Patiala Babes 22nd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie gets surprised seeing changes in Babita

Patiala Babes 22nd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita smiles. Nayeem Bi asks what’s going on in her mind. Babita asks her to wait and watch. Once payment comes, she will throw money on Khatri’s face and break partnership. She understood something was wrong seeing how he was dying to do partnership. She would have continued partnership had he not been greedy and tried to act over smart. She feels bad for Kammo and Madhu as they are not bad, they just can’t understand cunningness of their husbands. Nayeem Bi suggests to keep them as employees, not partners. Babita says they will have to show courage of going against their husbands. Doorbell rings. Nayeem Bi says there they are. Babita says Kammo won’t come today.

Other side, Kammo is confused about going to work or not after what happeend with her sister, Kittu’s mother, during engagement. Khatri suggests her to go, but she says she can’t. Khatri then tells her not to go and make him some good food and go to parlour. She says she cooked for him already and she doesn’t want to go to parlour as they just do gossips over there. After starting cooking work, she feels like she’s doing something in her life.

Madhu suggests to have more Patiala Babes stickers printed, so they can put it on all the tiffins. That way they can do their marketing as well. Nayeem Bi likes the idea. She asks whether Kammo didn’t stop her from coming to work. Madhu says, she did, but she didn’t listen as she likes coming to work. Everyone thinks she has become a big business woman. She enjoys her catering work a lot. Babita tells Madhu that she was doing accounting and numbers are not quite matching. Kammo comes and takes away book. Madhu asks she was not coming, right? Kammo says she was upset, but then she couldn’t sit idle at home. Babita quiely tells Nayeem Bi that she told her Madhu and Kammo won’t be able to stay away as they tasted their independece. Minnie returns home and asks why it took so long. Babita says she made mango juice for her. Minnie says that’s wrong. Whenever she gets upset, she bribes her with some delicious new food item. Meeta’s parents come there to meet Babita. Babita and Minnie are surprised.

Biji is worried as there is no news about Ashok and Meeta. Lovely says they were fighting in morning and then Ashok took her somewhere.

Meeta’s dad tells Babita that they came to her as they are concerned for their daughter. She’s also a mother and she would be able to understand that. They wanted a sincere and honest answer from her. Babita says she will try. He says they wanted to know how her and Ashok’s relation was. They want to know whether Meeta’s choice is right or no. Babita says truth is she never knew Ashok. He left few months after marriage. She never got chance to see husband side of him. She then asks why not ask Meeta. She would know it better. Meeta’s mother asks whether she loved Ashok. Babita says she never figured what love was. Her parents got her married and said Ashok will be most important person in her life. She just believed that. Now if she thinks, then she finds it strange that she was such a fool. Everything happened in front of her eyes, Ashok not coming to India that often, not calling them to London, not talking properly when he came. Maybe she was purposely ignoring that. A woman figures out when something is going wrong in her marriage. She stayed quiet because fear of being left out alone. Meeta’s dad asks and Ashok? She says he was selfish since start. He didn’t care about her or Minnie. He never made any adjustment or compromise. Meeta’s dad asks how he was with Minnie? Whether he was a good father. Minnie says to excuse her for interruping, but she has removed her surname from her name. She is no longer Minnie Khurana, she is Minnie Babita because she wants to be known from her mother’s name. That probably answers their question. Nayeem Bi says from experience, men don’t change. Babita gestures her to not talk like that. Nayeem Bi then says Meeta is their daughter, they know bettter. Meeta’s mom tells Babita maybe her and Ashok never had good equation. How they can be sure that Ashok will do same to Meeta? Babita says she can’t say anything about Ashok and Meeta. That Meeta would know better. She has broken her relation with Ashok and she is no longer concern what happens in his life. Minnie is happy. Meeta’s parents get ready to leave. Meeta’s dad tells Babita that she can understand her sorrow. Babita says she is not sad. Who said a woman takes divorce to be sad in future. She is very happy. She realized what true happiness is after her divorce only. You can’t force yourself or others to be happy. Happiness has to come from inside. Meeta’s mother asks whether she will be able to forgive Meeta. Babita says she doesn’t know what others told her about her, but it seems she took idle bahu image too seriously. She will never be able to forgive Ashok and Meeta. But she won’t curse them either. Frankly, she doesn’t care. Minnie and Nayeem Bi smile.

Later, Minnie tells Hanuman how surprised she got with Babita’s answers to Meeta’s parents. She is no longer old Babita who used to think about others only. Today she saw such a big transformation in her. Hanuman smiles remembering Babita telling him that to see changes in Minnie, she will have to change herself. Babita and Nayeem Bi come there. Babita says Madhu and Kammo’s calculations also came same as her, there is 1.75 lakh difference. She asks Nayeem Bi not to tell anything to Minnie or Hanuman yet. She will tell after she fixes everything. Nayeem Bi asks Hanuman how come he’s home so early. These days he doesn’t like at work? He says it’s not like that. Today is special occation. He gives cheque to Babita – her first salary. Babita and Minnie smile.

Precap: Babita gives contract termination letter to Khatri.

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. SsiyAa

    babita was very good at her response… very mature and non-melodramatic… so realistic answer by babita… applaud to writer and actor.. ??????

  2. I liked when Babita said ‘who told you i am sad? truth is, after divorce i am really happy for the first time’. Yes, Babita is not a bechari dukhiyari nari. She might have been naive and inexperienced, but Hanuman is right. Babita is one of the strongest female leads out there. Strong but not in your face. Achieving success everyday but still gentle and loving… I love watching her. And i am happy that the other two women are now willingly coming to work because they like feeling worthy and appreciated. Minnie no longer needs to worry about her Babes. Her Babes has learnt a lot 🙂 I hope soon Babita’s brother is reintroduced and he apologizes and accepts her too
    Minnie already considers Hanuman as a father figure. She cannot wait to share her happiness and joy with him when he returns from work. I love the dynamic between all of these characters so much
    I wonder where Ashok took Mita. Mita’s parents are in a very bad situation. Their daughter has chosen a man who, to their every instinct, can never keep her happy. I just hope Mita does not become weak and helpless and is stuck in an abusive situation like Babita was. In the entire show i dont like only Ashok and Khatri. Every other person is complex and has many dimension. But Khatri is only the greedy, lying pervert. And Ashok is the arrogant, angry brat. There is nothing else to these characters. Ashok doesn’t seem to have any emotion for his own daughter even

    1. SsiyAa

      i guess they went to marry.. b’coz i have seen mita bridal look for her marriage yesterday…

    2. ou okay, thanx… i thought they might have gone to marry too. But the family was preparing for marriage anyways and talking about inviting guests and everything. so i thought why he would just take her to marry without telling anyone :/ lets see what happens today

  3. What an answer Babita ji! Kudos
    Even I like the positive change of Madhu and Kammo. This story is amazing

    1. with babita the others will climb the ladder of success and have their own identity and not overshadowed by their greedy , leech of spouses. i hope Minnie is OK with hanuman when the truth comes out that he like his babes. so sweet:))))) they both deserve each other . make Madhu and Kammo better persons.

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