Patiala Babes 20th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Proposes Hanuman

Patiala Babes 20th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kammo brings grocery to NB’s house and says today is 15h August, so all shops are closed and she got 1 month’s grocery at once. NB says instead of gossiping with area ladies, she has become more wise. Kammo says yes. NB asks to share some gossip. Kammo does. NB asks how will feel if someone gossips about her dear ones. Kammo says she felt bad when she heard gossip about Babita, Khatri was telling Babita got another rented accommodation, she feels Babita would have felt bad when HS during Pooja introduced himself as Minnie’s father. NB says it is Babita’s life and she should decide about it.

Minnie prepares omlette. Babita says if she is hungry, she would have informed her. Minnie says she is preparing it for HS and herself and will have dinner with HS tonight. She serves omlette to HS saying its his dinner. He tastes it and says this is the best omlette he ever had in life. She asks if he is lying. He says why should he. She herself tries and says it is so bland, how can he lie. He says for a father, his daughter’s prepared food is world’s best, who knows he may not meet her again in life. Minnie says with one call, she will come to her running. Babita watches their emotional conversation and reminisces earlier incidents.

At night, HS wakes up hearing sound and sees Babita fixing nail on wall, asks if she wants to spoil his wall. She says she fixes his and Imarti’s wedding photo and says she is making more space. He says she is spoiling wall now and will go tomorrow. She says they are not going. She asks why. She says that house is small. He says she and Minnie need only one room space. She says she needs space for herself, Minnie, him and Imarti. Their conversation continues. She fixes her and Minnie’s photo at a distance from his and Imarti’s photo. He says there is a distance left, she didn’t calculate it properly. She says she did and the space is for his, her and Minnie’s photo and asks will he marry her. He hurriedly points mirror at her, then runs to Minnie and waking her up says he does not need tenant. Babita is shocked to hear that. HS says he wants owner in this house and giving her home keys asks her to give it to her mummy and ask her if she will marry her. Babita emotionally and shyingly nods yes. Minnie walks to Babita and offers her keys. Sona sona itna bhi kaise tu sona… in the background. Babita picks keys with shivering hands and hugs them, then ties them to her pallu. Minnie joyously hugs HS. HS looks at Babita via lateral gaze and smiles.

Babita informs her decision to Dadaji and Biji and takes their blessings. Biji says she is very happy hearing about this alliance and is more happy for Minnie. Babita says HS gave father’s love for Minnie. Dadaji says Minnie a father which every daughter is proud of. NB jokes that HS is also a good husband. Biji says Babita is a very obedient daughter and she served them for 17 years, HS is lucky to have a wife like her. NB says they are already fighting like groom and bride’s family and will fight more during wedding. Biji says she is ready. HS walks to Minnie and asks where is Babita. She says Babes went to meet Biji and Papaji and thanks him for everything. He says he is thankful to her for coming in his life.

Precap: HS and Babita’s romance starts.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. SsiyAa

    wooooh…!!!!… today’s episode was a surprise..!..????….. seriously… we were on the point of HS to apologize and here they showed babita indirectly proposing him!…. still i’m feeling like if this is babita’s dream, but i’m sure now it’s not…
    ofcourse we all have seen that promo but i wasn’t expecting it to be so quick and that too initiative made by babita first… that was wow…. i request everyone to watch the episode it was so emotional and beautiful… ?????????????????????…
    finally they ended their resentment and discontent and share some beutiful words. Babita was beautiful and HS stole it by unpredictable move, the variation in his expressions just touches us.
    the best thing that i liked about today’s episode is they again proved that their relationship is because of minnie, in one line, “They are by minnie and for minnie and then anything”… salute to makers, i don’t think there could have been more better way to show the proposal between them.
    the best scene was the way HS run, the run to take keys and then to minnie then surprisingly telling his wish to marry her mom and the most beautiful part where he gave “ISHHH” type expression when babita put dupatta tied with key with positive and little panache ..was just wow… and after that their continuous sharing of eye-contact.
    imagine the day when they weren’t sharing any eye-contact in respect and now in precap they are sharing it so strongly… it’s like a journey to watch them like this. Feels like today’s episode was a change just like a rainbow in between clouds, like everything from now on will be different. i don’t know about the monotony in coming episode as obviously there will be ups and down but especially this episode has to be saved. i felt like as if minnie got the all she could have ever wished for. This relation was something more needed by minnie then babita getting a loving father and getting a loving husband in her mother’s life… a favorite man of her is now her family. she was the one who suffered more emotional stress and mental stress will all the more burden of settling everything as a kid.. loosing a father, loosing a family, roaming here and there for shelter, teaching her mother to be practical and intellingent, going through case trials, and what not. As a minor she experienced almost everything from breakdown to buil-up, cruelty to humbleness, hatred to love, abusive to respectful, friends to flatters, insecurity to stability, happiness to depression and what not.
    the way scene was potrayed was like, as if HS didn’t proposed babita but minnie. the episode touched me and made if feel as if this is happening with someone in my family or relation. We had seen HS kridaarini and makanmalkin wala proposal promo already but still it gives you the first time waali feeling. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️….

    1. really a surprise! when i saw the update heading (before watching the episode) i thought there was mistake because it was Hanuman who proposes Babita and not the other way round. But then i read the entire update and watched the epi, and must say, the show is master in changing the predictable to unpredictable. I have seen the proposal promo so many times and someone even shared the link to the scene where Babita hangs the photo frame, but never had i guessed the scenes would be connected so beautifully. The writers are quite original and full of fresh ideas

  2. SsiyAa

    *mental tensions *with all the baggage of broken feelings and more burden

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Such an sweet proposal with acceptance of past… Hopefully everything goes well now….
    2. I liked the way Babita asked Hanuman for marriage and later Hanuman said to Minnie that his house doesn’t need tenant rather mistress.. And ask minnie to enquire will Babita marry him?? And Babita tied house key in her duppata…??????????? such an unusal proposal….

    1. SsiyAa


    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      English word for मालकिन, i checked from google….

    3. SsiyAa

      no dear… it should be LANDLADY … or owner.. mistress is not the right word and considered as another woman to a married man only for s*xual relationship…
      ???? side effects of when we take google seriously.. ??

    4. ShraddhaSharma392

      I think you are right ssiyaa, sometime google too may be wrong, but it shows this only….

  4. SsiyAa

    and @Shade, now i guess the link you shared is about dilemma that HS was trying to share with Lala… that he is aware how his past emotions is controlling him and he knows this is not good… may be he is sharing his fear with lala or asking for advice of how to come out of all this whatever every now and then goes inside him as he knows this can ruin his new life and may be he is thinking about ending it before starting his new life…
    and now after hearing kammo while talking to NB about gossips related Babita and HS, i doubt if any drama will be created by society members!… ofcourse sweet romance will be started from next episode between HS and Babita.. but still expecting makers to bring more tracks other than HS love story…

  5. SsiyAa

    @MeetooPatialaBabes @Dhara…. today only we were discussing about the shows story, that this serial doesn’t have any story and predictable and how it is more about journey of relations and emotions.. one thing i want to add that still the makers show the predictable story but in such a unpredictable way with realistic and simple touch that one is left with mixed emotions after watching. The pace is ofcourse slow sometimes and sometimes so fast but still we end up enjoying with complete involvement and gather seat belt for next episode. Ending of this serial will be like ending of one life. I hope people start understanding the hidden feelings behind this serials concept and not look at it just as a boring serial.

  6. Yvonne Codner

    Very emotional update tonight. HS and Babita are a strange couple, but they are adorable, but Mini is there to sort them out.

  7. Wao….
    I can understand how much difficult for Babita to accept this…. but wo kahte hai na ki sabra ka falcon meetha hoga hai… to bus ho gya… Babita aur Hanuman singh k pyar ko hum kaha sakte hai pure love jo aaj ki date mein 100 mein 1 hi milta hai… I love their love, emotions, respect, care, responsibility and everything. I wish har honest person ko honest love mile…. Minnie jaisi beti sabko mile..
    Writers congrats for this amazing story….
    And all the characters of this serial are rocking. I can’t imagine any one else on their place for this strong performance. I love this serial…..

  8. MeTooPatialaBabes

    There are no words that could clearly show expressions of the extremely talented trio and the makers of the story. You will feel the true essence of the serial only when you watch it and stay connected to it. Well, today’s episode! Couldn’t get my eyes off the screen. Each and every expression had a hidden feeling and depth. There were silent conversations.
    The episode starts with nayenbi-Kammo scenes. The people who once were against Babita are now with her. Again these people will be having a challenge in accepting that she will be marrying HS. Depends on people whether to accept it or not. But anyways, at last, Babita and HS has a right to freedon. They can marry. So, after sometime, some objections, they are surely going to be together. (Kammo’s hint says this.)
    The actual eye catching scenes started after this. Last day at HS’s house. Mini’s last dinner with HS and so, making omlet and bread for him. She asks how is it. HS replies ” “. It was funny and emotional at the same time. But that was what showed the strongness of the bond that they are sharing. They are the perfect Father-Daugher jodi even before Father-Mother jodi will be made. Like Ashnoor (Nanni) with krunal Kapor(Mohan – nanni’s Spiderman) in Na bole tum.
    The next day when HS woke becasue of the noise of hammer. The best proposal ever. Babita indirectly expressed her feelings. I said yesterday that HS is just waiting for a signal. As soon as he got, in no time he proposed directly. The line “Mein Mini ap aur Imartiji” would have touched his heart. The whole scene till the end can’t get off smiles from the viewer’s face. The scene when he was waking Mini to talk, when he asked and finally proposed and gave keys. The heroine here was Babita who took the keys and tied it with her pallu and made it fly in air and finally it landed on her shoulder. Amazing proposal!
    Next day, the blushing scene between Hanita in the precap. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

    1. i hope the society people aren’t too mean to Babita. No one will have guts to say anything to Hanuman, but since Babita is a women and not someone in power (like a police officer) she can become an easy target. I am sure there will be atleast one scene of Kahtri spouting nonsense, but since Nayeen Bi, Biji, Bauji all are in support, the neighbors will be quietened down soon. I hope Kammo too supports them and asks Khatri to keep quiet. In reality, it is very rare for elders to support a new relation so wholeheartedly and such couples have to face it worse. You can face society if your loved ones stand strong with you. But if even they start opposing you, the situation gets tougher and tougher… Waiting for next episode too, Hanuman is so cute when he is in romantic mode lol. Even the precap with HS staring at Babita and not bothering while the cleaning cloth hits his hair and even almost his face had me smiling all over again

  9. mansi kanojia

    mai ta tere naal hi rehna ji … har gham sang tere sehna ji…
    mai ta tere naal hi rehna ji , har gham sang ter sehna ji
    jo jag se kaha na jae mujhko bas tujhse kehna ji …
    sona sona itna bhi kaise tu sona
    tere ishq mein jogi hona mainu jogi hona
    mainu jogi hona mainu jjogi hona
    mainu jogi hona.. aaa….

    best song for this couple …
    i just love the way babita proposes hanuman . she didn’t say ‘ i love u’ directly instead she just have him a lovely hint and he understand it.. and the way he runs and ask minni in his hariyanvi ascent ” mare iss ghar ko kiraedar ki zaroorat na hai , makanmalkin ki hai , puchle thari mummy se byaah karegi mare se ” is just icing on the cup cake … <3 <3 <3

  10. SsiyAa
    watch above link paridhi sharing how scenes are decided

  11. MeTooPatialaBabes

    HS replies “Queen victoria ke jo bade bade chefs hota h usko bhi takkar de jaye aeisa bana h. Ke Imarti aur ke thari mummy. Bahut jordar bana h”. You would believe if you are making this for the first time. Mini replies ” Meine itna acha kaise bana liya ya fir ap muje chidha rahe h”.

  12. I finally got the chance to watch the episode on sonyliv, and must say, there is heaven and earth difference between reading about the episode and actually watching it. Yesterday’s last scene where Babita was at the window trying to hold sunlight in her hand while thinking about Hanuman was so beautifully shot…
    and today’s every scene between Babita-HS-Minnie were so touching. everyone’s expressions convey so many different things… Like in the omelet scene when HS is praising Minnie that even kings dont have such nice chefs, Minnie is still happy. But when HS says you have cooked better than Imarti and Babita, Minnie’s expression changes, like she couldn’t believe she has cooked better than even Babita. lol…
    And the proposal scene was so unique and beautiful and cute and sweet at the same time. It was visible that HS was still upset when he woke up at dawn and saw Babita changing the frames. His expression was angry andhis voice was upset. But the moment Babita says ‘The house should at least be large enough to have me, Minnie, Imarti and you’ HS demeanor changes. His voice grows soft, he starts hesitating like before… so well acted. And when upstairs Babita ties the keys to her dupatta and throws them over her shoulders HS reacts as if he is flattened by that act alone… lol.
    And in the last scene after so many days i feel we finally got the old jolly HS back, the way he is jumping up the stairs and drumming his fingers while trying to find out if Babita is there or not. And when Minnie replies babes isn’t there he gets disappointed and was returning immediately like he has to go find her out elsewhere right now… I realized how much i miss this HS who used to find small excuses to go in front of Babita… such a lovely episode, i couldn’t stop smiling at all. I dont know what the future will hold but i feel everytime i am upset or something, i will just need to re-watch this episode to get happy again <3 <3 <3

    1. SsiyAa

      so true.. even i have downloaded the clips of todays episode… it was EPIC and unique and commendable at the same time…. and i agree there is huge difference in reading the update and watching the episode…

  13. @Lakshmi, i dont know if you will be reading this but i wanted to reply to your last comment since days but couldn’t find the proper time in between. Anyways, regarding HS refusing to apologize because of male ego, i would have agreed if it was any other man. But HS is always so aware of misogyny and patriarchy… there was one scene ages ago when the divorce case was going on in court. After (i think) Ashok created the scene in court, Lala and HS were talking and Lala said ‘how can a man turn into such a beast?’ and HS replies something like ‘There is no need to pretend like there isn’t a beast in all of us. The way we see society and the way we are brought up, it becomes in built in us to dominate women…’ he talks a lot about how his father used to beat his mother and how even he thought he would be the same with Imarti and only later did he change. So a person who is always aware of how situations might turn wrong and who always tries to do his best and always tries to give women the space for them to achieve their potential themselves, to empower them, i would like to believe he wouldn’t be willing to destroy his relation with Babita over male ego. I am not saying it isn’t possible since no one is perfect at all times, but i hope that is not what it is
    Besides, i feel there is a difference between ego getting hurt and feelings getting hurt. in the internet i have seen many people even accusing Babita that she was moving away because her ego was also hurt and she shouldn’t take one rebuttal from HS on her ego… but ego getting hurt will be something like ‘how dare she say something like that to me. She doesn’t know who i am, i will show her. I am so much better than her…’ (like in Ashok’s case it was clearly his ego getting hurt all the time). and feelings getting hurt will be something like ‘how could she say something like that to me? I had never expected that from her and now i dont know whether i even want to continue anymore…’
    After today’s episode i dont know if that tussle between HS and Babita will ever be openly discussed between them. They both seem to be going into romance mode from next episode and not likely to bring the argument back up. But still i would like to believe they were acting out because of hurt feelings only…

  14. I am imagining Minnie’s point of view. Night she goes to sleep sad. By dawn HS is proposing Babita and Babita is even accepting it! lol. Rightly said Siya, the relation needed to go right for Minnie’s sake more than for Babita’s sake. At least now she will start believing in true love again. hopefully…
    Btw, when HS wakes up Minnie and says ‘i have decided i dont want tenants anymore’ for a moment Babita was shocked. Like maybe she made a mistake and HS will again refuse her and ask her to get lost. It was evident how much courage it took for Babita to take the first step and make herself vulnerable again. And when HS turned it into a proposal the tears in Babita’s eyes said everything

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