Parvarish 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 27th June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with pinky getting a phone call from mr mathur. She seems to get angry and decides to leave and goes to sweetys house. Upon getting there sweety questions her saying that u were so rude to me at ur house then why r u here. Pinky says I’m sorry but I swear I was listening to music n I really didn’t hear u n that I’m truly sorry please forgive me. Sweety doesn’t believe her but pinky cuts her off saying we have a big problem as mathur is making a cartoon on us and is going to print it in national newspaper n then the whole world will start to laugh at us. Hearing this sweety gets very angry n tells pinky not to worry as they will figure something out n go to mathur house right away. Upon getting there they start to rip all the papers and mathur starts to laugh saying those r only copies as the originals have been sent already. He then process to tell them that drawing their cartoons is part of his right and he can do it. They get very angry and come to sweetys house. Sweety tells pinky that no matter what I’m still mad at u because of ur behavior to which pinky gets very sad.

Pinky says she is sorry again and sweety says whatever we have to stop mathur some how n we also need to fix the image of us in the eyes of our children. Pinky agrees to this n says okay lets do it.

Everyone is at sweety house eating they can’t believe that the two sisters r finally back together. They r happy tho. Lucky says a lot of credit goes to Ravi as she helped Ginny even in the atmosphere of the two houses. As they eat dinner sunny looks very lost n scared as well.

Sweety n pinky decide to go to mathur house n when they get there mathur n his wife r watching them going through their stuff n the r laughing. Pinky n sweety can’t find anything n have to leave.

The kids r in their room n talking. Sunny tries to as rocky a question but is interrupted by rashi n Ginny who r trying to figure out which cricketer is the best n most good looking. Episode ends in sunnys worried face.

Precap: sunny accidentally pees on the bed and pinky is getting very mad but sunny looks very disturbed. :

Update Credit to: Sanaaya

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