Patiala Babes 27th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Minnie Overstresses

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Patiala Babes 27th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie locks Arya in her room. Biji requests her to open the door as Arya may get afraid. Minnie says nobody will open door without her permission as Arya needs to learn discipline. She walks aside reminiscing Arya’s bitter words. Neil offers her water. Minnie says she feels guilty for Arya, but she cannot let her continue like this. Neil says she is taking too much pressure on herself. Minnie says she imagines how Babes or HS would react, etc. Neil asks her to hold the glass. She holds it. He asks can she hold it for hours, she can’t and won’t be able to bear its pressure for long, similarly she is taking too much pressure on herself and world runs in its own course, so she shouldn’t bother much. Minnie smiles. He says she should smile like this sometimes as she looks pretty.

Biji walks into Arya’s room and asks her to forgive Minnie and befriend her. Arya says she will never ever. Neil suggests Minnie to forgive Arya once in a while and speak to her. Minnie asks why should she again while she tried already once. Neil says someone has to settle the fight, why not she. Minnie slips on stairs and he holds her, their eyes lock. Minnie gets conscious and moves aside saying they should go to restaurant now. Neil nervously stammers. Rani informs Biji that Minnie is coming. Biji nervously rushes out. Arya asks why is she afraid of Minnie, she is an elder. Biji locks door and stands outside. Minnie walks to her and asks if she is standing here since long. Biji says yes and requests to open the door as Arya is a kid. Rani says Arya didn’t have food also. Minnie opens door and asks Arya to have food. Arya adamantly says never.

Biji takes Neil to Dadaji and NB and explains problem. Dadaji blames Neil for the confusion as he entered Minnie and Arya’s lives and befriended them and their fight started. Biji says he shouldn’t blame Neil and she called him here to sort out the issue. Dadaji continues fuming asks Neil to speak now. Neil says they shouldn’t interfere between sisters, he knows Minnie sacrificed so much for Arya and even Arya’s anger is valid, it is better they don’t interfere between them. Dadaji yells if they don’t interfere, how will Minnie and Arya reconcile.

Rani gets Saroj’s call while feeding Arya and disconnects it. Arya asks who is it. Rani angrily says its Saroj who wants to know if the fight is continuing or not. Arya insists to call back Saroj, else she will not have food. Rani says she can’t. Arya leaves food. Rani calls Saroj. Saroj asks Arya if Minnie tortured her again. Arya sends Rani out and tells Saroj that Veer Balika did not hit her, but misbehaved badly, she didn’t let her come to Saroj’s house. Saroj brainwashes Arya and asks not to listen to Minnie and she will teach her how to defeat Minnie and explains her plan.

Precap: Arya insists Neil to sing lullaby for her. Minnie sings Chandaniya Chupjana Re…lullaby. Neil tells Arya that her Veer Balika cares for her. Arya closes her ears saying she doesn’t want to hear her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Verma4

    What a fecken b*t*h Saroj , using a girl to fight you battle , brain washing a kid. Arya needs to be given a good back hand and put her in her place. Was Saroj’s head stretched during birth with the forceps.

  2. I have stopped showing this serial to my granddaughter Arya character is very bad Why doesn’t Minnie tells her how Mami had thrown them out of house and made Babita sign her pro party on her name This serial should end with showing 4 yrs girl misbehaving

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