Parvarish 14th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 14th August 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 14th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with childrens planning the surprise for their family, Papaji eagerly awaits for the surprise. Rashi introduces Dhruv, the actor of Jee le zara to her family. He brings the juice and gives to everyone. Dhruv introduces himself. Rashi asks for Sanchi, she comes and meets Rashi’s family. Sanchi gets happy to see their family bonding and their upbringing. Sanchi says she remembered her childhood after seeing them. Rashi asks where is your parents? Sanchi says they passed away, but she lives with grandmothers, brother and sister. Dhruv says he lives with her in her neighbourhood. Papaji blesses them. Pinky says their is a mad family. Sanchi says she loved them so much. Pinky asks Papaji to cut the cake, he happily cuts the cake and offers to his grand child. Sanchi says she will cut the remaining cake. And says thanks for meeting them. Sanchi says they will meet tomorrow at 9:30 pm, at Jee le zara.

Jeet remembers his dadaji, how he guided him in cooking. Papaji says he is proud of Jeet as he made his life on his own. He says he felt good to see how he brought his kids. Raavi remembers how the watchman kidnapped her and how she hit him when he was about to hit her mausa. Raavi says Rashi and Gini also did mess up and remembers how Gini went somewhere and how Sweety searches for her. Papaji praises his daughters and their children. Lucky remembers who Sweety changes her get up and how they were shocked to see her new look. He remembers how Sweety makes Mandira understands about being a mother.

They reminiscences the old past events. Jeet says Rashi is the good daughter who challenges him to be a good father. He remembers how Rashi cried when he dropped her to the hostel, and how he came to take her back. he tells Rashi that he can’t live without her daughter. Lucky says he didn’t understand Jeet until now. Jeet says I didn’t understand myself and don’t know how the time flown. They decide to have dinner together.

Rocky says he wants to say something to their parents and says he can’t get a better parents than his parents and thanks them for their love and support. Rocky says he is saying this on his siblings behalf and praises his parents. He says he got the admission in the best college and gives the credit to his elders. Raavi thanks Nanu and her parents for accepting them and for never leaving them. Raavi says now she understands why her dad wants her to pursue the college. She thanks her parents. Sunny, Raavi, Rashi says you are the best, to their parents. They hug them happily. The show ends on their happy family pic.

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