Patiala Babes 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Gets Jealous

Patiala Babes 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman Singh/HS suggests Mita to file domestic violence case against Ashok. Mita says she has not thought about it. HS asks to think then, her husband is a arrogant and needs to be taught a lesson, it also will help her get divorce. Mita gets tensed hearing divorce. HS says she was so mentally disturbed that she wanted to go to London, she can also live independently like Babita. Mita cries saying she is confused and does not know what to do, holding his hand cries that he is helping her a lot and she is sorry to trouble him. Babita gets jealous seeing that. HS nervously asks Babita and Minnie to console Mita.

Babita gets jealous reminiscing Mita holding HS’ hand, HS’ fondness for her, Nayeem Bi telling HS has a golden heart and she should think of him. She sees HS trying to prepare tea and walking to him offers tea. He asks why she is doing giving tea from her. She asks if she is a stranger for him. He says how are they related. Babita nervously says she does not need any relationship to help him and says she will cook for him hereon and scolds him for messing up kitchen. HS sipping tea thinks Imarati used to scold him like this. She asks if his friend agreed. HS asks who.. She asks if Mita agreed to file domestic violence complaint, she wants her to leave this house soon as she is trying to take away Minnie from her and she is feeling insecure. HS asks if she is getting jealous. Babita says did not he see how she is trying to mingle with Minnie. He silently listens to her while she continues venting out her insecurity.

Mita braids Minnie’s hair and tries new hair styles. Babita walks in, Minnie asks if she liked new hairstyle. Babita asks who would a grown up girl get hair braided by her mother. Minnie says she has not grown up so big and insists to braid her hair. Babita does and asks Mita if her parents sent tickets. Mita says not yet and may soon, says when she came here she thought Babita is her enemy, but she helped her a lot and protected her from Ashok. Babita asks will she divorce Ashok. Mita says she has not thought of it yet as she needs to think what is better for her baby. She gets her father’s message and informs that ticket has come, asks Babita will she forgive her. Babita walks away saying she does not know.

In police station, Khatri bails out Ashok and asks why he is looking like Devdas. HS asks Ashok to come and sign everyday and Khatri to bring him daily. Khatri nods yes and takes him along. Ashok returns home and sees Biji, Papaji, Sukhi, and Lovely leaving. Lovely says they are leaving his house. Biji gives him keys and he became so worse that he has forgotten humanity, he insulted Babita, Mita and everyone, so it is better they leave this house. Ashok shouts even now they are trying to prove him wrong, they can go, he knows to live without them.

Precap: Nayeem Bi tells Babita that looking her changed behviior, soon she and HS may become a good couple.

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  1. CannotBlameMita

    Cannot blame Mita …. she is pregnant after all.
    In the back of her mind she probably believes Ashok will change for the better.
    If Mita was not pregnant or worse, had miscarried, then I am positive she would have kicked Ashok a long time ago.
    Women are most vulnerable when pregnant, yet this is the time they are most likely to be abused.
    Where is Ashok’s family going to live, with Babita?

    1. who said women are vulnerable when pregnant i disagree in fact a women has the strongest gift of god at time of her pregnancy no probs if she had got ashok she learnt a lot from trusting a wrong person but mind you if she gets a man like hs then same vulnerabilty acc to u would have supreme power # fact is that women are very stronger than men be it mentally or emotionally and thats the reason as always mother in laws finds or search a similar girl like her to take care of her son and in return if man returns the love back then no body can destroy that family # take that !!!!

    2. CannotBlameMita

      @Modiji I speak from personal experiences alone.

      The reason I love and relate to this show is because I had similar experience as Babita/Mita with someone from same city as Ashok, only this devil was far far worse.

      Pregnancy takes a toll on your body and your frame of mind. When I was pregnant, in back of my head I thought that devil would change and I ignored all the abuse and cheating. When I got miscarriage in 2nd trimester, then I no longer deluded myself. Devil will remain devil. Period.

      When I speak, I speak from personal experiences.

  2. Babes is too much. She needs to let mini make friends and not always stuck to her pallu all the time. Mini always is careful that she does not hurt babes in her choices. Nothing wrong that she’s bonding with mita and It’s helping mini to be friends with others rather then just babes. Chill babes yaar as mini would say. Let the child grow wings don’t suffocate her. One day she has to leave and be independent.

    1. You really hate Babita, don’t remember your comments that were not hating Babita.

    2. She isn’t showing hatred… Babita needs to let Minnie fly. Minnie wants do study photography overseas but she will end up sacrificing those aspirations if Babes doesn’t let her have her own adventures and experience life.

    3. i really think you have totally misunderstood the comments and Kalika has understood it perfectly. Please read and understand what is being written. There is no hatred and you use hatred that is very strong word to use which is totally out of context. For babes own good she should let mini have a life as well. Kalika thank you have totally understood the comment unlike some. Think you need to chill AmandaS.

  3. Babes is too much. She needs to let mini make friends and not always stuck to her pallu all the time. Mini always is careful that she does not hurt babes in her choices. Nothing wrong that she’s bonding with mita and It’s helping mini to be friends with others rather then just babes. Chill babes yaar as mini would say. Let the child grow wings don’t suffocate her. One day she has to leave and be independent.

  4. Wow! Neeta holding HS’ hand owned Babita’s eyes, jealousy came pouring out! Didn’t expect this but I enjoyed it! At least Babita knows she Ioves HS, maybe not how much but something has is there. Meeta, shame. I hope we wasn’t leaving the show. HS & Babita, I enjoyed their convo very much. Ashok is Iosing everyone, now the house is next since he has no job. Khatri is poison. I enjoyed every minute of this episode!!!

  5. SsiyAa

    well.. i enjoyed this episode.. it made me laugh many places… everything was khullam khulla, i mean things have started coming out somewhere in actions and somewhere in expressions…
    i’m satisfied that everyone left ashok also my doubt came true ashok got bailed out by khatri… i’m disappointed by mita she didn’t filed complaint against ashok…
    conversation between hs and babita and their hide and seek talk made me laugh.. her insecurity for both mini and hs can now be noticed… and i liked the open conversation between mita, mini and babita…. but i wanted mita to stay for more time… i feels she is running from difficulties, she should have taught lesson to ashok but i feel she left it on time.. but i’m disappointed to see the “POOR MITA” and not “strong mita”… but as she said she isn’t that strong..

    1. I saw an interview of Hunar (Mita) she said she didn’t leave the show by her own, she was kicked out by the show runners. Because she don’t wanted to play a mother yet. She believes that her character Mita could never run away like a coward. But the makers made her. I hope they won’t drag this show

    2. SsiyAa

      i know that even i read that.. let’s till now show is good let’s see what’s there more to watch… next is HS and babita’s growing relationship i guess.. and already things have been so complex i doubt how their relationship make stand in front of minni and then society… but it would be beautiful to watch the woman who don’t know what love actually is will feel it in her 30’s.. that would be cute… but i will miss mita very much.. i guess today or tomorrow will be the last scene of her from this serial…

  6. Mita not filing a police complaint and moving back to London instead is just because the makers want Mita’s characters to exit the show. Otherwise the person that Mita was shown to be, she is not that weak that she would just run away like a coward. Basically, that is what Mita is doing. She knows ashok has turned abusive and she should make a stand against him but instead she is just moving away. she is not even filing for divorce because the writers want her to leave soon. Its a shame because i really wanted to see more of her. Her acting is very real and natural, as are her looks. I dont like how weak they made her before exit… but since she hasn’t given divorce yet, maybe she will return one day
    The scene where Mita talks openly to Babita was done very nicely. Babita really felt bad for her at that time but naturally, she still doesn’t know if she will ever be able to ‘forgive’ Mita. Even though Mita was not really at fault for the majority of the case, yet in Babita’s eyes both Ashok and Mita had hurt her
    I dont think Babita holds on to Minnie too much. She used to once. But once she saw the psychiatrist, she even encouraged Minnie to go out with Mickey if that kept her happy. Its only because of Mita that Babita feels so insecure. Ashok always said that Mita is more beautiful, more modern, more smart than Babita. And when she sees Minnie also praising Mita for giving her stylish hairstyles or talking about photography details, Babita just thinks even Minnie feels Mita is more smart and modern than her. It just brings back a lot of hurt and jealousy.

    1. It would be wrong of mini if she objects hs and babes fondness for each other. Mini has seen what a low down disgusting her father is and encourage babes and stand by her when she finds out the truth. She has always stood by her side no matter how difficult the situation is. Did mita not read the script as to her character or said yes to part without reading the script.

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