Patiala Babes 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanuman’s Unconditional Fatherly Love For Minnie

Patiala Babes 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie gets severe stomachache. HS with Babita rush her to hospital. Doctor informs that patient is having acute appendicitis and needs to be operated right now. He sends them to pay advance and bring preop medicines. They both rush to reception where reception receptionist asks to pay 50,000 rs as advance and rest after surgery and to get medicines. Babita says she does not have so much money. HS asks not to worry as he had asked Laala to bring money and she can get medicines. Lala enters with NB. HS pays money to reception and asks Laala to go and pay medicine amount as Babita is already at pharmacy. NB takes money and rushes to hospital. Receptionist asks HS to fill consent form. He fills it and returns. Receptionist says he did not sign in father’s place. HS says he is not father. Receptionist insists that they cannot proceed without father’s signature. HS asks if only blood relationship is everything and not emotional relationship, he is Minnie’s father and if something happens to her, he will burn this hospital. Receptionist says she is just following formalities and only father, mother or grandparents can sign consent form. Babita returns and hearing their conversation says she is mother and signs consent form. Babita then walks into Minnie’s room where panics hearing about surgery and cries to take her home. Babita says she will get well soon with surgery. Minnie falls unconscious. Doctors take her for surgery.

HS over phone calls Biji and informs her about Minnie’s surgery. Biji panics. He asks her not to worry as it is a minor operation. She insists to come there. He says Minnie is in OT and it will be waste if she comes there. Biji asks how is Babita. HS says she was nervous hearing about surgery, but now is calm. Dadaji also hears conversation and asks if they can come there. HS says no and they can send Minnie and Babita’s clothes as Minnie may have to stay in hospital for 2-3 days. Daadi agrees. HS asks NB to go and get clothes from Biji and asks Laala to get his clothes from home. Dadaji consoles Biji and says HS and Babita also need emotional support, so they both should become HS and Babita’s parents for sometime. Biji agrees.

Hs offers coffee to Babita and tries to make her feel relaxed. She nods no. He asks to have it as she did not have anything since afternoon, he knows in how much pain she is but she has to show how strong she is and trust god. He also offers biscuit for her and continues chatting with her. Nurse gives him prescription slip to bring, he asks Babita to relax and goes to get medicines.

NB returns home to get Minnie and Babita’s clothes. Biji asks how is Minnie. NB says she is fine and may need to stay in hospital for 2-3 days. Biji gives clothes and food for HS and Babita and asks if HS will return home. NB says he will not leave hospital until Minnie is discharged. Biji says she is asking as only 1 person can stay in hospital. NB says Babita will stay with Minnie and HS will stay in reception area as he loves Minnie a lot and consider her as his daughter, he is very emotional regarding Minnie, Babita, Laala and NB and considers them as his family. Biji asks how did HS’ wife die. She says during delivery and HS used to love her a lot and after she passed away, he shattered and used to drink a lot, but after Minnie and Babita’s entry in his life, he is back to normal self again.

At hospital, HS asks Babita not to get tensed as Minnie will be out of OT soon. Babita thanks her for his support. Nurse brings Minnie out of OT and shifts her to ward. HS rushes to her. Minnie unconsciously calls Babes. Babita walks with her while HS watches standing at door. Next morning, Biji and Dadaji with NB visit Minnie and see HS sleeping on reception area bench. HS wakes up seeing them. Minnie cheers up seeing them while HS watches standing near door. He sees saline bottle empty and calls nurse. Babita notices that. Minnie notices him standing near door but does not react. Bobby and Preet come to meet her. HS comes and stands nervously, but Minnie does not react again. Bobby forcefully takes him in. They play cards. Minnie’s anger fades away on him.

At home, Kammo and NB handle Babita’s business. Kammo gives bank bills to Dadaji. NB scolds her and asks Dadaji to just supervise and leave work on Babita’s newly hired assistant. Babita offers them tea. Biji asks how is Minnie. Babita says Minnie is fine, she came to change her clothes and freshen up and will return to hospital soon. Dadaji says she was very courageous to handle the situation well. Babita says without HS’ support it was impossible. Once Dadaji and others leave, Biji tells Babita that she wants to speak to her daughter. Babita asks her to go ahead. Biji asks if she ever thought about HS.

Precap: Minnie tells HS that she needs to speak. HS asks not worry and once she gets well, he will ask Laala to find a new rented house for her. Babita asks Minnie if she is still angry on HS.

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  1. I loved today’s episode. there were lots of emotions and also lots of little things… i was wondering where was Mickey when Preet and Bobby came but i guess the writers needed to pair Minnie with Hanuman for the card game so they left Mickey out. Would have been nice to see Mickey there but it was also nice to see Minnie having fun with HS. If only she gets her over her insecurities and misconceptions, she will be very happy with HS as her father.
    finally they mentioned that Babita has hired a new assistant for the shop and Papaji can supervise him. They should talk about hiring more workers too, like cooks and cleaners and delivery boys. No need to even show daily but a hiring scene and once in a while a payment scene would be enough
    did not expect Biji to talk to Babita about HS. Its very rare to have such progressive in-laws but its also nice that they still care for Babita and Minnie enough to realize whats really good for them
    Loved Babita and HS scenes. Its not a typical romance with lots of anger and ‘tasan’ but it is so refreshing to see something grounded and based on respect for once.
    felt Bad for HS really when whole family was joking around with Minnie but he felt hesitant to enter. HS deserves lots and lots of happiness and togetherness in his life and i hope he gets it

  2. SsiyAa

    Simply wow.. ???? And beautiful.. ???✌✌???…. And last portion.. O saathi re… Song.. ✨✨✨???…. Episode was good and touchy.. ???..
    . Now i’m Waiting to see how relations will take turn now..!!!

  3. Ohh…Imarti died during delivery! I hope they will show at least one photo of Imarti and Hanuman.
    I am happy someone asked babita uncomfortable question about HS. It will make her stand clear on the matter. Otherwise this hide and seek can go on for years.

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