Parvarish 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 5th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Raavi and family watching the CCTV footage of Jogi and his wife doings. Raavi says we will show this footage in the society funtion and Raavi says we will show it on the projector and plans to change the tape. Rashi clicks her pics with her cousin. Raavi gives the pendrive which have the proof to Sunny and says now everything depends on you. They leave for the society function. Pammi taunts Pinky who backfires her. Rajesh acts cool. They leave for the function. Rajesh tells Jogi to take a lift and he opts to go by stairs. Jogi suspects him while his wife says he is a gentleman. Rajesh tells Pinky that he wants to give them a surprise and that’s why acting as goody goody. Pinky’s father talks with lucky and he asks whether your daughter is singing song in the society function.

Sunny cleverly changes the pendrive with his pendrive. Rashi invites MR. Mehra on stage to talk about water harvest. Mr. Mehra says he made a project on this plan and I will show my project. Sunny plays the recording on the projector and everyone sees how Teejay throwed the garbage infront of Rajesh’s house. Raavi then goes on the stage and says sorry for opting for this method to showing the truth. She says we are the victims since one week and our new neighbour is messing with us. The society secretary asks Jogi about what his opinion on this. Jogi says it is wrong and he was forced to do it.

Pammi’s family blames Pinky’s family and viceversa. Sunny and Teejay starts fighting and Sunny throws cake on Jogi. Everyone throws cake pieces on each other making the function jolly. Papaji talks with Lucky about the people at his times. Lucky tells papaji to tell him about something. Meanwhile cake fighting goes on at the society meet. Papaji and Lucky comes there and papaji aks everyone to stop.

He scolds Rajesh. Rajesh says they are facing the nuisance from their neighbours. Jogi acts innocent infront of Papaji. Papaji tells Pinky that every neighbour is different and it doesn’t make sense to fight with them. He says that neighbours are always with them during their troubled times. Jogi and Pammi says sorry to Papaji, Rajesh and Pinky, who reluctantly says them sorry. Papaji makes them understand the importance of having a neighbour. They make up with each other, Sunny and Teejay too make up and had a hug. Pinky praises Gini’s singing. Lucky also says she sang really well. Pinky says she will serves the food soon. Lucky tells Pinky to asks papaji, why he called the lawyer today. Pinky and Rajesh asks why he called the lawyer. Papaji says he wanted to make a will. Pinky says are you hiding something from me. Papaji says he is fine. Pinky goes in the kitchen to serve food.

While Pinky is busy cooking food in the kitchen, Rajesh asks Pinky to talk to Lovely. He says papaji is getting old and behaving like a kid. We dont know what is going on in his mind. He says papaji is hiding something, may be something emotional or regarding his health. We will handle him smartly like the way we handle the kids. Papaji tells Pinky that he is not eating ghee much. Rajesh and Pinky looks at each other. Papaji tells Rajesh to take care of his health.

Sweety comes home and Pinky gets happy to see her and hugs.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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