Patiala Babes 28th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ashok Meets Mini and Babita

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Patiala Babes 28th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Khatri returns to tea shop. Shop owner asks if he apologizes mother and daughter. Khatri says he went to check and not apologize, they are very sharp and will ruin whole locality. Shop owner warns to mind his tongue, he is yelling as they trashed him for his heinous act. Khatri continues badmouthing. At home, Laal insists Hanuman singh to remove his shirt to apply heat pad on his injuries. Hanuman Singh shies and says there are ladies at home. Babita with Mini walks down and gives Laal turmeric paste to apply on Hanuman Singh’s injuries. Hanuman Singh boasts that he is a tough cop and gets injuries daily, his injuries heal automatically. Laal scolds him to stop acting tough, he gets heavily inebriated and is defaming his family name. Babita stops their argument and confesses that

Hanuman was coming towards their room inebriated last night, so she hit his head. Hanuman says he brought door latch. Babita says she saw latch in the morning. Laal scolds them that they hit the good man who tried to help them, they should leave his house right now. Babita pleads. Argument continues. Hanuman Singh stops them and asks Mini and Babita to go to their room now, he has to go to police station and walks away with Laal. Babita gets tensed that she has to leave Hanuman Singh’s house, where will they go now. Mini calms her down.

Pinku informs Ashok’s family that Babita and Mini let his house. Ashok scolds him and asks where did they go. Pinku says Babita left a letter. Dadaji reads letter and says he is proud of his bahu and says she writes that because of her, she does not want Pinku to be in trouble and Saroj suffer, so she is going away with Mini, Mini takes care of her like mother and she feels she is her mother instead. Ashok says Babita’s foolishness took Mini away and already Mini went to police station once, he cannot tolerate this as a father. Dadaji asks what happened to his fatherhood when they left his house and he brought his girlfriend home. Ashok says whatever it is, truth is he is Mini’s father and is worried for her. Sukhi says let us not argue and find Mini and Babita.

Mini and Babita go to roadside tea stall to have samosas. Khatri sees them and starts singing. Babita asks Mini if they can go home and have snacks. Mini insists to have it there itself. Ashok walks in and says now his family has to have food in cheap places. Mini confronts him. Their argument starts. Ashok says he is her father and is talking to her mother. Mini asks if he was not worried for them when he brought his girlfriend home. People gather to watch drama. Ashok says let us go from here and talk. Mini insists to talk right there. Babita pleads and takes them to Hanuman Singh’s house. Khatri asks shop keeper who was that man. Shopkeeper says must be girl’s father. Khatri says let us go and enjoy drama. Ashok sees Hanuman Singh’s broken house with no AC or fan and asks if his daughter will stay here. Mini argues if he was so worried, why did he let them go out of his house. Argument continues. Hanuman reaches outside house. Laal says he should have kicked out mother and daughter instead of accepting their apology. Hanuman says he wants to give them a chance and walks towards door.

Precap: Mini confronts Ashok if he was not ashamed to bring Mita home.
Ashok tries to slap her, but Hanuman Singh holds his hand. Khatri comments now husband and boyfriend’s fight will start.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I can’t get it which single mother behave this much stupid, work without brain….
    I agree Babita always showed as homely woman, who haven’t seen outside world, but staying alone even in home with 16-17 yrs old daughter, a mother become is more stronger and smart even she stays as at home, but babita is most idiot and brainless woman…. She don’t understand anyone since episode 1…

  2. Hanuman Singh’s dialogues are always so funny…. ‘i kept quiet so that they so that they realize their mistake. I dont want to get beaten in my own home everyday!’ lol….
    This Ashok is a typical male. He can never see his own mistake, and even now he has the audacity to blame Babita for what is happening. Since the day Babita and Minnie left the house, Ashok hadn’t spared a single thought as to how they might be leaving. He was busy catering to his mistresses’s whim and making plans to secure his own position in the house. But now that Minnie is getting pulled to police stations, Ashok’s fatherly duties have suddenly woken up. Its just his male ego. He wants his daughter to stay quietly with him so that society doesnt taunt him that his young daughter is roaming in the streets and visiting police station. I dont understand what Mita ever saw in this man. Mita stayed alone in a foreign land, so i am guessing she had some sort of job of her own. But here she has turned into a complete insecure woman clinging to Ashok. And Ashok thinks just because he has brought Mita home and given her a room to stay, he is the most righteous man in this world. Seems they both deserve each other.
    Minnie is very practical and knows how to answer her father. But Babita’s silence is too much. She can scold Minnie to be polite to her father, but she can’t give one answer back to her cheating husband. Babita is like another typical woman, who will still worship her husband as God no matter what he does. I hate this mentality but i have seen it happening around myself. ‘Keep quiet infront of elders even if they are the most disgusting people in the world. Just because they were born before you, they should be respected.’ or ‘a woman should always support her husband and never answer him back. the husband should be respected always.’ Bullshit. I hope Babita speaks at least when Ashok raises his hand on Minnie. This guy thinks he can raise hands on his grown up daughter for speaking her own mind. Jeez.
    P.s. does anyone feel odd when Minnie calls Hanuman ‘uncle’. Hanuman looks too young and so does Babita

  3. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice and different show! I like Hanuman Singh!

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