Main Bhi Ardhangini 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra gets inside Vaidehi to fulfill her mission

Main Bhi Ardhangini 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav asking Vaidehi to come. Vaidehi thinks how to stop Madhav and asks God to help her. Madhav says I am getting irritated. Anuradha brings agarbatti and gives to Madhav. Vaidehi asks him to burn it. Madhav burns it and asks her to come. Vaidehi says we will be here until this agarbatti is burning and tells about her mannat. Madhav says I can’t understand your behavior. Nilambari asks jaichand to throw water and says she shall look unwell and sweating. She asks Rani to call Madhav. Rani comes and asks Madhav to come, says mummy is unwell and drowsy. Madhav runs to room. Vaidehi says Chitra must have done this. Madhav asks Nilambari what happened. Nilambari says my heart is shaken up and something is happening to me. She asks her to call Rani. Rani comes to vaidehi and says mummy called you. Vaidehi gets tensed. Rani says mummy is unwell. She comes back to Nilambari and says Vaidehi is not coming. Nilambari says how to take her out from the temple. Chitra appears and asks her to take Vaidehi out else she will suffocate her neck. Nilambari feels pain in her neck due to Chitra. Madhav asks what is happening. Nilambari says I want to meet her, call her. Madhav goes to call her. Chitra comes near the temple. Vaidehi is praying to God. Chitra asks her to stop it and says even you want that I will win in this game, come out, it is enough.

Madhav comes and asks Vaidehi to come as Nilambari is calling her. Chitra asks her to go. Madhav asks her not to make him angry. Vaidehi steps out of temple and is afraid. Chitra walks towards her and gets inside her. Vaidehi’s eyes become white and then normal. She looks at Anurdha and goes. Nilambari says where is Vaidehi? Rani says she must be coming. Chitra comes there in Vaidehi’s body with Madhav. She whispers in her ears that mission is completed for what she has acted.

Nilambari thinks if he has Chitra’s soul in her and says I am fine seeing her. Madhav says you got fine when Vaidehi came. Nilambari says she is my loving bahu. Chitra asks Madhav to come to room. Anuradha thinks Vaidehi was very worried sometime back and thinks how she is so relaxed now. They go to room. Chitra closes the door. Madhav smiles and says Maa got fine just seeing you, and says it is like you have the healing touch. Chitra asks her to feel her healing touch. Madhav asks sometimes you call me Aap sometimes tu..Chitra says you are near me, but couldn’t identify me. Madhav asks what? She says leave it. He says you made me read Ram raksha, now I will make you read hanuman chalisa. She asks what and gets tensed. Madhav says we used to do like this in childhood. She says how now? He asks her to read hanuman chalisa. Vaidehi says those games look good in childhood only, says they are grown up now, married and is alone here.

Anuradha tells Nilambari that she wants to tell something to her. Nilambari asks her to say. Anuradha says Chitra’s soul is in Vaidehi. Nilambari asks what are you saying and asks if she is mad? She asks her to call Sangram and says we will talk. Rani and Jaichand come there. Nilambari asks Rani who told her that Chitra is in Vaidehi’s body. Rani says I didn’t tell and says infact I am knowing it now. Nilambari says I ended Chitra’s goodness and made her evil. She says when Vaidehi came here, Chitra was inside her. She says how did Anuradha know about her. Sangram comes there and asks what happened? Nilambari says I think Anuradha is unwell, drop her at her mayka. Anuradha tries to tell about Chitra and Vaidehi. She says I will not go. Nilambari asks Sangram to drop her.

Chitra tries to woo Madhav. Song plays…She tries to get romantic. Madhav tries to hold her. She runs. Madhav tries to hold her, but she moves away. Madhav sits on bed. She sits on his lap and says sorry. She pushes him on the bed. She thinks I will make Madhav mine today.

Precap: Chitra tries to kill Anuradha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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