Patiala Babes 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie Receives A Warm Welcome

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Patiala Babes 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie calls Preet home and says she is stuck between Babes and Dadu/Biji, she cannot deny Babes’ order and cannot leave Dadu/Biji alone. She says NB’s son Irfan looked arrogant and commented rudely on Biji, if she had her own house, she would have kept Dadu/Biji there. Preet asks if she will keep them here. Minnie says this is HS’ house and not hers, she hopes if she had her and Babes’s house where she could live freely; they came here as tenant, then slowly Babes became part of HS’ life and this became Babes’ house; though Babes and HS say it is her house, she doesn’t feel the warmth of a house and feel it will be a rented house always where she is a tenant.

HS returns from duty and seeing Babita lifting weight helps her. Babita says she has

invited NB’s son and family for dinner. HS asks where is Veer Balika. Babita says in her room, Preet had come to meet her sometime ago, she feels Minnie is not tensed because of her exams but something else, so HS should speak to her and find out reason. Wedding arranger walks in and hands over bills to HS. HS says he can come and collect money tomorrow after Minnie checks them. Arranger gives him 2 CDs found outside. HS sees Babita and Ashok’s wedding video and the one Minnie made for HS and Babes. Babita says maybe CDs got exchanged and innocent daughter had to bear allegations. HS walks to Minnie’s room reminiscing Minnie’s immense trust on him, but he alleging Minnie without trusting her. He asks Minnie to play the CD on her laptop and watching it says CDs got exchanged. He emotionally apologizes Minnie and requests to forgive him. Minnie emotionally hugs him. HS says she is his most dear one and he cannot be happy keeping her away. He signals her to smile and she smiles emotionally.

HS takes Minnie down smiling. Babita gets emotional seeing that. HS tells Babita that he had promised Minnie that he will he will perform her graha pravesh with her mother, today it is time to fulfill his promise. Babita perform Minnie’s aarti and HS signals her to enter inside smiling. Minnie steps inside house while HS and Babita shower flowers on her. Kinaare Khud hi to hai… plays in the backgroun. Minnie cries emotionally hugging HS. Babita joins them. HS asks Minnie to always keep smiling.

NB with Irfan and his family enters. HS greets Irfan and introduces him to Babita and Minnie as his brother, his wife Ruksana, and son Imran; then introduces his wife Babita and daughter Veer Balika. Ruksana says they met Minnie already and she is very charming kid. She tells NB informed her about Babita’s catering business and she is inspired a lot by Babita. Babita says she is still learning and there is lot more to learn. Irfan tells HS that he needs to talk to him privately. HS takes him aside and asks what would he like to have. Irfan says first he needs to talk and says he knows they are friends since generations and he don’t know how to speak. HS asks him not to hesitate. Irfan asks why his wife’s ex-in-laws are staying at his mother’s house. Minnie hears their conversation.

Precap: Babita scolds Minnie for meeting Dadu/Biji again.
Minnie says she will meet her grandparents and confronts her that she shouldn’t blame Lovely, Ashok, and Dadu/Biji’s for her situation as she is also equally responsible.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. SsiyAa

    For me today’s episode was ok… Happy minni shoulwed her hurted emotions instead of pretending… Waiting for next episode where minni will exactly say all that what is expressed in my yesterday’s episode. Hope babita realizes soon that keeping distance is ok but stopping minnie from meeting her grandparents is wrong especially when they are neighbors… It’s too late to say anything to these old people as they never kept anything against her in their hearts they only failed as parents to do justice with their children’s.
    But that’s life even king dashratha failed to stop bhagwaan ram, devi sita and bhagwaan lakshman from going vanvaas for 14 years.. He knew it was wrong and stopped his children even lost his life in pain of all wrong happenings because of his one word, the promise he gave to his second wife. No one was happy after that as everybody lost something because of mother kaikais wrong demand. Still ram sita has to suffer what was decided for them…
    Same here.. They were God still they didn’t tried to change situations or get out of vanvaas even when bharat asked him to leave and come back ayodhya… They spended their 14years with all sorrows and struggles to create example of concepts of life. They were God but we are human. For whatever reason it happened let’s not blame and stuck in that instead face the upcoming challenges…
    And biji bauji never wanted babita to suffer or suffocate the way dashrath didn’t wanted sita to leave and live in jungle but to suffer that kind of life was their own choice.

  2. SsiyAa

    Feeling bad for NB… She is good to everyone and spended long time in wait of seeing his son and grand child but her son came with the intentions to cheat her or play fraud game with her

  3. Hey guys, i am facing some personal issues, so not able to comment as much as i want to. But here are some replies
    @MeTooPatialaBabes, yes i read your comments.I agree the makers do not want to depend on intimate scenes to attract the viewers. Rather it is the emotions and insecurities and how couples overcome them to bond. Glad that the show took this path… I am still not sure whether Babita-Hanuman were intimate that night or not, but definitely Babita is now more comfortable around him. I hope day by day their bonding and understanding grows deeper and the initial attraction turns into a lifelong relation
    @Siya, why do you think Minnie is in her 11th class? She is in college. I guess in some places college starts at 11th class itself, but in some other places it starts at bachelor degree level. I think Minnie has enrolled in a three year graduation course because of her age. In 11-12std the age group is generally just after 15/16yrs of age. While in first yr of bachelor degree students are around 17/18yrs of age. Besides Minnie applied for photography course in the beginning and i dont think you can do that directly after class 10. You should complete your higher secondary first… I think if Minnie again applies for photography course next year, she will have to drop this bachelor degree course, essentially ‘wasting’ a year of her education… That’s why i said if Minnie’s final exams were shown right now, she will have to leave the city soon and maybe thats why makers showed only half-yearly
    @Lakshmi, even i am not sure why Minnie still calls Hanuman uncle. You and Siya said correct that at this age one generally needs time to accept another person as father and address him as such. but before marriage Minnie was always around Hanuman calling herself his daughter, and even called her his daughter many times. Indirectly they have called each other father/daughter many times. Maybe Minnie was hurt by HS reaction on wedding day and therefore had her doubts. And even HS didn’t say anything because he was still upset over that incident. Today its clear that he was aware Minnie and Babita did not enter his house together but still he didn’t say anything then because of the CD. Today he rectified that… so maybe soon we will get Minnie calling HS as father too…

    1. SsiyAa

      Ohk… May be I didn’t realized that. As I started the show from mid so i thought she’s enrolling for 11th as at such places it is called Junior College. Neither I calculated it on basis of her age. 😅😅
      Even I wish HS didn’t need proof to know Minnie’s innocence…. Want see babita’s move after what all Minnie said.. Only expecting hs doesn’t support her thoughts again like last time.

  4. I wish Hanuman did not need ‘proof’ to realize his mistake of doubting Minnie. But nobody is perfect and even HS has his doubts. I am glad that while apologizing he did not try to justify what he did but only asked for a heartfelt pardon… I am also glad that Minnie was also honest in that scene and did not try to hide how hurt she was
    The beginning scene where Minnie says she still feels like a tenant was apt. Hanuman’s doubt had weakened her faith in her relations and she didn’t feel welcome in that house. But by the end of the episode, when Minnie re-entered the house, i hope now she feels like she has found a new home too. Minnie deserves all the love and happiness too. she should feel protected as a child too and not a distant third person in her parents’ lives. Glad that the misunderstanding ended
    i just hope Khatri doesn’t go totally undetected now. the only way i see now is Khatri blurts something to Kammo when he is drunk, Kammo realizes what kind of person he is, and thus reconciles with Babita from heart
    I want to see what Irfan’s real issue is. He doesn’t stay in the house so who else stays shouldn’t bother him at all. What he wants is to empty the house so that he can use it for some other purpose… Hope he doesn’t turn out another useless son like Ashok. Biji Bauji at least encouraged Ashok indirectly through their silence. But Nayeen Bi seems so outspoken and gives such good, balanced advises… I can’t understand why her son turned out like this. Its just not fair to Nayeen Bi. He is questioning why Biji-Bauji’s children have left them alone. Well he has left his mother alone too! Just that Nayeen Bi hasn’t lost her house yet
    I am glad about the precap. Babita needs to learn that just as she shouldn’t silently take all blame and responsibility, similarly she cannot blame everything on others either. She needs to find a balance and see the past in its entirety. Others don’t have the power to exploit you until and unless you give them that chance through your own inconfidence/silence/obedience.

  5. Btw, although i understand the writers dont have time to see everything, but i still wish we were shown Babita working in her shop. Firstly, it has been weeks since we last saw Babita working. Secondly, i want to see how Babita and Kammo work relation is right now… today Babita mentioned to Lala ‘The food sent to your station is already made by my hands only’ so we know she is still working

  6. I am very late with my comments thus time as I got busy with the first day of Durga Pooja festivities l that started from yesterday…SsiyAa,you have rightly invoked Ramayana as an example for Babita to forgive her elderly in laws and help them to live with dignity in their own home…Ramayana would not have happened had Mata Kaikeyi not listened to the wicked Manthara and asked for those three boons that proved catastrophic…Still Bhagwan Ram never insulted his step mother who was responsible for their exile and accorded her utmost love and respect … as you said ,Biji and Dadaji never wished Babita bad…yes ,at times ,Biju behaved selfish and sided with Ashok but that was due to their financial limitations and dependence…better to forget about the past and make a new beginning with her new family…otherwise also ,Babita will never be at peace with herself if she leaves the elders to their fate……Whatever she does,,she can not change the fact that they are Minnie’s grandparents and they are not bad like their two infamous children…Lovely and Ashok are not excusable because they can never be long as they don’t change and repent ,no one can do anything for them…
    Dhara,even I am not sure whether the couple got intimate that night or not but that doesn’t matter…they are comfortable enough with each other to exchange meaningful glances when Minnie catches HS with her mother’s sindhoor staining his shirt …..and HS,unlike before,touches Babita to tidy up her sindhoor…I think Paridhi ,being married ,tries to avoid physically intimate scenes but her expressions compensate them…Even in Jodhe Akbar ,where it became a must to show the suhaag rath between Akbar and Jodha ,there were reports that Paridhi asked for a duplicate….I must say that Paridhi ,with her beautiful expressive eyes ,can portray any emotions effortlessly and doesn’t really require those so called intimate scenes..
    To be frank I felt a little uncomfortable when I realised that HS was not hundred percent sure of Minnie’s innocence till that cd proof came along…at that moment I could see he felt both guilt and relief …guilty because he suspected her of doing that mean deed and relief because he loves her so much that he desperately wants her innocence to be proved….yes,I am happy that Minnie didn’t try to hide her hurt feelings..Just one doubt..HS said sorry on two occasions so far…to Babita and Minnie…in both the cases he had hurt their feelings either intentionally or unintentionally…but after saying sorry to Babita he felt miserable where as with Minnie he felt elated with relief…why this difference? Was it because his harsh words were with a good intention in Babita’s case and in Minnie’s case ,he really doubted her integrity ??? Let the cause be any ,when the effect is the same ,one should not feel ego to say sorry…Anyways ,I am happy that all the main characters are in sync now and I am sure that Khatri like people will not be able to do much to unstable this family…

  7. Yes Dhara ,Babita still seems to be working though not visible these marriage ,we have n’t seen Babita and Khammo crossing paths…I wish to know whether they are still friends like before or just cordial and professional with each other and I hope Babita,just because she is married now,doesn’t stop working…every woman should be financially independent…she can not only help her family to lead a more comfortable life but it boosts her self confidence also..

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