Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 19th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesha plans Rivaaj’s accident

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Premlatha thinking to talk to Rivaaj and goes. Mayura and Ram come out of cupboard. Mayura signs him to take off his hand of her shoulder. Ram takes off his hand. Mayura asks him to come. Premlatha tells everyone that she followed Rivaaj to fan mails room, but he vanished. She says Mayura must have done a magic. Roop asks her not to call tantrik. Tashi asks her to make him fine. Premlatha says tomorrow is his birthday and she has planned a surprise for him. Ram comes there. Premlatha says she saw him going to fan room. Ram says I was in my room. He asks what is the surprise? Premlatha asks if you really don’t remember. Mayura thinks how can I forget to tell him important detail of Rivaaj. Premraj asks are you Rivaaj or not. Ram asks him to go. Tashi says how can you forget this day. Ram says one mind, 1000’s thoughts, what to remember. Mayura signs him about cutting a cake. Ram asks shall cut and eat. Premlatha asks what you want to cut and eat. Mayura signs him. Ram says bird, chidiya kaat dunga. Premraj asks whom you are looking at there? Ram scolds him. Mayura comes there and says your outfit is ready which you got for your birthday. Ram asks it came. She says so everyone is here. Ram says I was fooling them that I don’t remember, you ruined all. Premlatha says tomorrow…I. Mayura asks him to come with her to plan his birthday.

Ram scolds Mayura for her bad acting and asks why you act to cut. Mayura says you are twins and your birthday is also on the same day, you are such a dump. Ram makes birthday paper cap and tells her that whenever he used to ask bebe, she used to tell a different date everything. He says I couldn’t identify what is special about him. He gets emotional and teary eyes. He then tells her that he made her April fool. He says I know my birthday, pulls her cheeks and leaves singing happy birthday to me. Mayura thinks she can see his pain.

Roop tells Kesha that Premlatha kept puja at home and tells that they will call her back. Kesha says I have his schedule and says she will fulfill her plan. Tashi comes there and says sorry. Mayura recalls Ram’s emotional words and thinks his pain was visible. Premlatha tells Premraj that she is gifting a car and watch for Rivaaj. Mayura hears them and thinks they snatch Raghav and Ram’s rights from there and celebrating Rivaaj’s birthday. She thinks it will be his special birthday. Vase falls down. Premraj and Premlatha come out.

In the morning, Premraj asks Ram where is he going? Ram greets him. Premlatha brings gift for him and gives car keys to him. Ram thanks her. premlatha says you are my only son. Tashi and Roop wish him happy birthday. Ram returns the keys angrily and says he don’t want to celebrate his birthday. Premlatha says his mood will be fine when he have food made by her.

Mayura makes special cake for Rivaaj and injects sedatives in it. She says happy birthday Rivaaj. Premlatha comes there and tells that she knows what she wants to do and takes the cake in her hand. Mayura pretends as if Rivaaj came and takes cake from her hand. She says nobody can come between our celebrations.

Ram is driving the car. Kesha is following him and tells Roop that she will save Rivaaj and then he will take her home. She asks him to be on hold. She overtakes his car. Ram gets angry and drives his car fast. Roop asks what is going to happen. Kesha says plan is going to work. Ram sees the car from the opposite direction and gets shocked.

Precap: Mayura reveals to Ram that she is Raghav’s wife Rani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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