Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th August 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the Surya namaskara and Ganeshan pujan. The story takes 8 years leap. Priya is sitting in the police station and the police officer informs Priya that he arrested her daughter from the disco along with other children. Priya says it can’t be true.

Priya tells the viewers about how the time flown away and Mr. Kapoor got more busy in work. Priya says now we don’t fight, as Ram is always busy in work and I left my job as I have to take care of three daughters. She gets a call from Neha and she asks her whether you read today’s newspaper. Neha says that some girl ran away with some boy. Neha says she is worried about Sammy. Priya says she got late as she have to see that the girls are ready to go to school and college. Priya tells the twins

to have breakfast fast and go to school. Priya says she wants them to go to school through the bus. They says can’t we go by car. She asks them to go to school. She goes to Pihu and Pihu closes the laptop. Priya asks what you are hiding. Pihu says you spy on me always. she asks her to trust her. Pihu says her friends tells her bookwork, Priya says let it be as we know how we are? Priya tells Pihu that she read the newspaper, Pihu says again someone ran away. Priya says she will come to pick her college, but Pihu declines. Priya feels bad,then Pihu agrees.

Priya wonders Pihu is talking to Manav or some other guy. She calls Khush, who says he knows her laptop password. Khush tells her about the party. Khush offers to spy on Pihu on her behalf. Priya says she loves her so much and says she loves him as he is special kid. He kisses her and greets him. Soumya says that you loves khush so much and may be Ayesha would n’t have loved him that much. She tells Priya to concentrate on her married life and asks her to go on a vacation with Bappa alone. she says she will take care of everyone along with Spy khush.

Priya welcomes Ram and asks how is his trip. Ram says it was good but he is too tired. Priya says she needs to talk to him regarding Pihu. Ram gets a call and he says he can’t talk right now. Priya tell Ram that shall we go on a mini vacation as so many years passed and we didn’t go anywhere. She says I realised that you are not in the picture from long time as you didn’t spent time with us. Ram says we will take the kids to disney land. Priya says we will go on a long drive alone, may be to lonavala. Ram gets a call, he picks the call and says he can’t come to meet her but she insists, so Ram says he will come as he can’t see her getting upset. He says her I love you before ending the call. He tells Priya that he needs to meet some business deligate. Priya sadly agrees.

Ram comes to some lady and address her as Malika. He hugs her and says I love you. It seems Ram meets Priya and address her as Malika, to spice up their love life. Priya asks, did you got bored with me. Ram says he wants to spend time with her and this thing excites him. Priya addresses him as Viraj. They acts as a boyfriend- girlfriend thing. Priya says she will address him as Ram as she didn’t like the name Viraj. Ram and Priya smiles. Priya gets a call from Khush and he says Pihu is going to some party in the night. Ram says I can take my wife outside but my kids always makes her busy.

Akshay Kumar comes to pick Pihu from Kapoor Mansion. he bumps into Priya and thinks her as Pihu. Priya says Pihu is her daughter, but he thought her to be Ram’s daughter. Priya feels shy..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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