Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 30th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya’s Crosses Her Evil Nature’s Limit

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 30th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rama disguised as maid Pushpa enters Satya’s house to celebrate Samar’s birthday. Satya identifying her asks where was she working before. Rama says no where, she is from Rajasthan and came here with his relative’s help. Satya asks who else stays in her house. Rama says husband and 2 children who are very small. Satya asks her to continue work and thinks she will expose her face at any cost. She keeps besan/gram flour thali behind Rama and keeps table fan. Besan flies, and Rama starts coughing, she switches off fan and thanks god that nobody saw her. Satya thinks mother came to meet son, now she will introduce them that whole world will remember.

Rama takes halwa to Samar’s room and says she brought halwa for him. He says he does not want to. She says she heard it is his birthday, so he can taste some halwa. He says he does not need it. She says he should not get angry. He says his mother lied to him and asks to go away, else he will vent out his anger on her. He says his mother would have lied for his sake as parents always think of children’s good. He says if she did not hear what he told. She says even he would have lied in childhood, his mother would not have stopped talking to him then, his mother would be dying to speak to him. He asks not to say that, he loves his mother and walks towards door. She asks where is he going. He says to have halwa from his mom’s hand. She says he can have it here itself then, in her real voice. He is amused to see her there and asks why she became servant to meet him. He says she can even die to spend time with him. He asks not to say that. Their emotional bonding continues. He says he is going out with Jaya as her assistant. Satya hears their conversation and thinks he will be surprised soon.

Jaya gets ready and waits for Samar. Samar comes wearing well dressed blazer. Naani says her hero came. Samar says he has to match Jaya, so he got ready well. Jaya takes him to restaurant. He asks if client will come here and why is it dark here. Jaya thinks she forgot his birthday and it is a surprise party for him. She switches on light and Samar is amused seeing dinner arrangements and pulls chair for her to sit. She thanks him. Waiters bring cake and say it is complementary. Samar thanks Jaya for surprise party. Musicians play music in background. Samar asks Jaya to cut cake with him. They cut cake and feed each other. Jo Meri Manzilon ko jaati in the background. Samar offers for a dance. Jaya agrees, but reminiscing Satya’s warning backs off and goes to wash her hand.

Satya calls Samar. Samar picks call and says he was expecting her call. She says she has thrown his birthday party and hired maid to serve snacks and clean floor. Samar warns to stop it, she does not know who that woman is. Satya says she knows maid is his mother who herself wants to serve guests. Samar warns to stop it, else.. Satya asks what..

Precap: Samar confronts Satya and warns how dare she is to make his mother as maid. Jaya returns home. Satya gets Samar arrested.

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  1. Like mother like daughter evil mean dumb nd arrogant
    Jaya s a looser like her mother

    1. you are right.. What is this all the time mumma mumma mumma.. pissed off now.

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