Parvarish 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 18th June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Rocky’s friends leaving saying they want to go to a real party. As they are leaving rocky stops them saying get out of my house n had you told me before i would have taken u clubbing my self. After telling then to get out rocky comes back inside the house to see his entire family waiting for him. He asks them not to be sad as he is happy they r still here for him. He says he only wants to celebrate his birthday with them and no one else. Sweety gets very emotional upon seeing this and is proud of rocky. Everyone starts smiling n they pick rocky up in the air.

Scene change: sweety prays and ask for the protection of rocky. As she turns around she sees mr mathur. He says to sweety that u though I was trying to influence rocky but in reality I wAs just supporting him and telling him what is right and what is wrong and that instead of getting mad she should be proud that when rocky goes out into the real world he will have her teachings with him to support him through this world he also tells her that she needs to trust rocky as he is a diamond and she is very lucky to have him as her son.

Scene change: pinky drags jeer and asks him what happened about Rocky’s bike he says it should be here by now let me just call them and find out y it is late. She gets mad as the phone is coming up as not reachable. Pinkys dad comes and asks what’s going they tell him that they had bought a bike but the bike is still not here. He says its okay as it will come soon and now to worry. She tells him to call again. Just then sweety goes to lucky and says we made a mistake in not trusting rocky and they as a gift they need to give him a bike. Everyone is dancing but pinky n her husband r worried as they want to know where the bike is.

Rocky is cutting his cake and the lights go out but as soon as the lights turn on the bike is in front of rocky. Sweety gets very hurt as she wanted to be the one now to buy him one. Then pinky says for my lovely nephew. Rocky cant believe it. He tells her that she is the best and he loves her the most. Sweety gets very angry and tells pinky in front of everyone that she ruined it as she and lucky were going to give rocky a bike. Pinky says she didn’t know that sweety was going to give rocky a bike. But sweety keeps yelling at pinky. Pinky says I have had enough u always tell everyone what to do and I laugh it off but not anymore I also have three kids. But right away sweety tells her to shut up. Sweety tells pinky I never want to see u again.

Precao: the guy ask jeet what to do with the bike he says just leave it here just then lucky comes n says jeet. :

Update Credit to: sanaaya

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