Next day.

Kunj sleeping beside Alisha he wake up and look at Alisha who sleeping beside him he smiled and kissed on her forehead

I love her Lot babaji never

Separated me from her Kunj said Kunj see the time he get up and went in washroom and get freshen up he come out of the washroom see Alisha still sleeping he didn’t wake up Kunj finding his clothes he get ready quickly and arranged his office bag.Har dua me tujhko maanga hai har waafa me tujhko maanga hai kabhi puch mere rab se kis kis ada se tujhko maanga hai.Perfect for my Alisha he murmured…. Kunj take his bag and went near and kissed on her forehead and went downstairs. Everyone come for breakfast Kunj went near Bebe and take her blessing.

good morning everyone Kunj said.

Good morning beta Usha reply him back.

Acha Kunj come lets have breakfast Usha asked him??no I’m okay he packed two Partha in foil paper. Maa I take I’ll have in car have to catch important meeting sorry kissed on her forehead bye Kunj said. He didn’t wait more quickly left for his office Usha and seeing while with love eyes.

Kesha hai mera beta haa? Usha spoke..

With a smile don’t worry Usha he is the best we all know he love his wife Lott can’t have anything without her and she didn’t wake up at this time bebe added.

Haan bebe I cant see him like this alisha know he didn’t like to have breakfast and anything without her than she should too care about my son too.Usha said in sad voice.

Nahi usha you thinking like old times nowadays wife’s like this only neither husband interfere in their wife life’s nor wife’s too. Manohar said..

Whatever is it but I didn’t like it. I don’t care about that wife’s and husbands.. our Kunj is not that type of husbands and you saying this I saw my all friends wife’s you itself see Avni how she take care of yuvi and Arva.

Haan Usha is right somewhere Manohar even I’m thinking Alisha is Kunj choice we never objection love his love back but she doing it it’s not a wife duty she don’t care about his husband. Bebe said.

You know what bebe Kunj finding his things she didn’t bothered to give him he itself do his all work. I’m not saying she is his servant but its her duty see her husband what he needs my Kunj always take care of her needs why. Usha added.. they trio looking at each other’s

Don’t Usha it’s been 2 years of their marriage they happy na we should too. Manohar said.

I’m telling this inky 2 days it’s not small period Manohar ji she should changed her habits after kids everything is changed in life Than also taking time. I told her come with we all with her not behaving like those woman’s. Usha said

They get up from table after breakfast went in living room while Manohar went for some work now almost Kunj handling everything his health wasn’t supporting him he wanted his father take any stress so.

Kunj busy in his work he didn’t have anything even those paratha he bring it even them too.his pa come and give him coffee Kunj is high blood pressure patient.His pa let his medicine for him he usually forget so it’s his pa duty she handling his each and everything from morning to night. Pa name is pahal..

Sir all meetings get over now it’s your lunch time what’s should I Oder for you pahal asked Kunj?? He look at her closed his pen..

Nahi pahal I’m fine I don’t wanted to have anything you go and have afterwards I have to go for work he said And she nodded and went from there Kunj see the time. Till now toh Alisha must be wake up I should asked her for lunch. He smiled and called her Alisha was wake up she was busy on phone with her friends. In between calls she see Kunj call is coming.

Acha Geet I’ll call you later my hubby call is coming she tell to her friend and cut the call and pick up Kunj call. Haan kunj.. she said.

Hello how’s you you wake up and have your meal or not Kunj asked her..?

Bas bas Kunj yes I wake up and have. How’s your meeting haan? She asked him.

Well great with your luck. Acha Alisha I’m free let’s go for lunch today can we I’ll not bored you and your favourite one.Kunj said and waiting for her answer like anything.

Hmm baby I’m going with Bebe at some relative baby shower so I can’t be you have na please don’t skip because of me. Acha she calling me I’m going bye love she said and cut the call before listening Kunj. He was shocked. And keep the phone in side.He feel bad

What happened to her.She hardly spending time with me try to make her happy she didn’t feel bad because of her last REPORTS.hmm what should I lets go than he take his car key and left

Twinkle was dancing in her room

There haider come with Meera And see twinkle.

Look this Dancing bird haider said Meera smiled.Twinkle see them and take her duppta she respect her brother Lott.

Bhai aap.She said.

Haan bhai Meera And haider went inside.

{ twinkle is rt and leela single daughter while haider is twinkle best friend and Meena as well.They staying near Taneja mansion. Haider love twinkle family like his own family and leela and rt too Meena and haider. They loved each other’s and their family doesn’t allowed their love because of cast. So they leave everything and stay with each other’s and get married with each other’s haider is brother for twinkle and she calling him bhai only.}

What’s you doing babes at this time haan meera asked her..

Nothing Meera just time passing today no work and you know maa and papa went in marriage of their friend twinkle said.

Haan uncle and aunty in formed me they were going that’s why we come here to take you let’s go for lunch I get bored with Meera food he said with giggles..

Haww so mean huhu whatever I m best cook. Meera said.

You husband and wife is impossible man

Give 5 minutes I’ll quickly come twinkle added.

Okay.Meera said they both went downstairs twinkle quickly get ready than they trio left for lunch outside.

Kunj call yuvi he come with his daughter Arva they trio went for lunch it’s their favourite place they used to visit here. They take the seat Arva was sitting at the top of table.

Acha bro today no work ?? Yuvi asked him.

Haan all most finished thought to take Alisha for lunch but before Kunj completes yuvi cut of him. But Alisha madam deny you like everytime she used to do yuvi said..?.

Hmm?.. she going in someone baby shower That’s why she didn’t come nothing else samja huhu Kunj added.

Acha ji?..  how you fall for Alisha I didn’t understand what you saw in her Haan kunj yuvi said?

What do you mean by pyaar me socha samja nahi jada hai yeh bas hojata hai yuvi Kunj said in sweet voice.

Hmm mera Aashiq.. ?yuvi murmured.

You see itself you and Aditi marriage during in studies only and before exams she is pregnant ??Kunj said.

Haan so what I love her official marry than made her pregnant yuvi said. Kunj pulled Arva cheeks.

Yuvi give me Arva I’ll give you whatever you wanted Kunj said in chuckling way.

Hoo Arva take her she is yours but na Arey we just have her only in life you know Aditi don’t have family and my you know just have my father mom left me when I was so small after her our life just filled with happiness only Kunj Mera Bacha kissed on her cheeks yuvi said.

I’m just kidding I know how much a child important for their babies Kunj added.

Haider and Meera or twinkle come in same restaurant where Kunj and yuvi come.They trio take seat either side. They give Oder of food even Kunj and yuvi as well.

I love this place twinkle said.

I know that’s why baby I bring you where and how was your event?? Haider asked her.

Great bhai you know in that event so many business man comes and they really helps that kids I loved it.Twinkle said.

Kunj and yuvi Started their lunch while Arva having noddles she falling down more..?.

While having the food does Alisha reports come yuvi asked him??

Hmm one came one more is left to come dr said if everything is normal in this report than they can start her treatment  soon Kunj said..

Good I just praying everyday my bestie who told someone babies this but when his own baby will come than toh he put world in front his baby feet.yuvi said.

Even I just praying when I give this beautiful news to my bebe yuvi everyday she went in many Mandir praying for Alisha and me. Sometimes I feel disheartened. I can’t even give them small happiness you know when Anjali di son come bebe run behind him so much and get tired. Kunj said in nostalgic voice..??.

I can understand your pain don’t be sad just faith on god he will do something for you Yuvi said to make him feel okay.

Pap noddles is so tanty na Arva said in cute voice.??.Kunj pulled her cheeks.

Arva Bebo it’s not tanty but tasty ??Kunj said.

Meera pass the jokes twinkle laughing so loudly yuvi and Kunj table just next to them they see her Kunj surprise to see twinkle.She laughing and looking so beautiful Kunj smiled.

Bas Meera now I more your jokes. Twinkle said.

Hasle otherwise toh you just like gloomy.

Meera said.I’m toh loving bird ?twinkle says..

She is same girl na Kunj yuvi said.

Hmm Kunj murmured. Yuvi get call he went in side while Arva started crying didn’t see yuvi around her.. bas bas Mera Bacha don’t cry..Kunj added try to clam her.. they trio see Kunj and Arva twinkle too surprise like Kunj. Kunj take Arva in his arms and she pulling his hairs but he enjoys.

Aww Meera murmured..

Haan bache best hote Hai she is so cute twinkle said..

Bas bas Arva pap will come na soon he get up and looking for yuvi where this idiot went Haan kunj said. Twinkle get up from her table and went near Kunj.

Excuse me can I take her she forward her hand Kunj see her and looking at twinkle. Please I’ll not made her cry. Twinkle said. Kunj smiled.

Sure Kunj added.He give Arva she went in her arms.Twinkle take her near fish tank aww baby see this fishes so cutie na tabbing the finger in tank Arva engrossed in fishes they were running behind each other’s she giggles and stop crying Kunj surprised she is so mischievous once she started crying didn’t stop with anyone even with Aditi as well hardly she calm in his arms but today shocked very quickly she happy in stranger arms.Kunj smiled like anything.

What’s your name this cutest girl Haan twinkle said.Kunj replied Arva Luthra..

Hoo Arva cute name like this cutie pie twinkle said.Kunj stand beside twinkle and see Arva and twinkle both chuckled like anything.Kunj and Haider pay their bills they went outside still Arva with twinkle only she talking with her in her baby language and all giggles.

She is so nice always leave a peaceful mark.So humble.khwaishein hai bahut si har ek lamhe ko jeena ki par lamho ko kya pata kal ho na ho.Isi waqt jee lo yaaro har lamhe ko kahi intazar karte karte khud ko na kahi.she is so happy in her life and I was like too her just find happiness in anything no big ambitions.

Zindagi ka har lamba khash hai.he said in his mind.Yuvi come there and see Kunj he went towards him.

Bro?? Where is Arva?? Yuvi asked Kunj just looking at twinkle and Arva yuvi see them and smiled.Twinkle went towards them Arva see yuvi and jumped in his embrace. Aww mera bacha what happened haa yuvi said. Huhu Arva murmured and cuddles him.

Really your baby is so cute I loved her pulled her cheeks bye miss Arva friends ???.Twinkle said

Haan Arva see so beautiful aunty wanted to become your friend shake your hands with her yuvi said in baby voice. Kunj made her shake her hand with twinkle they trio smiled and she kissed on her forehead..

Meera lets go baby??Mera Asked twinkle?

Yup twinkle added and she bid bye Arva and went from there while Kunj just watching her.

She is so nice na yuvi Kunj said not in sense.

Haan not like your AliExpress ??.Yuvi added.. Kunj give him look..??.She is not AliExpress but Alisha Kunj said.

I know but she is like that only always on and on madam maya??yuvi said. Acha Chal tonight with me some time. Yuvi asked him??

Nope Arey already I m late you.Chal bye take care of her you know she went in her arms and happy huhu like her bother bossy ??..kissed on her cheeks bye he said and they bid bye and went from there.

While Usha and Bebe take Alisha for baby shower she just sitting in side and making weird faces just than a lady come she is good friend of Usha..

Arey Usha ji when your bahu Alisha going to give you good news haan?? She said Usha and Bebe look at each other’s face don’t know what to say.

Than Bebe said when god wanted ji..

I saw your bahu show she is so beautiful Model in modelling kaha babies ??. She said in taunting way. Usha didn’t said anything.Alisha fully get bored without in formed anyone she went from there. Bebe and Usha see baby shower and smiled feel as well.

Don’t know bebe when Babaji give us this happiness Usha said.don’t worry Usha just faith on god soon we will do Kunj wife baby shower.Bebe added.

After function Bebe and Usha finding Alisha everywhere they get worried than call her she said she come due to work Usha and get shocked how can she is so irresponsible that she can’t even bothered to in formed her mother in laws. Their they didn’t said anything just left for there just than in middle of the way their car stuck.

What happened driver Bebe asked?

I have to check Bebe driver said??

He come out of the car and check there is some problem in engine.Bebe car engine not working we have to leave the car.Acha than what we do Usha added they come out of the car.And looking for taxi driver take car in garage.Usha try to stop taxi both none of them stopping,

Twinkle was passing from there just than her eyes went on two ladies Usha and Bebe she stop her car and see them they struggling for taxi.but here they will not get anything. I should help them twinkle said herself and went near them she come out of the car..

hello aunty?? She said they both see her. Haan Bebe asked? Can I help you both you both must be waiting for taxi but here you wouldn’t find anything twinkle said. Haan beta our car stop in middle and here we waiting for taxi Usha said. Koi na I’ll help you na babaji send me for you both here she chuckled chalo twinkle said Bebe and Usha smiled to see her. Arey beta you will get late haan usha said.. nope aunty Meri Maa kehti hai sab ki help karna acha hota and babaji give bonus point so help come with me don’t reduce my points she said in cute voice Bebe and Usha chuckled and went with her they sit in car twinkle start the car and drove off. Aur aunty from where you coming haan she asked them?? Arey beta we went in baby shower bebe said. Hoo it’s fun full na I toh loved that ceremony when everyone whispered something in mother ears giggling ???.Twinkle said Usha smiled. In whole way she just blabbering Bebe and enjoined Lot even Usha as well. Soon they reached Sarna Mansion. Come beta lets have tea together Usha asked her?? Nahi aunty I’ll some other day if destiny wanted to make her meet with again see you soon. Babes she said and passed smiled and went from there.Usha and Bebe smiled and went ahead.They went inside and get freshen up quickly and come and sit in living room Manohar didn’t come till now. She is so nice enjoying tea and snacks.So beautiful Usha said.Haan usha Rani so pure from heart didn’t asked her name as well huhu Bebe said

You know bebe mere humesha se ek sapna ta I’ll bring this type of girl for my Kunj you know when we staying in Chandigarh there our neighbour daughter is so charming she and Kunj used to play with each other’s. Usha said Haan Usha I know bebe replied.

Kunj come back home and he was hell tired and sit next to bebe how’s you both ladies he asked??

We are good Kunj babu Bebe said..

Where were you are haan did Alisha with you kunj Usha said.

What no maa she wasn’t with me but she toh went with you all na. Kunj added.

Yes she went with us but she left the function in middle and went without informing us this is the way Kunj Usha said.Kunj rolled his eyes don’t know maa I’ll talk to her Kunj said.He went in his room.This boy always ignores his wife matter Usha said and went in kitchen making coffee for Kunj. While Kunj try to call her phone coming busy or she cutting his calls he get irritated and throw his phone in side and get freshen up he wear his night dress and went downstairs. Usha give him coffee mug he take and went in garden in backyard of mansion play ground Kunj call all kids they were is his friends he spend his free time with them. Chalo bacha party lets play cricket what’s say?? Kunj asked? Haan bhaiya cricket a boy said. All agreed.They made two teams and started playing cricket.And they enjoying lot Kunj laughing with kids and itself try to loose.just wanted to see happiness on their face.

Alisha come back and went upstairs Usha see her she didn’t said anything went in her room and changed her clothes and went in balcony and her eyed went on Kunj who happily playing with kids.This man is just behind this poor kids eww how can he.He is so freaking rich still behind this poor team.

After sometimes later all kids sit Kunj give them chocolates And new clothes they get happy all cuddles Kunj and hooting loudly.after they went.

Kunj went upstairs he entered in his room and find Alisha who sitting on couch Kunj wiped his face and sit on bed. Where were you are Alisha see the time Kunj said?? Ho I was.don’t tell me you went with Bebe and maa because you left them long back and went from there without in forming them is it good Kunj said.Alisha rolling her eyes don’t give me this look Alisha tell me please kunj Said in sweet voice.

Woh Kunj I got call of Jone call me for photo shoot that’s why I went there. She said.Acha you went there for photo shoot it’s good alisha but you know if you continued this project than you can’t become pregnant.You know this I don’t have any problem with this Kunj said. Haan I know Kunj but let the second report come na.She said. Kunj cupped her face I know you are in tension don’t do this tell me what you wanted I’ll opened fashion house for you your own.Kunj said. I know Kunj this Alisha added. Chalo say sorry to my maa and Bebe. Alisha look at him but can’t do anything. They went downstairs Manohar too come back mean time and they all sit for dinner Alisha apologise to Usha and Bebe. I’m sorry Bebe and mom ji Alisha said.

It’s okay beta Bebe said haan let’s start the dinner Manohar said they all keep quietly having their dinner.With happy note they finished the dinner.After dinner Alisha get Her sister call she get busy with her while Kunj get busy in his work wearing his eyeglasses again and again that scene flashing in his mind Arva and twinkle which bring sweetest smiles on his face.Uff again babaji she is totally mad..

In room Alisha busy in phone uff di I’m stuck I wanted to sign this project it’s so huge but here my pregnancy everyone wanted baby.She tell her sister name is Shilpa. Arey Alisha Leave this project if you get pregnant than everything is named on your son only na. Nahi toh have to share everything with Anjali son khush. She said Alisha thinking hmm you were right I’ll do something di.. acha okay bye she end the call and slept. After sometimes later Kunj entered in room and expecting she will spend sometime with Alisha but see she sleep he went near and lay down beside caress her hairs she open her eyes are you awake Alisha?? Kunj said hmmm she mutters.Kunj smiled and kissing on her cheeks you know I’m waiting to spend sometime with you nowdays you don’t have time for me Alisha baby. Kunj said.. kunjjj please let me sleep na in tired abs morning jone calls me so.. she covered herself with blanket Kunj see her good night Alisha said and closed her eyed and turned Kunj too lay down and turned his face other side their back is facing to each other’s whole night Kunj didn’t sleep.

At morning twinkle wake up first and she went in kitchen and made breakfast with her hands for her parents.She love to cook for them always.she done with breakfast went in her room get freshen up quickly and come down leela and rt come and see so many things at table. They understand who made this all and smiled. See leela our twinkle she makes this for us rt said.Haan ji she loves us na leela added twinkle come there not love you both are my everything maa and papa she said and cuddles them they smiled and sit for breakfast they trio feeding each other dotting the love..

Tasty breakfast twinkle rt said.True leela mutter.. after breakfast rt left for his work while twinkle and leela sitting and thinking about twinkle alliance.Twinkle puttar see this boy it’s so cute leela said.Maa please I don’t wanted.acha in going Chinki called okay bye she said and bid bye her and went.Like usually Kunj wake up and didn’t find Alisha and understand maybe she went due to her work. He get ready and went from there.

Alisha photoshoot going on she giving poses and all hooting for her.after photoshoot she went in Chinki fashion house their she buy few dress and meet with Chinki as well twinkle too trio sit and chit chatting with each other’s.

Kunj was in meeting he get Alisha dr miss Kavya he finished the meeting.And went in his cabin and talk to dr.yes dr.Kunj said. Hello Mr Sarna I wanted you and your wife come and meet with me today in my clinic her reports has come today. Dr Kavya said.. okay I’ll come soon he added he end the call and try to call Alisha but her call coming out of the rang.This girl never answer my calls don’t know what so important for her rather than her health.he said and call his pa and tell her everything handle today.Kunj went in church near hospital before meet with dr.he sit in front Jess and blow the candle and fold his hand hey jesses please I just wanted nothing come in her reports if something happened her I can’t leave without Alisha she is my everything. Tears rolling down from his eyes he composed himself and went to hospital he directly went in dr cabin and she call him and Kunj take a seat.

Hello Mr Sarna dr said..

hi dr Kunj replied.nurse bring Alisha reports Kunj crossing the fingers..

so your wife last reports has come out so. She forward the report to him take Mr Sarna dr said.

What come in this reports Kunj asked in shuttering voice.even in shocked mr sarna your wife reports comes negative. Kunj get shocked their is no problems in your reports absolutely normal.Dr tell him.Kya one word come out of Kunj mouth.yes Kunj her reports come negative she can’t become mother if she still take the treatment than it’s dangerous for you we are our best I’ll suggest you as a dr and more as a family friend Kunj leave this Alisha can’t become pregnant.That dose she taking for her skin its harm slightly and I told her stop this because some of medicine we dr cant recommend any girl if they planning for baby asked them before and same happened to you Alisha as well she ignored and give herself more important kunjj. Dr said. Kunj completely in shocked he don’t what to say his and more his family all dreams breaks down.

Are you okay kunjj dr asked him..

Haan dr hmm I’m fine really there is no other way in your studies.. Kunj said.

No Kunj we try everything but she can’t become mother that’s it kunj dr said.

Don’t give up stay happy I can say only dr said. Kunj nodded and take the report and left from there immediately tears escaping from his eyes because he thinking about Alisha she really felt bad she can’t become mother why this happened with them only..

Kunj reached Sarna Mansion bebe and Usha or Alisha was sitting they waiting for Alisha reports today her reports  time is.Kunj looking so lifeless,Arey Kunj come you went to hospital what comes in her reports haan?? Usha asked him. He look at his mother don’t have strength to tell them he wiped his tears and went towards them they can see reports in his hand they get up waiting for good news only. Bata na Kunj puttar Kya Aaya Alisha ke reports me bebe said Kunj look at Alisha face. He closed his eyes in shuttering voice.. woh maa… and be.. be Alisha.. reports Kunj try to saying. Haan kunj her reports jaldi se give us good news.. Usha added Kunj closed his one hand fist. Woh maa her reports come… negative.,,,???.  As soon as everyone listen they get shocked. More Usha and Bebe hold side table. Whattt???Usha murmured.

Haan maa Alisha can’t become mother. Tears rolling down from his eyes. Kunj said. What kunjj Alisha said,, she went from there they all having tears in their eyes.Alisha Kunj give her voice,,

How can this she can’t become mother bebe said.. ??.Haan bebe I’m too shocked but it’s truth we have to digest this. Kunj added. But Kunj. Usha said. Kya Kunj maa think about Alisha she must be feeling bad na so painful for a girl she can’t become mother.Kunj speak in breaking voice.Usha cupped his face don’t cry i can’t see you like this mera beta she cuddles him Kunj too her bass shh Usha said,,.

Alisha tell about her reports to her sister Shilpa than she quickly message to jone she get ready to work with him.Alisha went down having little tears in her eyes. Kunjj baby I’m sorry she said. No

Alisha don’t be please I can understand your pain hugged her don’t worry I’m with you na. We will find some other way kunj said.but Kunj what about baby Alisha said. Kunj made her sit Usha give her water. Do what Alisha if you can’t become mother there is many couples they can’t have their own baby still they become parents we will adopt baby. Kunj said. What ?Alisha adopt said..

Haan alisha it’s good we will bring little baby and our life will be happy Kunj said. Alisha is completely shocked hmm it’s good Kunj beta bebe and Usha both said together.After sometimes later everyone is sad but try to handle it. Alisha was busy in her work while Kunj sitting in lawn and playing with soil..

I’m not feeling bad babaji it’s your Oder and I’ll respect you and if you do this something better you decided for me I’m sad for Alisha please give her strength to come out of this pain.Kya Hua we don’t have our own baby but we will adopt baby I’ll give baby this much love no one can give till now thanks babaji Kunj talk to himself..

He get up and went in room and sit beside Alisha are you okay Kunj asked her?? Hmm I’m okay Kunj Alisha said..

Kunj adoption haan!! She asked him?

Haan it’s good na we will have baby we will bring baby from orphanage Kunj said. Kunjj you talking about the poor babies Kunj eww Alisha said. What are you saying Alisha at least think before speaking man. Kunj said. I’m saying right you spending so much money on them haan why?? She said. Kunj why you do and what you get. She asked him??  Kunj smiled and went in side and his all kids gang photo keeping in his room side wall. Why Alisha because life is really nothing without love and care give it to everyone but don’t expect it back because it’s a FEEL not a DEAL he said in sweet cam Sad voice and turned and look at her. I love them I didn’t compare them money and they are own richer than us why because they are innocent not greedy like this world and connecting with babaji that’s why I too connected with them he said and went out of the room.Kunj take his car and went from there he parked his car in side and sit on rocks and throwing stone in sea. Twinkle house is near to sea so she too in other side and standing on rocks open her arms and closed her eyes and feel this cool breeze. Sing the song loudly main jaan ye vaar dun har jeet bhi haar dun keemat ho koi tujhe be-intehaan pyaar dun. Kunj get up and stand and looking from the voice. Kunj murmured

Haan hasi ban gaye Haan nami ban gaye. Tears escaping from his eyes..

two strangers but destiny holding one   Destination ??????

Episode freezes there only.. 


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