Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Trivedi arrested

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says I promise you in next 24 hours that men and women would be in your custody. I will find them. Randhir says these tickets have Arohi and Deep’s name. Deep says this door is sealed. We have to get out or we would suffocate. Deep sees some water. Arohi says you should drink too. Deep says no you drink it.
Randhir calls airport and asks about Arohi and Deep’s booking. They confirm. Randhir says Arohi has to answer me. Her phone is off as well. Deep says we have to get out of here. They hit the door together. It breaks down.

Randhir asks Ranjit and Wasu. Ranjit says ARohi can never do that. Wasu says Deep can never do this. Arohi comes in. She says what can’t we do? Randhir says do you even know what your mission is? Arohi says are you doubting my loyalty? Randhir says that’s what the proof says. Look at these tickets. Arohi says I didn’t book them. Deep says Arohi can never do somethign like this. Who knew this was all your plan so she dies in bomb blast. Randhir says how dare you. Deep says you sent her to that place so she could die there. Why did you send her? Randhir says my spy told me that man would come there. Deep says how does your spy know it was a man? Why didn’t you go with her? I would kill you if something happened to her. randhir and deep hit each other. Ranjit says calm down. They hear noise from Tarank’s room.

Arohi sees Tarank. Tarank is moving. Arohi says her hand is moving now. Randhr and Aroh doubt each other. Deep says in heart my queen will win in the end. Arohi calls an artist. He designs what Tarank tells him. Arohi sees the sketch. It’s of Trivdei. Deep says Trivdei attacked her? Is he back. I know where he could be.
Deep and Arohi try dialing to trivdei. Randhir says maybe we are wasting time on wrong man. Arohi says stop doubting us. Deep says Trivedi is boss’s right hand. I know how to get him here. Deep calls Trivedi and says I have some work for you. You have to kill someone. trivdei says who? Deep says my wife Arohi. He says you think I am a fool? Is this a trap for me. I heard you want to leave this sins world for her. Deep says I can’t leave my work for anyone. Kill her so she doesn’t interfere in my work. Trivdei says Arohi wont be alive by morning. Bell rings. Deep says open the door. Your death is waiting. He opens the door. ARohi and randhr put a gun on him. Trivedi says you will pay for this Deep.

Randhir and Arohi bring Trivedi home. He says deep you trapped me. You will pay for this. Deep says now tell us who boss is. He says it can be anyone from here too. Trivedi says he is just a voice. I never saw him. Randhir says stop lying. He says boss is just a voice. It can be any of you. He kills anyone who comes in his way. He says Netra was the only one who saw boss and she died. The closer you get to know him, the more danger you are in. Boss will execute his plan and will rob the biggest bank. Stop him in next 24 hours. Trivedi says to Arohi whoever it is, is in this house. BE careful.
Randhir says say it to everyone. Wasu says he must be lying. Trivedi says why has everyone faded? Because all of you have a secret. Now God knows, which secret would be revealed. Randhir says what did you tell Arohi? Deep puts gun on him. Trivedi says it can be anyone. Boss is in this house. It’s one of you. Find the boss if you can. Boss is in this house right now.
Precap-Everyone is worried who boss is. Trivedi says it’s one of you. Arohi says the boss is between us and we didn’t know? Deep says we have to think like him. Trivedi says to boss everything will be according to your plan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Just 4-5 episodes and this stupid show will end….
    And I wonder what happened to tara and virat suddenly?????

    1. SHANKI

      i know right I think virat or abhimanyu or deeps father is the boss!

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