Ishq Subhan Allah 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Zeenat’s child aborted

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Ishq Subhan Allah 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The doctor convince the family to abort the child, the infection has spread across the body and Zeenat’s life is endangered. Shahbaz objects that she is a doctor from a religious family, how she can suggest an abortion. Zara insists that it’s about life of a woman. They hear screams of Zeenat. The doctor hurries Zeenat to hospital. Zara consoles Kashan saying Zeenat’s life is more important right now. The doctor comes out to inform them about the loss of their child. Zeenat is however fine. Shahbaz was quizzical if the child died on its own, or if it was killed deliberately. Kashan stops Shahbaz from asking such questions at this time.

Zeenat was brought outside in the corridor. Zara kiss her hand while she was crying. The doctor takes her inside for some tests. Kabir thanks Zain

and Zara for coming over, straight from hospital. Zain says it was Zara who came here. Zara didn’t want a thanks, Zeenat is like her sister and Ayesha still considers her as a daughter; above all it’s about humanity. Zain goes to Shahbaz, greets him and invites him to his and Zara’s Nikah. Shahbaz straightens up at the news, and happily congratulates Zain. Zara walks close to Kabir and says they are both fed up of each other, and the news has been spread. She reminds Kabir he is going to be a witness to their Nikah. Zain also tells Kabir to arrive earlier, unlike the guests. Zara says she has a wish. She wants Kabir to say Qubool Hai for her and Zain’s relationship, before she says that. If he doesn’t come tomorrow, she won’t marry Zain. Zain comes to take Zara.

Kabir gets a call from his employer. Kabir says his mother is extremely ill, he is not in a position to come there. The employer convince Kabir to come over, he has signed a contract with their hotel and his reputation is being ruined here. He should join the work, and may then leave after a while.
Zeenat comes home. Aman runs to her while Rukhsar takes her inside. Kashan hugs Kabir, but Kabir finds him disturbed. Rukhsar brings a gift box for Kabir. Kabir brings it into the room, he gets a video call from Zara. Zara tells Kabir to open the gift box. It was a Sherwani (groom’s dress). Zain appears in the call from behind and tells Kabir Zara selected the Sherwani for both of them. Zara says Kabir has an extensive knowledge about their variety, but Zara also got some taste. They urge Kabir to try it out and wear it on their wedding.

Rukhsar finds Kabir approaching the room. Kabir tells Rukhsar to go if she has something to do, he is with her. Rukhsar at once says Ayesha isn’t taking any medicines. Ayesha was awake, crying and opens her arms for Kabir. Kabir lay her head in her lap. Ayesha complains that they have forgotten about her. Kabir says he often comes to the room but she is always sleeping. Ayesha wants to speak to Kabir. Rukhsar was irked that this old lady won’t die in spite of a very heavy dose of poison. She tries to speak to Kabir about Zara’s wedding. She feels dizzy again. Kabir helps her lay down. Rukhsar was relieved. Kabir was skeptical, and asks if Ammi knows about Zara’s wedding. Rukhsar explains she got a call from Zara’s house about the wedding, she thought she was asleep but she listened to everything. Kabir leaves. Rukhsar says she would now see how long this old woman lives now.

Azra comes to Zara in the hall. She says its good Zara’s parents couldn’t know, not Zain, Zara had invited Kabir. She wonders what’s Zara is up to.

PRECAP: Ayesha spots Rukhsar mix something in her medicine. She tells her to call Kabir. Rukhsar attempts to kill Ayesha by suffocation. Kabir arrives at Zara’s wedding.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Of course d wedding will stop with d news day Ayesha has been taken to d hospital. Although I don’t like zeenat I’m truly sorry bout her loss. Yearning to hold ur child and then losing it is d hardest ting ever. She needs care and understanding but unfortunately I don’t see her getting it there with d ppl around her and their different agendas. If it was up to shabbaz he would willingly sacrifice her life for dat of d child regardless if d situation. Maybe he should wonder if dis child paid for his deeds but dat is unlikely ass he believes he is doing right. I’m quite sure Zain has realized dat both Zara and Kabir loves each other I wonder wats his rational for allowing Kabir to accompany all his ritual? Is he just doing it for Zara so she has closure or is he doing it to help Kabir realize wat he’s losing? Anyways time will tell or should I say d writers will tell lol. Ruksaar needs to die or something she is just a horrible person her sis just lost her baby but instead of supporting her she’s busy killing off Ayesha. I’m surprised dat Kabir and company ain’t find it strange how since ruksaar return Ayesha has been constantly I’ll even when d doctors can’t find a reasonable solution for it. Shabbaz is so hell-bent on destroying Zara dat he’s not even seeing dat his enemy has entered his home and trying to destroy it.

  2. Zabeer_addicted

    Hey wat if ayesha dies . There is a gossip like dat , but if she dies there is no othere option to bring rukshaar’so truth .den how come to exposee her .only ayesha knew her truth. If she dies den no way to bring zara nd kabeer together . And zara may marry to zain nd leave to Singapore . Now wats their plain
    Hey whether eisha nd adnan continue in their shot. Or they are going to quit . Pls don’t quit for urgent favourite fans . Pls I beg.
    Nd bring the evil eyes infront of zara nd kabeer . Ayesha shouldn’t be demise nd wen dey (zara nd kabeer ) nd crying ayesha should get conscious nd expose rukshaar’so truth. Nd patch up zabeer

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