Maharana Pratap 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 25th June 2013 Written Update

Jayavanta and Jijja oversee the Jauhar preparations.They are informed of the enemy to be at the gates.. Jayvanta bail riders to hasten the preparations and that they would go ahead with the Jauhar even if all the rituals cannot be completed before hand.
Jijja tells Jayvanta to shift queen bhatiyani to a safe place.

Jayvanta says the arrangements are made and henceforth the youngest queen will fulfill their unfulfilled dreams.

The battle begins .. The shots capturing the magnanimity of the battlefield are superb..
Pratap is transfixed to see his dad fighting and is scared for his safety as the word dajiraj escapes his mouth. this doesnot escape Rana Bahadur and he understands that pratap has close ties with the man. he questions Pratap where is his dad?

Pratap mentions unawareness about his day’s rank and whereabouts.rana Bahadur tells him to focus on the battle and his allegiance to the flag of Mewar, his commander and fellow solders. To be alert and fight. he even saves the boy from being a casualty at the hands of an afghan solider. the young prince assimilates the words of his commander and jumps into the battle with renewed energy.

BHatiyani is give a tearful and touching farewell by the queens .. she wants to wait for Pratap but Jayavanta bai tells her not too.she has to take care of the unborn prince , shakti and Vikram too..

UdaiSingh is giving a rousing speech to fill in his men with the desire to win against Shamz khan.

The fight continues in full swing.. Pratap is spotted fighting by Udai SIngh’s general he decides to inform the king about it at once. Jayvanta bai orders the women to get dressed as brides for their JAuhar. she is only worried for the well being of her son Pratap. She pleads to Lord Krishna to give her a sign of her son being fine. queen jeejabai cries on her shoulders.

Shamz khan orders his general to hasten his victory .. he wants Udai Singh to be beheaded at the earliest so that he can enter his palace to rest for the day.

Precap- The king is fighting gallantly. Rana Bahadur gives his solders the order to lower the afghan flag as a morale booster for their army. pratap and the rest rush to complete the task.Pratap is spotted byShamz khan’s general and he screams the prince”s name aloud.

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