Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dilip saying Ketki that he planned the honeymoon for Kishan and Bhoomi. He says you heard half talk. He says I didn’t talk about our honeymoon package. I talked about Kishan and Bhoomi’s honeymoon. He says he wanted to surprise them. Ketki says you dont care about our relation. Dilip says we are married for 5 years now. Ketki says she wants to say the same, he didn’t give her the right to be his wife. Dilip shouts. Ketki says dont shout, you care for Bhoomi. Ketki feels bad and says you have to understand what she said.

Dilip gets a call and he leaves. Dilip says to Ketki that he always gave her wifey right but you never give me husband’s right. Ketki is teary eyed and says she will make sure Kishan and Bhoomi will not go to honeymoon.

Dilip meets the travel agent and introduces him to Kishan and says he wants to with his wife on a honeymoon. Kishan is surprised.

Ketki comes to Lily fayi and tells her that we all are going somewhere. She says Dilip planned an outing for the family. Lily says Dilip always think of everyone and Avni says they will have fun a lot.

Ketki says we will give surprise to Dilip and asks Lily fayi to gather everyone in the hall. She says till then I will take care of Kitchen work. Lily fayi thinks they will have fun at the picnic. Ketki thinks the magic will see by all. Travel agent shows some pamplets of locations and says where you want to go. Kishan is confused. Avni comes there and says she gathered everyone here. Avni thanks Dilip for family Picnic. Mayank asks when you planned this picnic. He teases Dilip and asks him is there any good news on the way. Dilip and Kishan are tensed. Avni says whether we shall go for a 2 day picnic or 1 day. Dilip eyes Ketki and scares her. Travel agent suggests you all should go for a 3-4 days picnic. He suggests them to go to the hill station, “Mount Abu”.

Ramila says she will not go to hill station as she might go very up to the Lord. Lily says we can’t let anything happen to you. Ramila keeps her hand on her heart. Lily fayi feels happy about the thought of Picnic. Ansubaa says we will not go to the hill station. Everyone gets tensed to hear that. Ansubaa says it is winter season now and not wise to go now. Ketki says it feels good to go there now. Dilip asks Kishan where he wants to go? But Ketki says Kishan will not go against Ansubaa wish. Travel agent again suggests them to go to Mount Abu. Ansubaa happily agrees. Everyone feels happy. Dilip tells Kishan that he wants to tell everyone that he plans for only Kishan and Bhoomi. Kishan signs no. Travel agent says he will planned and give them details by evening. Everyone gets happy and claps.

Dilip comes to his room and fumes. He asks her why you gets frustated by Kishan’s happiness. Avni comes there and says sorry. Ketki says you came at the right time. Avni says mummy is calling you to the kitchen. Ketki says she will come and tells Dilip that she will do the packing after doing Kitchen work.

Kishan and Bhoomi talk about the picnic and Bhoomi feels happy to go with her family. Parul comes and asks Bhoomi to keep her stuff in her bags. Ketki takes care of the food items so that no one gets short of food. Ansubaa says we will handle the food there. Bhoomi says Ketki bhabhi is right. Avni says where will we prepare all this. Bhoomi says we can request the kitchen at the hotel rooms. Kishan calls Bhoomi. Bhoomi says you are looking dull. Bhoomi tells him that she is over excited. Kishan says you dont have time to sit with me. Bhoomi says she was feeling bored that’s why went outside. Kishan gets romantic and holds her. Some voice comes and Bhoomi is surprised to see Khakra stuck to her tummy. Kishan remembers she was calories conscious before and now she became true Indian.

Kishan again gets romantic but they are interrupted by Ansubaa’s voice. Kishan and Dilip sits to have tea somewhere. Dilip says him sorry. Kishan says he is not destined to go on a honeymoon. Kishan gets an idea and says he will do something. He says his family will go on a picnic and he will go on a honeymoon. The episode ends on Kishan’s determined face.

Kishan pretends to be unwell to skip going with the family. Parul caresses him and sees some black powder on Kishan’s face. She says to Ansubaa whether to go on a Picnic or not. She realises that Kishan is faking the illness.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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