Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 27th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Pari’s Emotional Dilemma

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Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 27th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neha tells Pari that she wants to know what is going in Pari and Yogi’s minds, truth is she is liking Yogi’s house. Pari says its not true. Neha says she is speaking truth. Pari seeing a boy carrying football reminisces arguing with Yogi for not taking her for his football matching and saying she wanted to see him win, Yogi hugging her, etc.. Neha asks if she is remembering Yogi seeing these boys. Pari says no. Neha says she should move on and marry someone as Srivastav family also wants her to settle down. Pari sips hot tea and spits it. Neha says sometimes we can’t guess by cup how hot tea is. Pari says Neha is right that she should go, she got greedy seeing Yogi and his famly and is not right for anyone, maybe its time for her to breakup with the family.

Rani returns home tensed. Gunjan and Yogi signal if she is fine. Rani says she is fine and was busy in school today, so she got tired. Yogi sensing her nervousness insists to tell what happened. She says she saw him today. Khushi walks in and asks Rani to come out and see who came. Pari joins them, Khushi says same. Pari with Yogi walks to living room and gets angry seeing her mother. Mother asks in Bengali how is she. Prakash repeats and tells Pari that her mother was worried for her, so he called her here. Kusum says mothers are always worried for daughters and she sensed it in Mrs. Ganguly’s tone. Gunjan serves food. Kusum says Gunjan prepared all dishes. Mrs. Ganguly says Kusum trained even Pari, but did she learn. Kusum feels back, but serves her food says. Pari’s mother continues her taunting comments praising Gunjan and shedding fake tears, trying to show howmuch she loves Pari. Pari says her granny used to prepare dishes for her and loved her so much that she transferred all her wealth in her name. Mother gets angry, but continues her drama. Pari says she has a concall and walks away.

Rani informs Vivek, Kabir, Nisha, and Yogi that Prakash invited Pari’s mother unable to withstand her emotional drama. Vivek says she is melodramatic. Nisha says she is worried for Pari. Rani says she is not and was acting. Yogi signals that he will not let anyone spoil Pari’s life, be it Pari’s mother or his father.

Pari walks to Khushi’s room sadly. Khushi asks if she is fine. Pari says yes and asks where is she going. Khushi says she is going to daadi’s room as Pari’s mother has come. Pari requests not to go. Khushi says she should speak to her mother and sort out things. Pari’s mother walks in and asks Khushi if she is troubling her. Khushi says its ok as she is habituated to it. Mother walks to Pari and acts as pampering her. Pari asks why did she come here when she had disowned her. Mother says she is her mother. Pari asks what is her plan this time.

Precap: Khushi suggests Yogi that he needs to get Pari out of all this before she suffocates. Rani’s chacha clashes with her, Rani not seeing his face apologizes, he smiles sarcastically and says its alright. Rani gets tensed seeing him.

Update Credit to: MA

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    What a show pony Pari’s mom.

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