Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 23rd April 2013 Written Update


Episode starts with yesterday’s scene. Sona says to Neelam that they will meet in birthday parties, in functions and may be they will all be happy but what if Neelam will not be happy. If i will loose than even u will loose Neelam didi. Neelam has a heavy heart. Sona says to neelam if she will be happy seeing mummyji sad. Sona says that even neelam is loosing everything. Neelam with a heavyheart leaves the room and sona cries.


Neelam cries and remembers sona’s words. She remembers the day of diwali when uddham had to leave for his job and neelam asks him to stay some more and uddham sweetly says that the army officers have limited holidays and he will return soon and will call her once he reaches cantt.


Bindiya and gang are ready to leave for dinner and sona asks them to take dinner at home and may be it is their last dinner together. Sunaina asks sona not to stop them as they will be used to such dinners and sunaina says to them that they will be having their last dinner and after that they will all live alone and she is sure that they will together not even drink tea ones. Uddham and gang starts to think and sunaina goes. The gang leaves and kanhaiya says to the sad sona happily that he is always ready to eat dinner made by her and asks to serve him.


Sunaina says to chachaji that its their last day in house and till they do not get new home, they have to live here like tenants and from now there will be no nameplate of chaturvedi niwas outside the house and saying so sunaina starts crying.The gang is excited for indrani to enter but a neighbour Shanti comes asking for bread and eggs making excuses that a theft took her eggs away and husband is not at home and shops are closed. Indirectly she tells the importance of living together. Sona serves her and after she goes comes indrani devi.


Indrani says hello to Sona and calls her housewife. Indrani then goes to Sunaina and starts talking about their childhood days and nekram ki jalebis. Indrani says if sunaina does not want to say her monologue to her like she did always. Sunaina asks for property papers. The gang is happy. Sunaina signs up the papers and gang feels happy. Sonaiya are sad. Indrani calls sona ‘housewife’ and says that a housewife lost today and by now sona should realize the power of a working woman and helplessness of a housewife. Sona is sad and doesn’t says anything.


Neelam comes at the moment and says that indrani is wrong. She is herself a housewife so how can she let anyone look down at housewives. Indrani asks Neelam what does she mean. Neelam says that she won’t let her house be sold. The gang is surprized and shocked and sonaiya are happy. Neelam says to sunaina that she has realized that she was wrong and now she herself is asking not to sell the house. Uddham asks neelam if she is worried for his job and neelam sweetly says that uddham is an honest officer and people praise officers like him and she is sure that very soon truth will win and he will be proved innocent. Sonaina, chachaji and sunaina are really happy. Episode ends.


Indrani asks everyone to stop their discussions and whatever to discuss, they should do it in their own house as property papers are been signed and now the house belongs to her. All seems sad and surprized.

Update Credit to: sonali.singh

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