Parvarish 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 25th June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with jeet on the phone n pinky asks him who is he talking to and he accidentally says to lucky. Pinky gets mad and says u r talking to him even after everything that happened yesterday. Then Ravi comes and asks if Ginny can come over n pinky says no she can not come over. Then sunny gets mad as he wants to go to sweetys house to eat halwa due to which pinky gets super mad and she says its final now today u have to chose do u want masi or mama? Ravi calls Ginny and says hey I am a little busy today so don’t come over today please.

Ginny is coming down the stairs and says I will just fail my test. Ginny n lucky read a note that say I will be out all day don’t worry. Lucky says everything will be okay.

Sunny n rashi r in the room n sunny is along rocky. Rashi says I will tell mom n sunny says please don’t. Pinky then walks in n says y r u guys calling rocky as there is no need to talk to anyone from sweety house. She says its final I am always with u guys so now u will have to listen to me.

Ginny calls her friend but she refuses to let her copy her notes. Rocky comes in and says what’s wrong. Ginny says I need notes n I can’t go to pinkys house n says I really need notes. Rocky says I can’t help u. Ginny finally gets the notes and says thanks for letting me have ur notes.

Some people come over to pinky house n brings someone who keeps taunting pinky. And they leve but pinky gets super mad.

They kids go to nanu and say even we can’t talk to each other now too. Then he says I will talk to them don’t worry.

Sweety is at the gueudwara and remembers everything that has happened. She is getting sad an just sits there. Just then her dad comes n He says u need to be more responsible and go and talk to ur sister how jock sweety agrees.

Sweety goes to pinkys house n pinky says get all the junk out n Ravi comes cant believe she leaves. Pinky says sweety won’t change n then pinky tells her about the lady that came earlier.

Precap: Ravi says I don’t care anymore as I am going to go help Ginny. :

Update Credit to: Sanaaya

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