s lawyer truly tries to give bribes then Hanuman can file a case against him and make sure that proper charges are filed. No one, not even a lawyer is above the law. And if Biji really cares about Babita, then she should give statement in support of Babita to the judge and make sure that the jewellery goes to Babita and Minnie later on

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