Parvarish 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 22nd April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Raavi thinking someone from her father’s bank is in contact with Mr.Tharani.

At the station. Lucky runs into the railway station tensed to pick up his father. As he enters, Daddu comes out with all luggages. Hit and miss. Daddu searches for Lucky but does not find him. He calls Lucky’s phone but Lucky does not pick up. Two police guys are standing. Daddu goes to the police and asks him to announce in the loudspeaker for his child as he cannot find him Police is confused. He asks why? Daddu tells his child would have come to pick him up. Police asks how old is your child. Daddu tells 42 Police asks 42 years guy is a child. Daddu tells he is a child for him anytime. Police tells he cannot announce…bt asks another police to leave Daddu at home. Daddu asks they wont announce bt leave him at home? Police tells even if they find his child, his child is also going to do the same..take him home. So they are doing that. Daddu is impressed Police takes aashirwad from Daddu. Daddu tells if he knows commissioner he will put in a good word and leaves.

Lucky comes running out unable to find Daddu. He takes his phone to realise he is not having phone. He checks in his car, but no phone. He is now sure he is going to get nicely from Daddu.

Mr.Tharani asks peon to close his cabin and leaves. Raavi enters the cabin, checks the visiting cards and at last finds the card with Mahesh(Jeet’s friend) name on it. She cannot believe it is Mahesh. He calls as Tharani’s secretary and asks if he got packets. Mahesh says he already said he wont accept it and because of you people Jeet is in trouble but he is sure his friend will prove his innocence. Raavi is happy that it is not Mahesh and tells him she is speaking. Mahesh is overwhelmed to see the kind of risk Raavi is taking.

Daddu comes home. Sweety takes aashirwad and asks if Lucky did not come to pick up. Daddu angrily asks where he is and he will break his leg today Sweety is tensed. Daddu calls for kids. Rocky and Ginny comes hugs and takes blessings Kids asks if Lucky did not come? They continue Lucky knew he was coming and yet did not make it. Sweety signals kids to keep quiet but they still continue Sweety tells he might have got stuck at work.

Raavi gets up and opens the cabin door and finds it locked. She becomes tensed. Jeet-Pinky are worried why Raavi has not come yet as it is nearly going to be 9pm.

Lucky peeps through the door and calls for Sweety. Sweety comes and asks what has he done. He explains how he missed the phone and now Daddu will think him to be irresponsible. Daddu asks who has come. Lucky hides behind Sweety and slowly peeps to see Daddu. Daddu is standing angrily…and Rocky adn Ginny peeps from his behind Super trio(Daddu-Rocky-Ginny) looks at Lucky for explanation. Lucky tells what happened and how he missed Daddu at station. He said he is telling truth. He takes blessings from far away. Daddu asks him to come near and assures he wont hit him. Slowly Lucky goes and bends down and sees Daddu’s hand he runs back Daddu asks him to come saying whatever he does…he is still his son. Both hug and are happy

Raavi is thinking what to do. That Sid guy is having a girl on tour at the office. They both come to the same cabin. Raavi hides below the table. Her phone rings. Sid sees her.

Update Credit to: Shwets1502

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