Bepanah Pyaar 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir calls Pragati his wife

Bepanah Pyaar 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kuldeep says Bani I know you love Raghbir and he loves you but you have to let him go, this girl will give him, Pragati will take care of him, her love is true, he will be happy with her, let him go please, you have to give permission. She takes Pragati from basement and servants lock is permanently. Kuldeep says no one will go in past now, Bani is a past and no one will know her anymore, she leaves.

In morning, Pragati says how will I find truth now? She comes to breakfast table. Aditi says Kuldeep was not feeling well. Pragati goes to check on her. Aditi says she thinks she can butter Kuldeep to stay here, Pragati hears it and is sad.

Pragati is going to Kuldeep’s room. Raghbir strikes with her and sees tears in her eyes, he asks what happened? Pragati says I came to meet Kuldeep. Raghbir says she is sleeping. Pragati says let me check, she turns to leave but Raghbir stops her and says she wants to go outside, I am going out for her, you are coming. Pragati says where are we going? Raghbir says why? Dont you trust me? Pragati smiles. Raghbir says wipe your tears and go get ready, she leaves. Raghbir smiles.

Bua tells Aditi that Raghbir is going out with Pragati, Mama says they went on a date too, whose idea was it? They might as well go on honeymoon. Raghbir comes there and says we are going out, not on a date but for Kuldeep’s work and why you people have a problem with Pragati going out with me? She is my wife and can go with me anywhere we want, you people shouldnt be worried. Pragati is surprised to hear all that. Raghbir says Mrs. Wife? Pragati puts her arm around him, they both leave from there.

Scene 2
Pragati and Raghbir are in car. She smiles at him and asks him to drive slowly. Raghbir says stop staring at me, she asks him to let her take down window, Raghbir says its polluted air, Pragati says its fresh air, he turns off lock. Pragati takes window down and enjoys breeze, she falls asleep. Raghbir stares at her, hawain plays. He caresses her face. Pragati wakes up. Raghbir moves away, they argue over place and her sleeping. They come out. Raghbir says Kuldeep said this mandir is good for couples. Pragati says I like to come to mandir. Raghbir says I dont like it here, God doesnt think about people when he takes away someone, he doesnt think about pain of person left behind. They buy mandir aarti plate. He says I am not coming inside. Pragati but Kuldeep. Raghbir says she is not here. Pragati starts going, Raghbir sees some sleazy men staring at Pragati and says I am coming. Pragati thinks why I am happy? Raghbir thinks why I am going with her? She is about to trip but Raghbir balances her and says why you wear clothes which you cant carry? Pragati says you could hold aarti plate. A couple comes there and says if a husband takes wife in arms and climb stairs then they are together for life. Raghbir says I dont agree. Pragati says I will walk. Raghbir says you cant walk on a road, leave alone these stairs. He lifts her in arms and climbs stairs, mahi plays. They both enter mandir. Pragati asks him to pray. Pragati thinks that should I listen to mind or heart? Raghbir looks at her, her saree pallu falls him, he looks on.

PRECAP- Pragati thinks that I will be with you in happiness and sadness, you are mine as you are. He fills her forehead with sindoor, she makes him wear garland.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Show is nice but little slow… Anyway finally raghbir called pragati his wife?????
    2. But did someone notice that colors have same temple and stairs with same look where they went today and it was used in Balika Vadhu (during ganga pregency), Silsila (nandini and kunal stuck due to landslide), this show and saw in one more show but can’t remember it… ??????

    1. tu sooraj main saanjh piyaji…..

  2. Awwww!!! Such a cute episode. Excited for tomorrow’s one. Praghbir!!!

  3. Love you praghabir

  4. The episode is very good and the scenes between Raghbir and Pragati are very cute. Eagerly waiting for next episode.

  5. Nice episode

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