Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi getting upset with Pankhudi’s words and says you hurt me very much today. He says when I wants to do something for your family, you are stopping me and I will not talk to you until you agree with me. Pankhudi thinks I can’t disrespect Dadaji’s decision. Pankhudi asks for her phone from Adi. Avantika scolds Harish for sleeping without brushing his teeth. Chachiji comes with the aarti to Avantika’s room and says she do this every morning. Avantika fumes, Harish says she didn’t know to knock on the door before coming to someone else room. Chanchiji comes to Sheela’s room and tries to wake her up. Chachiji gives her lecture to wake up early in the morning being the daughter in law of the house. Sheela is annoyed.

Anuradha comes and tells

Pankhudi whether she should help her in kitchen. Pankhudi says no and tells her that she feels they have met before. Anuradha makes up an excuse and leaves. Adi asks her whether she changed her decision or not. He asks her not to prepare breakfast for his family. He accidently burns his hand.

Preeti serves Pasta to Nirmala and she praises her cooking skills. She then serves Paratha and aloo curry to Sadanand who taunts her that she differentiated him from others. She says she thought he may didn’t like it so that’s why she prepared this dish. Sadanand says it seems you can’t hold the family united. Sameer interferes. Sadanand asks her to sit for the breakfast with them.

At the Deewan’s house, everyone gather to have breakfast but Sheela says how can they manage as chairs are less. Anuj suggests that Chachaji’s family will have breakfast first and later them. Rubel says he can’t wait as he needs to go to office. Anuj dismisses it. Chachaji comes and says all the men will sit first and have breakfast and then the ladies. Avantika says it is the rule of their house that ladies and gents will sit together and have the meals. Chachaji says he didn’t tried to change the traditions. Anuj says you just told your thinking. Shanky serves them food. Anuj asks Chachaji to sit on Dad’s chair, Chacha ji sits on Nanu’s chair after a lot of thinking. Adi leaves without having the breakfast.

Kaira is disgusted with Revathi who takes bath almost three times. She tells her that she can’t use her bathroom with her convenience. Kaira asks her not to disturb her routine. Adi thinks in the office that he didn’t have the breakfast. He reads the note written by Pankhudi to apply the ointment on the wound and have breakfast. He gets Pankhudi’s call and she asks him to apply the ointment and have breakfast. Adi tells her not to try to be his mom and says he will not apply the ointment as he is upset with her. Avantika comes to Chachaji and says Sultanpur is a nice place and you are living there since long. Chachaji says he was living there after he left Mumbai. Avantika says Dad didn’t mention you anytime. Anuj says it is not important.

Avantika says she was just asking. She asks where were you all these years. Chachaji says his wife used to quarrel with Avantika’s mom and Dad and that’s why he went from here. Manik says he don’t know anything about the will and he didn’t come here for any hope. Anuj says Avantika doesn’t mean it. Manik Chacha leaves from there. Anuj asks Avantika why you are asking him same question. Avantika says she was clarifying her doubts.

Anuradha tells Kapil that she will go to their room and come back and asks him to be there. Kapil nods in a yes. He drops his toy, Rubel stamps it. Avantika picks it and gives him back. Avantika says I know you are angry but dont do it again. Anuradha comes back. Avantika and Rubel leaves.

Adi comes home and Pankhudi says him sorry. Adi says you realised your mistake, but she says she said him sorry for speaking like that and is still adamant on her decision.

Adi tells Pankhudi that you didn’t need to sign the cheque as chote Nana sign the cheque and money will get transfer to Dadaji soon.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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