Crazy Stupid Ishq 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 18th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Meeral and Anu figuring out a date for Ayaan and Meeral. Even though trust over Anu has decreased after her first chance, Meeral still gives Anu to try this date since she has two more chances. Then the scene shifts showing Ayaan and Meeral at a date. Meeral remembers what Anu told her about not to ever talk about other relationships or about their engagement, and then Ayaan tells Meeral to just be herself. Just then, they order a hot coffee for Meeral and a cold coffee for Ayaan. Then Meeral starts talking and tells that she didn’t know about Ayaan being a music lover and Ayaan describes that for a while even he had forgotten that. Then she asks what else he liked to do in his childhood then he starts talking about his and Pampi’s story and Meeral doesn’t find this exciting so she interrupts and says what she did during her childhood. She used to love playing with dolls, she made her dolls get married as well. And then Ayaan accompanies by saying that even he used to play ‘ghar-ghar’ wali games, and includes that that’s how he and pampi’s engagement happen with hair pin and button. Again hearing Pampi’s name, Meeral decides to change the topic and tells him to discus their future plans. So, Ayaan tells that he doesn’t know what he wants to do next, but he wants to start dreaming again and then Meeral says you can be both practical and dream like me, so Ayaan says how. And Meeral says that look I have already planned and my dreams are to have a honeymoon in Europe. Yet again, Ayaan asks her that he is not asking for this kind of dream but more of like what she wants to do with life in future and there goes Miss Meeral’s answer, that she wants to be a good wife and a great daughter in law. Ayaan just stares at her helplessly.

Then, Meeral complaints to Ayaan that she didn’t like the idea of Anu at all about finding a job for her. Just then, a call comes from Meeral’s mom saying that her dad are upset on them for roaming outside before marriage so Ayaan then drops Meeral to her house.

When Pampi calls Ayaan to ask how their date is working out, he tells her that she had to leave early, and also tells her that he was hungry to he is coming home or instead maybe they should go outside and eat and Pampi agrees since there was no such food that she could make herself at house anyways and Ayaan’s mom was at her friend’s house. So they go to this place to dine, where both at the same time decides to order Pav Bhaji. While eating Pampi asks which type of wedding he prefers, simple and sweet or very party types. And he replies that he hasn’t thought about anything yet. So pampi replies that poor Meeral she is going to marry someone who hasn’t thought about anything and tells that if her husband was going to be like this, she would definitely would want a replacement. Ayaan asks have you fell in love before, and Pampi says yes, there was one, strong man, who was little different than her, talked less and all and when Ayaan asks who that was, she answers Salman Khan. But then he tells that he is afraid of this marriage and can’t believe that its coming so soon. Anu tells that it happens with every one and they all are scared of taking the promise to live with someone forever, but… If its a true love then that person will be afraid of losing them and that would make all the scardiness go away. And tells that do no worry because there is win before scare ( Dar ke aagey jeet hai – an idiom. )

Then when Anu tells that just try once, close your eyes and think good about it, while Ayaan does that, pampi sees some kids playing in the rain and she decides to go and enjoy with them. When Ayaan opens his eyes and sees Pampi not being there he looks to his side and sees her dancing in the rain and just smiles at her. Later, when Pampi comes back they just normal chat and right then Ayaan gets an SMS from Meeral and just smiles at it, so Pampi asks how come your so smiling right now and he tells that just, got a message from Meeral and tells pampi that don’t know why but past two to three days it seems like Meeral has changed she has been little matured, and Pampi claims that its the engagement effect. Later, Ayaan gets a call from her mom that she is just about to reach home so Ayaan quickly tells Anu that they better reach home before her mom does.

When they reached home they were trying to find a way from the back of the house to enter but his mom heard somebody’s voice so she went looking for who it was but couldn’t find anyone, then smartly pampi went into her room since she had left the window open and ayan acted as if he just came back. All seemed just fine, when Ayaan’s mom knocked on the door and Anu opened it, while she was acting as if she was really sleepy Ayaan’s mom noticed she had worn the tshirt backside.

PRE-CAP: Ayaan’s mom talks is sitting with Ayaan and wonders when that days will come when she will get to have fun with both of their son – Ishaan. :

Update Credit to: SapnokiRani

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