Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 28th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Samar’s Plan To Reunite Karthik And Shikha

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 28th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya takes Kabeer to meet Karthik. Samar asks Naani what is connection between Kabeer and Karthik and 15 days. Naani explains that Karthik is Kabeer’s father and court has ordered him to meet Kabeer once in 15 days for 30 min, Satya hovers on their head till Kabeer plays with Karthik and drags him home once 30 min finishes. Samar asks Naani what did she have when Satya was born. Naani laughs and says bitter gourd. Samar says he will have bitter gourd juice now. He walks to Jaya room and via windows sees Satya standing jealously near Kabeer and Karthik. He breaks his shirt button and asks Satya to fix his shirt button. She asks to fix himself. He injuries his neck and shouts. Jaya runs for his help and stands in front of him. Samar signals Satya. Satya thinks they

are romancing and rushes towards Jaya’s room. Samar asks Jaya to close door before anyone watches them. She locks door. Satya knocks door. Samar asks her to tell mamma to wait for 2 min. Jaya repeats. Satya stands fuming. Jaya cleans Samar’s neck injury with dettol. Samar asks her to open door now. Jaya opens. Satya asks what was she doing. Samar says nursing his wound. Satya stands fuming.

Samar meets Karthik and introducing himself as his co-brother says even his marriage is at the verge of divorce, if he can tell his story for some tips. Karthik says he is a lawyer and was Satya’s assistant when he married Shikha. Satya used to treat him like servant and Shika always blindly believes her mother; he even worked hard and took new house for them, but Shikha never came to his house listening to Satya; Satya is the biggest villain in her life. Samar says he feels good gossiping about sasumaa like bahus do. Karthik laughs and leaves on his bike.

Kabeer returns home and says he played a lot with pappa today. Satya fumes while Samar smirks. Kabeer then walks to Shikha and says papa was asking about her. Shikha gets happy. Kabeer says he is joking, but he told mamma takes care of him well and pappa got happy. Samar walks to Shikha and asks if she speaks to Karthik. She says no, it has been months. He asks if she has any problem with him. Satya enters, and Shikha stops. Samar says now she will not utter anything. Shikha angrily says she will, Karthik had problem with mamma, he did not want to stay or work with mamma and wanted to stay in different house, he hates mamma. Samar says that means she does not have problem with Karthik. Shikha stands silently. Samar tells Satya that Shikha does not have any problem with her husband. Shikha looking at Satya says she has lots of problems with him, he was so busy in his work that he forgot he has wife and son. Satya says her daughter has problem with her husband. She reminds Samar that he has only 6 days left. Samar says he has 6 days to take his wife from here, 6 days are very long. He walks to his room and calling Chacha says he needs his and Lallan’s help tomorrow.

Samar then walks down for dinner. Naani says only he and Satya did not have dinner. Samar checks dishes and says these are his favorite dishes and thanks Satya. Satya sits fuming. Samar continues taunting. Satya angrily walks away saying she cannot have food with Samar. After finishing food, Samar gets Rama’s call and goes behind fridge to speak to her. Satya walks into kitchen. Samar hides. She picks foood from fridge and walks to her room. Samar thinks she is stealing food in her own house, he will feed her now. He walks to Jaya’s room and says Satya is hungry as she is angry on him, how will feed her food. Jay says she will and walks away yelling he does not have to worry for her mamma. Satya munches food in her room murmuring she does not get sleep hungry. Her family knocks door and force feeds her. Samar laughs in his room.

Precap: Samar’s chachaji and Lallan disguised as clients plead Satya for help and take her with them. Karthik enters, and Jaya angrily asks who called him here. Samar says he. Jaya calls Satya.

Update Credit to: MA

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