Patiala Babes 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie learns about Preet’s marriage

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Patiala Babes 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita does diya using the one that Hanuman gave her. He asks she looks very happy. She says yes, but she’s nervous as well. Minnie is resuming college from today. He says she’s confident now. She says, but students will talk. Manmeet also studies there. Micky comes and says Manmeet has been rusticated. Minnie gets happy hearing that. Micky says they told everything to the dean and he wants to apologize to Minnie. Minnie tells Hanuman he knew about it, right? Why he hide it then? He says he thought to tell after he gets arrested. Minnie hugs Babita. Micky asks Minnie to get ready, they have to go to movie as well. Babita gets surprised. Micky tells her that’s if she gives her permission. Babita allows. After everyone leaves, Hanuman stops Micky and says relation between him and Babita

is of landlord and renter. Micky smiles and says he understood it all. Hanuman tells him to fulfill his friendship and make sure Minnie doesn’t face any problem in college, else he won’t spare him.

Bobby is distributing some cards. Minnie asks whether Preet is okay since she has not been coming to college. He informs her that Preet is getting engaged. She gets surprised as Preet didn’t even tell her or invited her. He says she will marry after 4 days of engagement and then she will fly to Canada. She says but Kittu had promised that Preet can finish her studies. He says Kittu backstabbed. She says she said Kittu is not right person. And why Preet is not saying anything. He says she’s mad after Kittu, only she (Minnie) can convince her.

Meeta takes out her frustration on Ashok saying Biji and Papaji could go later to meet Babita and Minnie. He also knew no one is at home and he should have been there when her parents came. They must be feeling so insulted. He asks why they didn’t stay back in his home? Isn’t that insult to him and his family? Meeta’s parents are sitting outside with Ashok’s family. They are able to hear everything. Meeta tells Ashok that it’s all her mistake and asks him to stop fighting now. She doesn’t want her parents to hear them arguing. She requests him to behave nicely that her parents feel he really cares about their daughter.

They come outside. Ashok talks nicely. Meeta’s father asks whether they were arguing inside. Meeta says no, but Ashok says yes. He then says it was just usual nok-jhok. Meeta’s mother says that happens between all the couples and that’s what love is. Priest selects a date for marriage. Biji asks Meeta’s parents, their relatives will also be attending, right? Meeta’s dad says they are thinking not to invite anyone. Meeta’s mom says they don’t know how to tell everyone about Ashok. They will ask why they didn’t find anyone else? Biji says even their relatives will talk as everyone adored Babita a lot and she was in their house for 17 years.

Khatri praises Babita saying she learned to ride scooty so fast. No one can say she was a typical housewife until yesterday. Babita says, women could always do all that men do. It’s just they had to make an attempt. Men still cannot do all the work that women can do. Khatri says that’s right, men can’t argue against women. They don’t need to fight. In end, they are business partners. She says she is not partner with him, she’s partner with his wife. He says same thing and then tells her that Preet’s family is finding caterer for her engagement. Babita recalls Rano insulting Minnie and says that’s not possible, especially for that house. He tries to convince her, but fails.

Rano informs Lovely about Preet’s engagement and then marriage. Lovely says but she doesn’t look happy. Rano says it’s better to get her married and free her from friends like Minnie whose mother lives with a stranger and father is marrying when it’s his daughter’s age of getting married.

Minnie is sitting sad in her room. Babita goes to her. Minnie informs about Preet’s marriage and going to Canada. She cries saying they used to be best friend, everyone used to be jealous of their friendship, and she broke their friendship for marriage.

Babita tells her that she also used to have a friend, Poonam. They used to be best friends. Just like her and Preet. But then she got married to Ashok and their friendship broke. Minnie asks why? Babita says Ashok didn’t like it. Biji and Papaji also didn’t approve it. So she stopped meeting and then slowly slowly stopped talking on phone as well. Minnie says she fulfilled her friendship very well. Babita says she did that to please Ashok. Minnie says she could never do that. Babita says she now realized her mistake. Girls generally break their old friendship after marriage. They shouldn’t do that.

Precap: Babita asks Hanuman to write a love letter for Imarti.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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