Patiala Babes 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Slaps Ashok

Patiala Babes 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita asks Minnie why did she tell Mita’s truth, she cannot even hate Mita now. Minnie wipes her tears and says if she had not informed, she would not have known truth, but truth would not have changed. Babita says she is right, they cannot run away from truth, however bitter it is, it is time to face truth; her papa never loved her and betrayed even her and Mita. Lovely calls her and says Biji. At Ashok’s house, Biji’s health deteriorates suddenly after Ashok’s drama. Babita and Minnie reach there. Biji informs that Ashok has locked Mita in room and is not letting anyone open it. Minnie says she will open door. Dadaji says Minnie gave a right advice to Mita and let Mita fight her own battle.

Ashok takes food for Mita and arrogantly asks to have it for her kid’s sake. Mita asks him to give her phone. Ashok yells he will not as he knows who all she speaks to. She confronts him. He angrily drags her out of room shouting he will punish her and kick her out of this house. Biji and Dadaji stop him. He continues shouting that Mita is a characterless whom who eloped with an English man before marriage and got pregnant, even he left her seeing her character, her parents disowned her, he will insult her like she insulted him last night. Mita cries holding Biji. Babita .. Babita reminisces Ashok insulting her in court and gives him a tight slap. He tries to slap her back shouting how dare she is. Biji stops him and warns that she will forget he is her son if even touches Babita. Ashok angrily tries to leave. Babita shouts stop Ashok Khurana, he loves insulting women, now she will reply to his every question; he calls him as husband, but husband is one who protects his wife’s dignity, he is a creep who does not know the meaning of respect, Mita trusted him and revealed all her secrets and past, but instead of protecting her, he attacked her dignity in front of everyone, he is such a leach who considers all women same and disrespects them using his old strategy, but this will not happen anymore and he will repay for his sins as he has provoked 21st century women. Minnie holds her hand and consoles her.

Hanuman Singh/HS returns home and not finding Babita and Minnie calls Nayeem Bi/NB and asks where they have gone at this time, they should have at least informed. Door bell rings, he opens door and finds Babita and Minnie followed by Mita. Babita nervously says Mita will stay with them for a few days, can she. HS says as they wish. Babita takes Mita to her room. HS asks Minnie if Mita is her father’s wife, what happened. Minnnie explains whole situation. After sometime, Mita explains them the she is born and bought up in London, her parents were always busy in their work and did not give much time to her, she felt lonely her whole childhood and when she became 16, she fell in a man’s love and submitted herself to him trusting him, she got pregnant, but her boyfriend betrayed her; her parents sent her to boarding school, but she needed their love, she left boarding school and did not study further, started doing odd jobs to support herself. HS asks how did she meet Ashok. Mita says in a bar where she was a bartender, she fell solace in him seeing his good nature, but he hid the fact that he is married and has a kid, she would not have gone so far if she knew this; Ashok was not so senseless and arrogant earlier and used to care her a lot, but now he has changed. She continues describing her ordeal. Babita asks what will she do next.

Precap: Inebriated Ashok creates havoc outside HS’ house and alleges him for having affair with his wife. HS trashes him and warns to dare not speak ill about women.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. SsiyAa

    no words to speak about today’s episode.. it was good.. got to learn more about mita and feeling sad she suffered so much… today’s episode somewhere touched me….liked babita’s courage but her words definitely won’t have affected ashok…biji took stand.. why don’t they throw ashok out of the house?..just because he’s son?.. why they showed mita leaving them and why not ashok..?… it’s ashok who is responsible for all the havoc happened till now….so cheap ashok’s mentality can someone say something like this about the one whom you loved..this proves he never loved anyone but himself…. feeling sorry for mita…

    1. Ashok is a chauvinist pig. Both Mita and Babita should kick his ass. Also, he was fight and abusing Hanuman Singh , an on duty policeman. Beta, seedha jail jayega woh, aur usko aisa 3rd degree milega na, 7 janam tak yaad rakhega. Also, people were hating Lovely in past. Lovely is just bitter cause she might have faced taunts and insult from society for being infertite (though it could be Sukhi but society always blame woman in this scenario) thus she hide her pain with her arrogence.

    2. just get babita and hs married bless them with a baby boy and complete the family with minnie getting married to her lover boy

  2. Hi Saaiyaa and Pari…
    I always used to read all the comments and thoughts about all the scenario which happened around us and m really felling good… Still having people who understand the problem and also raise their voice against them. M also one of them like earlier babita and mita but and today after seeing all this m also getting courage to fight against them. Actually we have fear of so called society and all that. M also thinking for taking strong action but I have my weaknesses my daughter. Because she needs both love and care. What can I do… bus inhi said sari uljhno mein bandhi rahti hun. My husband is just like Ashok who always humiliates me any time any where…
    But it’s ok let’s wait for some time more may be…
    Anyways thanks you, I like your comments and also need your moral support in future.

    1. Hay, I want to give some advice because I have gone through these but not as a wife.
      just like mini I couldn’t be able to see my mothers humiliation from my father from childhood. But she was not couragious enough so she kept tolrating all those things .
      But now we are happy because when I stood on myfeett, I left phone along with my mother is sister.
      But as a daughter I can clearly tell you it has so much that I started hating the relationship of marriage.

      So you should take some step for your boyfriend I suffered so much but

    2. extremely Sorry for last line , I want to say that you should take some step for your daughter. Error because of typing auto correct..

      I am seeing you as a perspective of a daughter because all these things affect our mentality

    3. SsiyAa

      hii archi…. would like to say one thing, tolerance is good thing as far as you feel you can deal such things, i salute you but remember aag me jalna kuch paane keliye jaruri hota hai par jalkar bhasma hojana koi samjhdaari nahi hai. i feel sad when i learn there are people like ashok who play blame-game and ruin everybody life related to them. hear the line from this episode, “ashok tum khud apna tamasha banate ho aesa karke kyunki jo hatkande tum apne ho auraton ke khilaaf wo bahut purana ho chuka hai”….
      society ek din bolegi ek saal bolegi phir bhul jayegi… just make sure whatever you are facing your daughter shouldn’t face all that. and also make sure if the environment is highly toxic for your daughter’s upbringing.. if it is, then try to be the best friend of her… a daughter can be weak but a mother can never be…. ask your daughter to be your strength and not weakness if she feels the same pain as of yours… and also start arranging some finance for your security. this serial is drama so they showed their struggle smoothly but in real life it is very difficult as most of the time we don’t know, “what to do and how to do”,…. but iss aag me bhasma nahi hona hai, “zindagi mushkil hogi chalega par zehrili nahi honi chahiye”…

  3. Now it finally makes sense why mita was so reluctant to leave ashok. She is strong in some respects as she had to survive on her own for a while, but she is also vulnerable because most of her life was lonely and she thought ashok was the answer to that… Babita was able to move on due to minnie’s support. Dont know what mita will do… I still hope the makers change their mind and keep mita in the show… I am wondering if mita is supposed to be younger or older than babita in the show, she definetly looks older but her story seemed to imply that she is younger
    Ashok stayed in jail once for false drug case. But this time he should be in jail for abusive behavior and learn a lesson. Even biji and bauji’s condition is so bad. In their old age they had to see so many things. People should invest in funds to ensure financial stability at old age, else they are left on the mercy of others. Hope sukhi moves out after all this

    1. SsiyAa

      i doubt if jail like place can change ashok. it’s a problem of mentality with toxic belief. i don’t know if there is any medicine to cure such belief, as it can only be dealt with realisation. ones’ these type of people realise it’s is wrong with them may be then counselling from psychologist can help them… it’s difficult to treat people with sick mind with sick attitude.

    2. with friends like kamena Katri doubt if he will understand what he has and is doing , because their mindsets against women are the same , ashok katri etc- if mita decides to stay she should become best of friends with Babes mini that will be a slap on ashok’s face.

  4. Can anyone tell me how to delete comment if mistaken

  5. BlameMotherAndFather

    Blame should go on Ashok’s parents.

    It doesn’t matter whether Ashok’s parents can support themselves in old age or not.

    If Ashok was raised properly in the beginning, none of the cheating, divorce, betrayal would have happened.

    And Ashok would serve his parents (Yes, serve parents. Through them you got HUMAN form, which is highest according to Hinduism/Sikhism) regardless.

    And this is also cultural, which is why I love this show.

    The show depicts people are they truly are. And it depicts the cultural mindset. It is one thing to believe that men are superior to women (India is different than USA or other Western country that claims women’s equality), but is another thing to abuse women.

    In my experience, I have seen people from this city give more love and affection to dogs than to women, even their legally wedded wife!

    Yet there is always silver lining around cloud, and that is in the form of Hanuman Singh.

    I wish to thank writers of this show for realistic portrayal.

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